How to clean and preserve sleeping bags

The use of sleeping bags when resting at home, at the office or when traveling, picnicking, camping is becoming more and more popular. However, how to clean and preserve sleeping bags to ensure durability and quality when used? This is an issue that a lot of people are concerned about

If you regularly use this accessory, the cleaning to remove dirt and sweat is essential. It will help you to use it more comfortable and comfortable.

1. Why is the demand for sleeping bags increasing?

Among the many outdoor travel accessories sold on the market today, picnic sleeping bags are a product that many people choose and buy. The consumption of this product is huge. Because using it to create a resting space is very important.

Whether you use it at the office, at home, or in the travel adventure, picnics, camping, the presence of this item is indispensable. With the ability to keep heat, keep warm, users will get really relaxing moments so that they can rest comfortably because it will help you get a night of better and deeper sleep.

However, in order to be more secure in use and ensure safety for your health, you need to regularly clean your personal sleeping bag. This, if done correctly, will not affect the durability of the product. On the contrary, it will help you have a nice, clean place to rest.

However, if you are worried about carrying it too cumbersome and inconvenient or not, is this really a matter of peace of mind? Because sleeping bag brands are thoroughly researched before being put to the market, this product line always ensures compactness. Once finished, you can roll it up neatly and put it in a carrying bag for convenient carrying with you

2. Reasons to regularly clean sleeping bags

Whether it is used outdoors or indoors, the accessories you carry with you are easy to pick up on dirt. This is why you need to clean them regularly after using them for a certain amount of time. Folding the multi-purpose sleeping bag neat for a long time when not in use will also directly affect its elasticity. Therefore, in order to ensure durability and long-term use, you should dry this accessory if not in use for a long time.

In addition, for those who use this product during travel trips or picnics, it is necessary to regularly clean, even to ensure health safety, you need to clean after each trip. One point of note you need to know is how to clean and how often to clean depends on the materials that make up this accessory?

If used in the office, depending on the time used more or less, you should clean and clean after a period of 2-3 months. Doing so will give you more peace of mind when using it. Lying is also more comfortable and will not be unpleasant to smell. Because during use, the smell of sweat is the main cause that office sleeping bags often smell unpleasant.

Because the way of cleaning and preserving sleeping bags for each type will be different. It is directly affected by the materials that make up the model. Because not all materials should wash a lot and wash hands or machines is also a problem you need to consider carefully based on the features of each type?

3. How to clean and preserve sleeping bags

Here are some things to know regarding the cleaning and care of this accessory line, you can refer to learn how to clean it while ensuring its safety when used.

There are 3 ways to clean this accessory: hand wash, machine wash or dry cleaning. Depending on the material that makes up the product line, you will have a choice of washing method accordingly? Because there are picnic sleeping bags that can be cleaned by hand, but should not be used, especially for those using feather materials, the hygiene problem needs special attention and more meticulous.

With its large size, hand washing is often not applied by many people because they find it very difficult. However, cleaning is not as difficult as you think. In essence, if you know how, not only you can clean it easily but also safe and effective for the next use.

The cleaning stage before cleaning, washing

Before you go to the laundry, you need to clean its surface. Check to see if there is anything left inside? Because some types of winter sleep bags, summer often have additional compartments designed to help users store personal items. Therefore, make sure to remove all such items from the product. Because if left behind, the washing process can tear and damage the sleeping bag. Especially sharp objects should not be placed inside the bag.

Although this step is small, it plays a very important role in cleaning and preserving sleeping bags. Therefore, you need to remember this step before proceeding to the next.

There are some places on the product if it gets dirty, you can use a brush to clean the surface so when washing will ensure a better cleaning effect. Do not use detergents with harsh detergents, you should only use soap and rub directly on the stain surface to be assured when removing the most stubborn stains.

For high-end sleeping bags with high thickness, durability, you can be completely assured when applying 1 of the 3 above washing methods. Because with high durability, when washing machine will not be afraid to affect the quality of the product. Color is also not afraid of fading.

Instructions on how to wash by hand

How to wash as follows you just need to fill the tub with water. Take care not to use hot water because it will affect the quality of the product. Because some products often use nylon outside, it will easily deform if it is exposed to high temperatures. For this, you should be absolutely cautious.

