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5 camping pillows

Top 5 Best Camping Pillows

5 Best Camping Pillows

​Rest with ease on these camping pillows

​You may not have given it much consideration, but camping without a pillow can be tough. Yes, you can stuff your shirts with socks and clothing, wad up something soft, and hope for the best. However, having a soft pillow is always desirable over these solutions. Here are the top 5 camping pillows that we found.

Therm-a-rest Lumbar Pillow

best camping pillows

​Offered in purple and blue, the Therm-a-rest lumbar pillow offers a small, yet a sensible resting solution for the weary camper. The pillow is designed out of polyester and is self-inflating. Dimension wise, the pillow is 7 by 8 inches. The thinness of the pillow may be a concern for those which are used to a more plush option, but for the outdoors it works well.


  • Only .3 pounds and easily folded to carry in packs and gear bags
  • High tech padding self-inflates
  • Easy to adjust to your comfort


  • Pillows are almost flat, requiring you to roll them up to gain max comfort
  • The air valve on some pillows has shown to be faulty
  • Once inflated the pillow tends to leak air

​This is a pillow for those which need a small cheap alternative to a full-sized pillow. It is not intended for those seeking a specially made product or to relieve back and neck pain while camping. Great to get your head off the ground or put some space between you and your hammock, but that is about it.

Premium Shredded Memory Foam Camping and Travel Pillow

camping pillows

​I would classify this pillow of being more of a glamping accessory than a camping accessory, and here is why. The pillow is white which does not do much good in adverting stains from it. Additionally, it comes with a bamboo-derived Viscose cover which is good for aesthetics, but may not be the best thing for the outdoors. However, if you are looking for a little pampering when you are on your camping trip, the Premium Shredded Memory Foam Camping Travel Pillow is definitely a top contender.


  • Very compactable for a 14” by 19” pillow
  • Shredded Memory foam gives it a nice loft with medium firmness
  • Pillow is rather plush for a camping accessory


  • It is white. Good luck trying to keep it clean
  • Full inflation can take up to hours to complete
  • Pillow tends to have a chemical smell

​This pillow is more of a novelty camping pillow than for a serious camper. The plush design is nice, but the fact that it is white and takes hours sometimes to inflate makes it a bit impractical for the woods or camping. If you purchase this product please use a pillowcase to avoid staining. The manufacturer suggests also washing the pillow at least once a year. Best suited for those that demand comfort and a bit of luxury.

Sea to Summit Aeros Pillow Ultralight

camping pillows

​This pillow resembles most of the travel pillows that you will see in airlines and in comfort packages. There is a slight curvature to the middle as well as those ribs which work well for the neck. The Sea to Summit Aeros Pillow Ultralight lives up to its name weighing only 4 ounces packaging and all when shipped.


  • Made from 20D laminated polyester
  • Double RF-welded construction Laminated with abrasion resistant TPU
  • Quick and easy inflating process


  • It is basically an air balloon. If it gets the slightest hole, you will be out of a pillow
  • Connecting seams have been reported as being weak on first use
  • It is filled with air but not like sleeping on air, customers complain of it being too hard.

​This pillow is a great alternative to those which do not want to sleep on the hard ground, but still want to “rough it”. The Sea to Summit Aeros Pillow Ultralight folds up to a rather small size, making it great for camping and for lugging around. For best use, I would couple this pillow with something a bit softer.

Klymit Pillow X Inflatable Camp & Travel Pillow

camping pillows

​This is not a travel pillow, it is a camping pillow and the design gives testament to this. First, you have an X design which allows for the air to be distributed properly for comfort. You do not end up with the same sensation as sleeping on a rock. Secondly, the aesthetics are in the realm of camping and include the tan, red, and cameo option. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the pillow has its own bag, folds up easily, and can be stored within your camping gear easily.


  • Large dimensions of 15 X 11 X 4 covers the neck as well as gives ample plush
  • Comes with a limited Lifetime warranty
  • Not many complaints of air loss when sleeping on it
  • X design cradles the head making it great for hammocks


  • Materials of the pillow cause it to slide about
  • Material of the pillow has been reported to be irritating to some peoples skin

​Individuals who purchase the Klymit Pillow X inflatable Camp and Travel Pillow should be aware that this is an air based pillow. This is best suited for those who will not be sleeping directly on the ground (as debris could pop it). It is recommended for the average camper and suitable for both the novice as well as the experienced camper.

