The Top 10 Camping Toilet You Should Buy For Comfortable As You Stay At Home

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​There are many people who like adventure sports, camping tents and exciting outdoor activities. If you are one of them, you know very well that these activities indeed stimulate and enliven us. Irrespective of which place you go, this type of holidaying and enjoyment is far better than simply lying down in a resort or tourist home.

​But even though this seems quite nice and far-something near to our reality, but there is one thing that pulls you back and ends up postponing this exciting tours. Do you know what it is? Well, you guessed it right. It is the answering the call of nature. Now there might be various events you refused due to the deplorable toilet facilities and hygiene that are at your disposal in the camping tents. But don’t worry; now times have indeed changed. You have the best and great solution for your reservation and worries. Just pack your bags and experience the never before ease and comfort while you are camping on hills, among the wild and other places.

Portal Toilets - A Great Selection For Dumping Your Load Off

The presences of various kinds and designs of portal toilets make is quite easy and even effortless to do your business and being portable, these are easy to carry on. Now you might feel that this is a meager solution, but don’t forget that this is an only possible solution at your disposal when you are tucked away far from the city.

Selecting A Good One

​There are various kinds of camping toilets available online and in various capacities and sizes. Make the selection wisely and keep in mind of the mode of transport you are going to use in order to reach the camping spot. Based on your camping needs and conditions, select the best products like collapsible toilet, bucket toilet, or the portable flush toilet.

​A portable toilet will really make your camping life easy and less tensed. No doubt, a camping potty will make your life easier and you will have a great amount of fun while kicking and enjoying at the camping tent. You are bound to come across various portable toilets which are of high quality, stylish, and hygienic. Plus keep in mind the three major aspects while selecting a good portable toilet

  • Capacity
  • Space
  • Budget

10 Budget-Friendly And Good Camping Toilets

1) Earthtec ETEC Non-Stick Sanitary Toilet Bowl

Keeping in mind of your bio breaks or answering the call of nature, the Earthlec ETEC Non-Stick Toilet is impressive for outdoor calls. The presence of the non-stick nanotechnology coating really gives a feeling of making your campsite sanitation simple. Here the non-stick seats and bowls can practically clean by themselves.

In addition, the fresh water and holding tank of this camping potty is quite large enough to all kinds of camping trips. Furthermore, the presence of the swinging discharge tube makes it easy to empty the toilet. With regard to the Earthec toilet, it can support about 440 lbs and contains an airtight and sealed five-gallon wastewater tank which can perform fifty flushes, just before it needs to get emptied.


• Portable

This lightweight camping toilet of Earthtec is quite portable, making it easy to carry and pick around with you when you are moving from one campsite to another.

• Nano-Technology

The Nano-technology features helps in making the sanitation and cleaning easier. Also, the microscopic infections are simply corrected because of the nano coating. Plus, it allows the waste to get a friction free trip right down to the holding tank and eliminates any kind of odor, messy streaks, and other issues.

• Capacity

This Earthtec camping toilet got a five gallon holding tank and can hold up to 2.8 gallons of freshwater which is equal to fifty flushes.

2) Thetford 92360 Porta Potti 550E Curve Portable Toilet

If you are looking for a modern and sleek portable toilet, then the Thetford 92360 is the perfect fit. It features a great battery run flush, comfortable seating height and a huge toilet bowl size. Besides being easy to use, this camping toilet is durable and easy to clean too.

Also, the curve separates, thereby giving easy the holding tank an easy access. Also, this portable potty got one of the best water tank carrying handles and is easy to clean and empty the Curve’s tank. Another interesting aspect of this modern camping toilet is the toilet paper which is fixed to the Curve.


• Easy Monitoring

One of the best features of the Thetford 92360 camping toilet is the ability to monitor the curve for checking the indicator of the holding tank for waste tanks and fresh water. On an average you can use about fifty six flushes.

