Why do you need to align your backpack often when traveling?

Remember the last time you went on a picnic, how many times did you adjust your backpack? Or only once before starting the trip? Can you just adjust it right before going home? Most people think of a backpack as equipment that only needs to be prepared once, meaning never to look back on it until coming home with a sore back.

Unfortunately, this happens to quite a lot of people. And often, they had to drag their feet down the mountain with a loose hip cushion and a backpack squeezed to the side to look dangerous, definitely unable to go hiking in this form already! So you want to know the secret to carry both effective and comfortable?

Very simple, you just need to follow 2 concise steps:

Step 1: Find a backpack that is comfortable and fits for you. Be sure to stuff your stuff inside and try your backpack on, before deciding whether to buy it or not.

Step 2: align the backpack regularly.

Everything sounds obvious, but read on for a more detailed explanation. People can wear their backpacks much more simply by adjusting their backpacks throughout the trip. Because during a long day of traveling, several factors begin to affect your backpack, changing the position you carry your backpack, such as:

- Every time you take or pack an item, you are changing the way you organize your belongings. Lunches or snacks in the middle of the road is also the time to rearrange the luggage in your backpack.

- Even if you have a very solid routine of packing things in the morning, your backpack still varies a little from day to day.

- Continuous movement, especially when climbing, tends to change the position of the backpack and change the weight distribution.

- The straps and buckles on your backpack are sometimes loosened due to hiking, hiking, damping or rubbing along the way.

These factors make it important to adjust your backpack strap regularly. Keeping your backpack fit (a skill you need to learn) allows you to carry things on your back more effectively. This has a double effect on frameless or plate-framed backpacks, which require extra care when carrying and packing. I'm not telling you to walk while clutching the backpack strap, adjusting little by little whenever you feel uncomfortable. But you can think about loosening your straps a little and tightening them in the morning just before you take your backpack up or take it off. And then your back will have to thank you for that.

In this article, I will not go into how the package fits, but I will show you how to adjust your backpack. You just need to follow these steps:

- Make sure your hips rest comfortably on your hips and are tied up several times.

- Loosen all straps, belts, and belts.

- Tighten chest belt and adjust the width for comfort

- Make sure the horizontal straps (wrap around the backpack and keep the luggage from moving) are fastened tightly.

- These wires are rarely needed to be adjusted, so this step can be ignored. For many backpacks, these strings are often seen on the sides of the backpack to help compact the backpack.

- Shoulder straps at a level just below shoulder level. Remember that the backpack weight will mostly go down to the hips, the shoulder straps only help keep the luggage in an upright position and keep the backpack from moving from side to side.

- Now tighten the luggage support (connecting the shoulder straps to the top of the backpack) until you feel the shoulder straps pulled up slightly. Push a few centimeters back if it feels too tight.

Everything is very simple, isn't it? And generally, you just need to walk while adjusting the shoulder straps a little. Or pay more attention in the mornings after packing all your belongings, on the way and after lunch (the time you will take out, put in food as well as other equipment)

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