Neo Fillo Luxury Pillow

camping pillows

​One of the disadvantages of the average camping pillow is that the height is too low to provide comfort, especially if you sleep on a mat. And while there are a few options which allow you to blow up the pillow to various heights, for the most part you have to use a shirt or hoodie to add a bit more dimension to the pillow you choose. And while the Neo Fillo Luxury Pillow is no exception to the height problem, it does offer a solution with its implementation of grid elastic cords to hold a shirt or hoodie for that added height.


  • The luxury pillow is 5” longer than a standard camping pillow
  • Rubber straps on the back help to add height and provide traction to reduce sliding
  • Made with memory foam so it is a bit more durable than an air pillow
  • Loop at the side of the pillow could be used to secure the pillow and reduce sliding
  • Grid on the back of the pillow does not interfere with the comfort


  • The memory foam can be a bit noisy
  • A bit on the expensive side for a small camping pillow
  • Comfort foam will tear if you are not careful
  • Options tend to be limited to either hard or flat
  • Rather hard to fold up especially with the grid design
  • Although you have memory foam inserts, you still have to blow it up

This pillow is best suited for the camper who understands that a camping pillow will not be as luxurious as a home pillow. There are limited firmness options to the pillow so those which have specific sleeping needs may need to find an alternative solution.

A quick note about camping pillows:

​If you are purchasing a nylon or polyester pillow and sleeping on nylon or polyester, you will need to have something to add traction to the pillow or it will slide. This could be a shirt or something as simple as a sock. With blow-up pillows, note that the mouthpiece will be smaller as it is a smaller pillow. Also, keep in mind that with any blow-up pillow, you will want to ensure that the area is free from debris in order to maximize the life of the pillow. While you may not get the comfort of a Hampton or Hilton motel, a camping pillow is definitely a better alternative than sleeping on the ground or trying to get your neck adjusted in a hammock or on a flat mat while camping.

You can also check other pillows here, those pillows recommenced by many camper.​

2 camping coolers

This Is Top 5 Best Camping Coolers You Must Choose

Top 5 Best Camping Coolers You Must Choose

The top 5 coolers for your camping trip

If you camp, then the odds are that you need to have a cooler to tote your food to and from the campsite. While you could go a bit rogue and have a hiking pack with some MREs or dehydrated foods, if you have a party of more than one or two people, this is not really a realistic means of nourishment. For groups, or just the person that does not want to “rough it”, use one of the 5 best camping coolers listed below.

Product Name




Rubbermaid Ice Chest/Cooler, Blue, 60-quart Wheeled (FG2A9002MODBL)

Rubbermaid Ice Chest/Cooler, Blue, 60-quart Wheeled (FG2A9002MODBL)


Coleman 54-Quart Steel-Belted Cooler

Coleman 54-Quart Steel-Belted Cooler


Coleman 50 Quart Xtreme 5, Wheeled Cooler

Coleman 50 Quart Xtreme 5, Wheeled Cooler


Coleman 48-Quart Cooler, Blue

Coleman 48-Quart Cooler, Blue


Coleman 120 Quart Coastal Xtremem Series Marine Cooler

Coleman 120 Quart Coastal Xtremem Series Marine Cooler


1. Rubbermaid Ice Chest/Cooler, Blue, 60-quart Wheeled (FG2A9002MODBL)

camping coolers

​Equipped with a handle and wheels this cooler is easy to pull through those trails and rougher terrains. The handle does fold down into the cooler when not in use to allow you to carry it by the handles. The Rubbermaid Ice Chest has superior thermal retention to keep food and beverages cold, is stain and odor resistant, comes with a stain and easy-to-clean liner, and is made in the USA.

​Design wise, the cooler has a split top opening. Those who do not wish to have the 60-quart cooler can go as small as 10-quart.


  • Spacious Design allows for beverages to lay side by side
  • Design holds cold in for a rather long period
  • Rubbermaid is a trusted and established brand
  • The multiple size options allow for most individuals to find an option that meets their camping needs


  • Hinges may warp under certain conditions causing the lid to fall off. This is especially true for the 10-quart model.
  • If you are planning on keeping food cold for over 6 hours (which many campers would want to do), multiple ice packs would be required limiting the interior space.
  • If the seal ever gets broken, water will get into the space between the insulation and plastic adding to the weight of the cooler as well as stagnating causing a health risk to the food inside.