Although it takes a little time, hand washing will always ensure durability, and removing stains will be more guaranteed. However, because of the disadvantage of large size, so to be able to wash by hand, you need to prepare large-sized washing tools. You can also make use of if the house has a bathtub, this camping picnic sleeping bag will be the best place to wash. It is the ideal space to ensure the width for you to clean all positions of the product.

Also, use the right soap. It is best to clean the sleeping bag with mild detergents and do not use too much soap. You should soak this accessory in the tub to facilitate the removal of dirt.

Depending on the degree of dirt, you can soak this item for a long time before washing it. With the good waterproof advantage of a high-end summer winter sleeping bag, it will be difficult to scratch your hands. Therefore, the best way is to use your feet and step on the surface to make it easier to remove dirt.

After washing is finished, you will proceed to wring out the water inside the bag. Next is the drying process, you can use the dryer or dry it on a horizontal surface so that the water will be drained out and dry faster. Many people often dry this product directly in the sun.

However, for cheap sleeping bags or high-end models, exposure to direct sunlight will not only affect the ability to retain heat, but it also makes the product more susceptible to fading and deformation. if the sun is hot.

How to wash the machine

Cleaning and preserving the sleeping bag with the machine face is used by many people because it is convenient and does not take too much effort and time. However, this cleaning method should only be applied to products made of cotton or synthetic cotton inside.

Particularly for feather accessories, this should not be applied. Because when meeting water, feathers will be easy to clump and not return to the original design. The ability to retain heat is therefore also greatly affected.

You should choose the mode when washing by machine. Note that you should use warm or cold water and the amount of soap for washing should be moderate or you can use laundry detergent. One tip you can apply when washing this versatile bag is to put 1-2 tennis balls in the washing machine. This way will help prevent the intestines from clumping when the washing machine operates. Also, if you add a few more items to wash together, you should not add too much to ensure the spin cage does not work too hard.

It is recommended to do 2 rinsings to ensure the removal of all soap on this travel office accessory. Then switch to the spin-drying mode. Making sure to remove all soap before wringing it out will give you more peace of mind when using it. Because if there are detergents on it, you may feel uncomfortable and irritated.

It is recommended to do 2 rinsings to ensure the removal of all soap on this travel office accessory. Then switch to the spin-drying mode. Making sure to remove all soap before wringing it out will give you more peace of mind when using it. Because if there are detergents on it, you may feel uncomfortable and irritated.

Dry cleaning - How to clean sleeping bags effectively

This is the method that many people apply. Take it to the dry cleaner for those who are busy and don't have time to wash by hand or machine. However, the disadvantage of this method is that the solvent in this washing method can be the main cause of the product's loss of elasticity. Therefore, it is important to consider carefully before using this method on high-quality feather products.

How to preserve sleeping bags effectively?

Depending on the purpose of using the product, you will have different usage and preservation. If you want to prolong the life of this product line, you need to learn how to clean and preserve the personal sleeping bag accordingly. Storage will be different depending on the case.

To be able to store this accessory at home or at work, you should choose a location for them in clean, dry places. Because after use, they can be rolled up very compactly, so storing them is very simple without taking up too much space around. Therefore, you should find a suitable location and clean it before storing this travel office sleeping bag.

Absolutely do not store in humid places. Because it will easily appear mold and bacteria affect the durability of the product.

How to preserve outdoor travel sleeping bags

Outdoor use during long outings will make this product susceptible to dirt. Therefore, before lying down, you should make sure that the clothes you wear are clean to prevent dirt from getting in the bag. If you wear sunscreen or cosmetics during your trip, they should be removed by rinsing them off before using this accessory. Because this product is very susceptible to dirt.

You can also use pads to both preserve the item while ensuring warmth and good heat retention. In addition, using pads will help prevent sweat from sticking to the inner layer of the sleeping bag, causing unpleasant odors to the user.

Always keep this accessory in dry places because during your outing. In addition, this product should not be used as a dining mat, as it will contaminate the carpet and make insects easy to lure.

Some notes on how to clean and preserve sleeping bags you need to know

Do not squeeze by hand to remove water from inside the bag. Because this can cause the material inside to shrink in place and clump up.

Pay attention to the detergent used to clean the product. You should use bleaches or soaps that have moderate whitening and reducing properties and avoid harsh detergents.​

If using a washing machine to clean, you should not choose the rotary bucket mode. This is a mode that may affect the product's durability. This will cause the surface of the bag to tear easily.​

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