• Toilet Paper Holder

Unlike other portable toilets you can ensure that the toilet paper is within your reach and always on your sight, as it has an integrated holder for toilet papers

• Level Indicator

This portable tank has a level indicator which is for waste tanks and fresh water. Plus you can even easily empty your waste through the Porta Potti Cuve.

3) Leopard Outdoor Portable Lightweight RV Toilet With Storage Bag

​An ideal camping activity needs the presences of the latest camping potty tool, Leopard Outdoor Portable Toilet storage system. This is a 5.3 gallon portable toilet which is especially created for RVing, camping and other major recreation activities. Even though it might weighs only about 11.5 lb but can easily support about 330 lb.

​Besides that the toilet got about 3 gallon of holding capacity flush tank that is easily completed with a seat, lid and bowl and even the cap which can be easily found right at the back of the flush tank.

​Also, on the side of the toilet’s top there is a bellows-kind of pump which helps in easily flushing the water to the tank and removing the waste using clean water.


• Storage Bag

This portable toilet has a great and easy to use portable waterproof storage bag. This helps in storing the clean water and disposing it off as and when required.

• Protection

One of the interesting features of this camping toilet is that it helps in avoiding the moisture and dust to get settled on its surface. So, you toilet will be dust-free and clean for many years.

• Zipped

The Leopard Outdoor Portable Lightweight is nothing but a huge large zipped portable toilet where the top is often used for unloading and loading along with good washable surface and robust handles.

4) Domestic-SeaLand 974MSD Portable Toilet

​If you are looking for a convenient means of disposing your load, then check out the domestic SealLand 974MSD. Not only it has a durable design but the presence of the high-density polyethylene material with which it is made gives it a tough and sturdy look. All you need to do is stand on it and the unit will take it.

​Also this portable toilet got scratch-resistant finish, so it means that it is quite easy to clean and look news for a long time. Plus, this camping potty comes with a adult size lid and seat which provides the necessary comfort and safety. For added safety, the side latches can be locked firmly.


• Sleek

Unlike other camping toilets, this got a sleek style and is one of the best high strengthening plastic and portable toilets to use.

• Push Button

This toilet contains a strong push button which provides a pressurized flush and also the presences of the self contained 9.8 liter of holding tank is something that really makes the waste removal easy.

• Tank Level Indicator

Besides having a full-size seat which provides extensive comfort, the SeaLand 974MSD got a tank level indicator which is quite easy to view and also the latching lid can be used for securely closing the lid while traveling.

5) HomCom 2.8 Gallon Portable Camping Toilet

​If you are on the lookout of a good and portable toilet that is apt for boating, camping, RVing and other major adventurous activities, then you need to try the HomCom 2.8 Gallon portable toilet. Compared to the standard toilets available nowadays, this provides extensive comfort and convenience irrespective of whether you are miles away from your home.

​Now this model contains 10L waste holding tank and an easy to use simple push button which provides a splash-free operations and a good removable tank. In addition, this model is extensively self-contained, making sure that no power and external water connections are needed for using it.


• Portable

Unlike its competitors, this model got a 10L waste holding tank and an easy to use button which flushes in an instant.

• Preventing Odor And Leakage

The HomCom is extensively designed in such a manner that you get a splash free discharge and operation. Also, the slide value locks can be easily sealed, thereby preventing any kind of leakage and odors.

• Removable Waste And Water Tank

This outdoor and compatible toilet is simply self-contained and requires no amount of power or external connection. Plus you can remove the water and waste tank of this compatible toilet easily.

6) Best Choice Products Camping Hiking Dual Spray Jets Travel Outdoor Portable Toilet

​The brand new product of the Best Choice Products is the five gallon portable toilet. This Hiking Dual Spray Jet Travel toilet provides an extensive performance in removing your waste easily. In short, it takes it to the next level along with being convenient, portable, water-saving, clean, light-weight and odorless.

​Besides that this toilet is extensively useful and designed for outdoor activities like road tips and camping. This is one of the best heavy duty and multi function camping toilet which contains the best dual spray providing the rotary flow (clockwise) to flush faster. Plus it has a full-size leak proof tank which can be detachable for easy cleaning.