​This cooler is best used for camping trips which do not require the food to be kept cold all day. It is not for everyday use, and those which purchase the product should take measures not to damage the lid by overpacking it.

2. Coleman 54-Quart Steel-Belted Cooler

cooler camping

​Camping in a more rugged terrain requires the camper to have a more durable cooler than the standard plastic hinged options on the market. The Coleman 54-Quart Steel-Belted Cooler has a steel construction, is rust resistant, and has a solid steel latch to seal content for up to 10lbs of force. The cooler’s interior is quite spacious allowing for up to 85 cans to be stored vertically with ease.


  • The cooler is available in 7 different colors, so you are not stuck with the market standard blue or black.
  • Rust resistant makes the cooler acceptable for camping alongside riverbanks, on the beach, or in other areas where water condensation could be an issue.
  • The bottom nozzle allows for quick draining of melted ice and water without having to tip and turn the cooler about.


  • The cooler has far less metal then prior generations. There is more plastic on the model making the device more sentimental than functional.
  • Latch has shown to be faulty on multiple coolers. This defect reduces the ability to use the cooler without additional measures taken.
  • Metal to plastic connections tends to wear out and come off.

​This cooler is best suited for a camper who is looking to re-create an experience from the past who does not care too much about the actual preservation of the food. While the cooler does offer a large interior, the ice tends to melt quickly, the metal does not appear to be as durable as advertised, and the overall quality of the design is low for the Colman name. Ideal for one to two-time usage.

3. Coleman 50 Quart Xtreme 5, Wheeled Cooler

cooler camping

Specifically designed to keep ice cold for an extremely long period of time, the Colman 50-Quart Xtreme 5, Wheeled Cooler can keep ice cold up to 5 days. This is possible due to the Xtreme 5 technology of the product. This technology works alongside ThermOZONE insulation for maximum functionality.On the exterior of the cooler, you will find that the lid can be used as a makeshift table. A large flat surface is cornered by 4 cup-holders. Wheels on the base of the camping cooler allow for easy mobility around the campsite.


  • Ideal for camping trips which will last a few days as customers have validated that both food and drink will reman cold for at least 3 days.
  • For a cooler with thick insulation, it is relatively light weight
  • Side handles are built into the design, removing the possibility of breakage or stripped screws


  • The cooler does not seem to keep food for the full 5 days but averages around 3 days’ time
  • The handle is a bit flimsy and so those going over rough ground may have it break on them or bend.
  • The lid does not have a definitive locking mechanism. Coolers which are overstuffed of tipped the wrong way could have the lid open unexpectantly.

​The Colman cooler is best suited for tailgate parties, social camping, and for 3-day trips. Because of the wheels, the cooler can go over most terrain. However, rough terrain may be a bit of a problem due to the weak handle. This cooler is not advised for use around large campfires or on uneven ground.

4. Coleman 48-Quart Cooler, Blue

cooler camping

​If you just want to have the basic durable cooler, then this is the camping cooler for you. There are not too many bells and whistles to the Colman 48-quart cooler . You have plastic throughout, a thick durable top lid, a nozzle at the bottom, and plastic side swivel handles. And while you may not have all the super freezing and cooling capabilities that you would get with another brand/model, you get an enormous amount of room for your food and beverages.


  • Very Cheaply priced making it great for the beginner camper who does not want to spend a ton on their first outdoor experience.
  • The design maximizes the interior space for food and beverage storage
  • Durable design


  • There are no wheels on this cooler. Someone must tote it. And if this is filled to maximum capacity, that could be a bit of a hefty weight to bear.
  • The plastic tends to crack over time and water gets in between the exterior and the interior. While this does usually lead to food spoilage, the added water weight is anything but ideal.
  • The hinge on the lid tends to wear out

​This cooler is best suited for those which have some upper body strength, as you must tote it to your campsite. The cooler is also not intended for multiple “hard” camping trips. It is ideal for the overnight excursion or for parties.

5. Coleman 120 Quart Coastal Xtremem Series Marine Cooler

camping cooler

​As the name would suggest, this cooler is designed to be in aquatic conditions. This means that camping trips on the coast, on yachts, and around lakes and such is ideal for this cooler. The Coleman 120 Quart Coastal Xtremem Series Marine Cooler design is made from UVGuard materials to help protect the cooler from the sun, increasing the time that your food stays cold. Ice can be kept up to 6 days at temperatures up to 90 degrees, and a leak resistant design keeps the cooler from taking in any lake, sea, or river water.


