Should you go camping, picnic season due to Coronavirus?

Camping or picnicking is a very useful activity to help us improve our health and better understand the natural world. So should we join in camping, picnic when the disease caused by Coronavirus pneumonia now? So, please review the content below to more understand.

Should we go camping, picnicking when the Corona disease is getting complicated?

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Prior to the acute pneumonia epidemic caused by Corona virus, most schools across the country gave pupils and students away from school to prevent the spread of the disease. Facing this situation, many young people, especially students, have organized camping trips and picnics to relieve boredom when not attending class. However, many parents are also very concerned that these activities are guaranteed health.

As information is regularly updated in the media and the mass media, the coronary pneumonia caused by Corona virus has the ability to spread through the respiratory tract, gastrointestinal tract. If you come into contact with an infected person or accidentally touch the water droplets caused by an infected person sneezing or coughing up on contact, the likelihood of infection is very high.

Going for camping, picnics or picnics in remote areas away from crowded cities is also considered a good way to avoid the current risk of infection. This activity also helps us to train physically, especially pupils, students, age need a lot of exercise to develop. However, for the trip to be healthy and safe, parents should let children join small groups of 2 - 6 people. Best are family members.

When infected with virus, the incubation period for patients usually lasts from 2 to 10 days. As a result, the disease is highly contagious in places where there are many people concentrated in crowded places, especially in big cities, airports, train stations, bus stations, etc.

What tools are needed for camping, picnicking?

In any fun and entertainment activity, we need to plan and prepare very well, camping or picnicking is no exception. In order for the trip to be fun, we need to plan and prepare for the trip carefully.

Items to plan and prepare include:

- Camping tent: It would be really flawed to go camping without a tent. A suitable, good quality tent will help us have a good night's sleep in the wild. To choose the appropriate camping tent size and material, we should consider the number of participants and how often we go to camp to choose quality, reusable products for those the next trip.

- Sleeping bags: Sleeping bags are also essential tools when camping, because they work to keep the body warm in the wilderness, the temperature between day and night often deviate quite large. In some cases, they also work to replace pillows and blankets, while carrying them also compact.

- Camping location: This is an extremely important factor but many people pay little attention. It will be really wrong to wait until you lift your backpack to think about where to go or where to stop? Planning and selecting the location for the trip helps us actively learn about the weather and geographical location to prepare well the necessary items for the trip.

Sleeping bags help keep the body very well during camping trips

picnic sleeping bag

- Ice boxes, water containers: When camping, surely we will go to the wilderness away from the city and do not have sufficient facilities, such as electricity, water is unavoidable. Therefore, the preparation of ice boxes and containers for water for living and eating is essential.

- Other accessories: In addition to the necessary items above, many tent accessories, other climbing accessories such as flashlights, mechanical tent lights, cooking utensils, life-savers .... It is also very useful if there is a case of uncertainty.

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