• Portable

This portal toilet model is quite convenient and portable. You can not only clean it easily, but it saves water, is light-weight and even odorless.

• Outdoor Design

The Best Choice Camping toilet is extensively designed for various outdoor recreational activities like road trips and camping.

• Easy Cleaning

One of the biggest advantages of this camping toilet is that you can easily clean it as it got a detachable water tank and waste tank.

7) Cleanwaste Go Anywhere Portable Toilet

This portable toilet model is quite easy to set up. You can set it within three seconds and you don’t require assembling it. Besides being easy to set up, this camping toilet is quite portable and compact. It can be folded into the briefcase size, leading to easy storage.

Also, it has a built-in carry handle and can is quite robust. It can immensely support about 500 lbs and the presence of the removable cover provides a good ground support. Unlike its competitors, this camping potty got a comfortable seat and has one of the best and standard bowl size dimensions like a standard toilet.


• Safe And Sturdy

This model provides a great amount of dignified convenience as it is one of the sturdy, safe, premium quality and thoughtfully engineered GO Anywhere Portable toilet.

• Weight

The Cleanwaste portable toilet weighs about seven pounds and can be easily folded into the size of a briefcase.

• Comfortable

Unlike most of its competitors, the Cleanwaste model provides extensive comfort and is available at the required height and is one of the easy to use standard toilets. Also, it can support up to 500 pounds and is quite stable when placed on uneven grounds.

8) Camco 41541 Portable Toilet

This portable toilet is extensively designed for people who like to go for outdoor activities like RVing, camping, boating, etc. Also, it is one of the best emergency options for people who are going on a long car drive. In addition, it got a robust polyethylene construction, which makes it lightweight and portable.


• Holding Tank

The holding tank of this model can be easily detached and holds about 5.3 gallons of water.

• Secured

The sealing side value helps in avoiding leakage and blocks unwanted odors.

• Easy to Flush

The presences of the side latch helps in placing the tank to the given toilet.

9) Black Pine Sports Turbo Toilet

Sometimes you might be on the lookout of a portable solution whenever you are outdoors. In such case, when you need to answer the call of the nature, try the Black Pine Sports Turbo Toilet. This is one of the best pop-up toilets which contains about twelve biodegradable and replacement bags and even has a twelve odor controlling powder packets.

In addition each of the odor controlling packets can easily absorb about two liters of the liquid waste and easily convert it into a solid gel. This is quite ideal for various outdoor activities like camping, hiking, boating, etc.


• Portability

This Black Pine Sports Turbo toilet is quite ideal for hiking, camping, long road trips, boating and more.

• Odor Control

It contains odor control powder which can easily absorb about two liters of waste and convert it into a gel

• User Weight

This particular turbo toilet can hold maximum to about 330 pounds of user weight.

10) Reliance Products Luggable Loo Portable 5 Gallon Toilet

This Reliance portable camping toilet is extensively used by people who go for boating, hunting and camping. It contains a traditional hinged seat and Snap-On and clean cover. In addition, this portable toilet has a simple bucket style kind of design and the best snap-on lid. Furthermore, it is extensively compatible with standardized double doodle bag of the Reliance Product.


• Economical Price

Unlike its competitors, this camping potty is economically priced and available as per your budget requirements.

• Compatible

This model is quite compatible with the standard and easily available doodle bag.

• Handy And Simple

The Reliance Products Luggable Loo Portable has one of the best and simple bucket style designs and contains the traditional snap-on lid. It is quite handy and is perfect for outdoor activities like fishing, hunting, and camping expeditions.

Winding Up

Frankly, most of us must have really despised the idea of camping because of the fear of doing one’s business in the nature. Most people really have high constraint in terms of hygiene, but with the camping toilet you can easily enjoy various outdoor activities. Of course, there are plenty of camping toilets and make sure to select the one that fulfills your needs and requirements, especially in terms of your budget.

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