  • The cooler holds beverages for up to 6 days
  • Durable plastic design makes it easy to clean
  • Leak resistant seals keep out unwanted water


  • The design is a bit bulky and the handles do not extend out far enough to resolve this issue
  • Although advertised as rustproof, the hinges may rust
  • Fully loaded, the weight of the cooler may cause the handles to break off

​Best suited for trips where the cooler will be stationary throughout the camping. This is not one of those coolers that you would pick up and tote around. Not ideal for hiking excursions as there are no wheels and someone would have to tote it. Ideal for 3 to 6-day camping trips.

6 Guidelines for cheap backpcking gear

Top 6 Guidelines For Cheap Backpacking Gear

Top 6 Guidelines For Cheap Backpacking Gear 

When you’re brand new to backpacking, you’re maybe just curious about it, you think you would like it you’re not sure you’ve never done it before. You might not be wanting to drop hundreds of dollars on expensive gear, just to go try it for the first time beyond that even if you know you will like it or you’re interested in backpacking, you still might not have the means or the funds at the time to go do that and to drop those hundreds of dollars. I decided to sort of challenge myself to go research all over online and stores identify some gear, that’s at the lowest price points and then actually buy that gear and go test it out. Today we’re going to be looking at the gear that I chose I’m going to tell you why and how I did that and we’re going to just sort of talk about some first impressions as I get these things in so before we jump right in and talk about the gear itself let’s talk about.

The six guidelines that I set for choosing which gear to buy online:

  • First things: Budget $200 that’s a pretty ambitious budget because you know you can go buy a pack for more than $200 if you want and nothing else we’re talking about $200 for just about everything you need.
  • Number two: Must be three-season capable, I want this gear to be something that you can use in spring summer and fall obvious winter, that’s sort of a whole nother realm you need a lot of other gear for that. I don’t really recommend winter camping for beginners but three-season capable so that means it can deal with different types of weather it can go down to a temperature of you know something in the 30s at night those sorts of things.
  • Number three: Must be from a non-sketchy retailer so that sort of excluded like eBay. I’m not gonna go on Craigslist I’m not gonna go to just some sort of random manufacturers site. I really wanted to stick to known retailers and as you’ll see Amazon really sort of won out in that battle against almost everybody else okay.
  • Number four: Must be new and in-stock, I’m not gonna get into used gear that’s a whole nother thing we’re gonna just talk about buying it brand new and it has to be in stock because you need to buy it and get it right and rely on when you can have it.
  • Number five: Must have some decent reviews I think buying something where you can actually read some reviews on it and there’s more than like one or two reviews right that’s a really good indicator of is this gonna be decent or not so you know decent reviews decent amount of reviews and the final criteria.
  • Number six: If I could, I would try to do things like getting gear that has flexible sizing unisex if possible, obviously I’m a male but I want this to be relevant to females as well and then the other part of that is trying to prioritize pieces of gear that could be shared between two people so. For example, a two-person shelter or a cook system that can feed two people because I think that as a beginner you’re not really gonna want to be going out there alone. I don’t recommend going out there alone and also it’s kind of a good way to share the cost and the weight burden when you’re on the trail.

Pack Back

​The first piece of gear, that we will talk about here is the pack this is made by a retailer called SUNVP from Amazon and this is the new Outlander. It’s a 45 plus 5-liter pack, so I guess that means the 50-liter pack, I have the first pack that I ever bought was an osprey Kestrel 48 so this should be pretty much the same volume as that pack it feels a little smaller than that though. I’m a little suspicious nonetheless I chose 50 liters as a volume because I think that’s a good middle ground between sort of a larger more multi-day pack and a day pack. If you’re a beginner, you’re probably going to only be doing an overnighter the first few times you go maybe two nights and so as a way to just get into the sport I think 50 liters is good. That’s kind of based on my experience and some of this cheaper gear that I’ve been getting in here, the form factor is a little bigger than like the gear that I typically use so the one caveat here is that I may need to get a larger pack than this now you can definitely tell that it feels a little bit just a little bit heavier it’s listed as three pounds that’s really not bad for a $51 pack.

