Currently, the form of overnight camping trip is loved by many young people and want to experience it. However, if you are new to camping for the first time will be confused about what to bring camping? Going camping out overnight need to prepare what? ... right? Therefore, today this article will share the things to prepare and experience when camping so that you can refer and update a lot of useful knowledge for me.

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Experience a safe, enjoyable overnight camping

For a perfect and convenient picnic, you cannot miss some of the following camping experience

- Research the weather before going camping

Whether you want to camp during the day or spend the night, the first thing you need to do is determine the location for your picnic. You need to learn about the terrain of the campsite so that you can carry the necessary items and tools to support the upcoming activities.

Besides, the most important thing is to study the weather and climate at the camping site so you can avoid the rain and storms that affect the picnic.

- Night camping experience

night camp

The first thing you need to prepare for a picnic is the tent. However, according to my safe and convenient camping experience, I recommend choosing tents made of good material, waterproof, sure to be able to "withstand" all weather. and all kinds of animals (If camping in mountain forests or wilderness places).

When camping outdoors, especially at night, your body temperature will drop, so you need to prepare a waterproof sleeping bag, capable of retaining good heat. In addition, you should also pay attention to the type of sleeping bags that are hypoallergenic and lightweight, so that they can be carried, carried and moved easily.

Picnic camping usually uses light from the nature, no electric lights so you need to determine the location of camping quickly and camping when there is still enough light. Do not set up the tent too late, lack of light will cause you a lot of difficulties there. In addition, through those who have experience sharing overnight camping, you should find camping sites near the water source to be able to facilitate personal hygiene and living offline.

Prepare food and drinks when camping

What should we eat when camping? You can rely on the camping time to bring the right amount of food and drink accordingly. Should not bring too much, eat not all must bring back, very inconvenient in transporting luggage. Based on my self-sufficient camping experience, dry and canned foods will always be preferred because they can be stored for long. Refrain from bringing too much fresh food, because there is no refrigerator to preserve, if the weather is too hot like summer, the food is easy to smell and spoil.

In addition, water is an important indispensable thing to help you energize for a picnic. You can bring filtered water or water rather than fresh water, it will make you more thirsty. Absolutely should not drink water in rivers and streams near your camping place when you do not know if the water is safe or not?

Choose the right outfit for picnic

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What to prepare for camping? Clothes are indispensable. You can bring comfortable and seasonal outfits. However, because I camp overnight, the outdoor temperature is often lower than the indoor temperature, so no matter what season you go camping at night, bring a thin jacket to avoid getting cold.

Shoes: You should bring specialized climbing shoes or sports shoes hugging your feet to be able to move easily. Do not bring slippers, high heels or sandals, as they will make you very tired.Note: To make an overnight camping trip safer, you should prepare more flashlights, glow sticks to Can be used in many situations at night and especially, not arbitrarily wandering at night alone to avoid bad situations.

- Medical supplies

Medical equipment is also one of the essential items to prepare for camping. Because when camping, food poisoning, falls, bumps, sickness ... are unpredictable. Therefore, you need to bring some basic first aid and common medicines such as bandages, urgo, pain relievers, flu, headache, medical cotton, alcohol, insect repellent, medicine mosquito repellent,…

That's all the camping experience I want to share with you. Hopefully the above useful information will help you know the essentials when camping so that you can be better prepared. Wish you have a safe, convenient and fun picnic!

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