Great way to quickly dry pants for picnics

Wet clothes on field trips occur quite often. Therefore, the tips shared below will be extremely necessary for you to effectively handle the situation of wet pants when picnicking and having fun with family and friends.

How to dry clothes quickly when going on a picnic

On field trips, clothes are easy to get wet if you are not careful when playing or it rains unexpectedly. Therefore, grasping the quick-drying tips for clothes is really necessary for you to have a good picnic, and protect your skin from possible skin diseases. pants that have not been dried yet.

Spread the surface of clothes to be dried

When drying clothes, you should spread the clothes surface in a sunny place to let clothes dry quickly thanks to the amount of water being spread out evenly on the sides and clothes.

Also, before drying clothes, clean the clothesline. Doing this will help avoid soiling your pants or shirt, helping you feel confident when dressing again.

Reverse the waist and mouth of the bag

For quick dry pants during picnics, do not forget the principle of clothes drying shared later. The waist and the mouth of the bag need to be exposed backwards (towards the ground) so that the water that will collect on the pants will quickly escape and evaporate. Especially the pants made from long-dry material such as jeans, trousers, thick fabrics.

Shake clothes thoroughly before drying

Not only does it help flat clothes do not need to be ironed, shaking clothes vigorously before drying can also reduce the amount of excess water stuck on the clothes, shorten the drying time to continue the picnic. This stage only takes a few seconds, but the effect will make you surprised.

Use a dry towel

Keeping pants in a feather towel or dry cotton towel is a way to help your clothes dry quickly. The small hairs in the structure of the towel have very good absorbency. Therefore, just wringing a towel with water-incubated clothing inside it, water will quickly be sucked into the towel to make clothes dry quickly.

In addition, you should also prepare a small mesh bag for clothes to prevent clothes from drying out completely to continue the journey.

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