Which is the price of this some of the features. I mean its kind of got all the bells and whistles and when it does have the whistle on the clip here which is a good feature yeah kind of works blow through really hard and somebody will hear you. I think so, that it’ll do the job, they’re kind of trying to do this trampoline thing on the back here like Osprey not quite as form-fitting to the back. I will say but I think it will do the job of keeping the pack sort of your back a little bit and letting some air back here and that’s the main thing these hip belts pretty decent padding here. I will say they are pretty stiff on the edges here they might dig into the hips a little bit. We’ll see some of those things though I’ll really just have to do at least one trip and be adjusting everything as I go it’s kind of hard because packs fit everybody a little differently.

However like I say I think this could be a good option and usually there’s a lot of adjustability and this pack is no exception. It’s got all the right adjustments again features it’s got hip pockets here that’s great to have the water bottle holders on the side here. These mesh pockets they’re a little smaller, a little tighter so you might have to get some kind of specific water bottles you can put in there. One of the other features that I actually like about this pack which is why I was able to justify the the $51 which is one of the more expensive pieces of gear on this list right is that it comes with a pack cover and I think that a vital thing to have like I said three season that includes seasons or it’s going to rain so you’ve got to be prepared for all those conditions so I think having a pack cover that’s fantastic is gonna keep your things dry. When it rains and it’s gonna allow you to go out and be prepared for any type of weather so really nice feature that it comes with that.


​So next, is it just a basic knife you always want to have a knife with you, it’s just a good tool to have for various reasons, when you’re out there if you need to carve something caught something you name it right a knife is just a really good universal tool to have, so I picked this one because like I say decent reviews really low price stainless steel blade not necessarily the best material for a knife there are higher-grade steels out there. However stainless it’s not going to rust you don’t have to care for it, so definitely you can tell that this is a five-dollar blade, the blade itself it’s sharp seems like it’s probably going to work alright but just sort of like the handles here the grip of the knife it’s very plastic it’s got this kind of tacky fake carbon fiber look to it.


This next piece is more of an option, but I always like to sleep with a pillow of some sort something under my head, so I wanted to find a pillow, now this one is pretty big in terms of form factors you can see for comparison the pillow that I typically use is maybe this big or so it’s like three inches by two inches at most and at that you can even crush it down smaller so it seems pretty huge let’s take it out of the stuff sack here it’s just kind of rolled up so it’s basically got foam on the inside. You may be seen a sleeping pad like this where there’s this nozzle here right and I think it’s supposed to kind of be self-inflating and it doesn’t really do it. This material is a little tough you might want to like put a piece of clothing or something over it, maybe even just a pillowcase, if you want to bring that can probably pack pretty small, there’s some foam in there it should insulate decently well and if you’re looking to have a decent amount of comfort, this could be a good option so we’ll see how it works.

Backpackers: Beginner Backpacking Gear Guide

Backpackers: Beginner Backpacking Gear Guide

Today I want to share a list of backpacking gears for guys from zero to hero.

The items that I could recommend to you if you’re just getting into backpacking you want to do overnighters, maybe multi day. You’re on a really tight budget you just don’t really know where to start maybe you’ve been invited by a friend a family members been doing backpacking for years and you need to get some supplies but you don’t really know what items to look for, what’s right price points versus you know too expensive. What are maybe things you can pass on and things that you need.

For myself and my family we’ve been backpacking for years doing multi-day going all over the Rocky Mountains and loving every minute of it and so I just want to share it with you the items that I’ve found that work for me and that particularly I could recommend to you if you’re on a budget and you’re just starting out like my buddy?

Water purification

Sticking it with that vein of lightweight, inexpensive, high-performance water purification is super important. If you’re going to be going backpacking and you’re going to be doing multi-day particularly. I can recommend to you the Sawyer mini water filtration system about $18 ways to ounces fits in the palm of your hand.

This thing is awesome, it is able to because of its hollow filter design it will do 0.1 microns which is great for handling almost all bacteria protozoa like e.coli Giardia those type of things and it’s going to be able to handle 99.99 of bacteria and 99.999 of protozoa and meets all USA standards. This thing is awesome, it will not do viruses so don’t take this overseas it won’t do as well and you know you could definitely get sick if you’re going to third world countries and going backpacking.

This will filter out any diseases or sicknesses or bugs or anything in the water that you would face. I would say also get an extra pack for about ten dollars more, if you have the finances to get a 2-pack of their 64 ounce dirty bottles.

The bags to handle that will really help process and more water for you than just the little 32 ounce bags will, but this thing is awesome and going to give you clean water, and we use them constantly when we go backpacking


Now, there are two options and it will depend on weight and price how cheap do you need to be this one will be the more inexpensive option.

This is the Mount Smith Mountain shade tarp, this is an epic tarp I’ve been using for a while, now we’ve done it on multi-day hiking trips backpacking trips in the backyard with the family through thunderstorms rainstorms I mean these things are proved itself to be awesome at about fifty dollars is where you’re going to pay for this. It’s bright orange so it can be used as an emergency like flag down as well if you got lost and you know someone’s out there looking for you it the thing that.

I like about this is cut up in design is such a way to be used more than a lean-to set up and I really like that. A phrase frame set up, and it comes with very generous paracord already attached and stakes so it kind of comes with like the whole package. Which I really like so that you don’t have to add things to it is designed to either be set up with trekking poles or they do sell separate parts about $30 more

You can again just tie it to trees or whatever and works as a great shelter against the elements so if you aren’t concerned about bugs or you’re just on a super tight budget or you just don’t feel like a tent is what you really need right now and it’s not that big a deal. This thing is awesome it will be lightweight, I believe it’s under two pounds for the setup and it will cover several people you can get about four people under here without too much difficulty, and your gear as long as you know to lay it out properly, and we’ve been using them for I think two years now two or three years with zero issues, and we love them, and they really perform.


The illumination super important and this handheld illumination is phenomenal save my butt a couple of times when headlamps and other flashlights have broken this has stood the test of time this is the Yuko Cloris two-in-one flashlights lantern.

This is run off a three Triple A batteries and this will be the same as the headlamp I suggest a little later so that you don’t have to carry different types of batteries which is a big plus so three Triple A batteries it has that two-in-one feature so it can work as a lantern illuminate a tent or a campsite and then can be collapsed and used as a really good powerful flashlight that works well.

It’s got IPX6 rating for water resistance so rain and that type of thing will not affect it.

It has four different settings it has a low which will run for like over 130 hours, which is insane a medium for fifteen hours high for five hours has a strobe emergency feature as well to help people locate you or locate a campsite, the high is a hundred and eighteen lumens and then just drops from there very versatile you have used these things for years, $15 screaming deal and it’s about two-and-a-half ounces without the batteries and you’re looking at maybe like an ounce and half more with so compact lightweight and a great price.

Paint point durable will have that not only flashlight capability but again illumination lantern capability for larger throw areas so love this thing can’t recommend it enough.


We’ve been using the original for years and now this new one for about six months the MSR pocket rocket and then the pocket 2.0 is the new one, these things are phenomenal. We love them they are ultra lightweight, the new one being 2.6 ounces smaller than the original which is awesome comes in a little case about $35.

For just the element this is where the flame will come out and then it comes and then you purchase separately canisters of fuel and the canisters work really well. We’ve never had leakage or problems burns super hot, very wind combative so if it’s windy out it won’t blow out right away it has the ability to keep burning and keep going.

I’ve only had it in very severe conditions a lot of me, I think one time in six years of backpacking so really awesome. Setup will boil water really quickly and just has a great name behind it you know names sometimes does matter an MSR knows what they’re doing with their stuff and again it’s not going to break the bank at about $35 and then each canister.

There lots of different sizes but the average ones are about four dollars if you have two of those you could go for several days boiling water and doing what you need to do so the MSR parking pocket rocket.

I believe every backpacker must have a good reliable fixed blade knife not a pocket knife, not a folding knife not Swiss Army knife. Those are all good and there’s nothing wrong with those and if you want to add that to the list great but you got to have a fixed blade where there’s no moving parts there’s nothing it’s going to get broken damage you know jammed up fall apart.

It’s just a piece of metal with a rubber handle over it and for about 18 dollars you can get the more either companion or heavy duty companion these knives are phenomenal. Look them up online, if you’re an unfamiliar with these knives these are ridiculous there are hundreds of thousands of YouTube videos people testing them stabbing them to trees and standing on them these things are epic made in Sweden about four inches Scandi grind so great for helping with any type of either repair stuff.

Maybe you lose your tent pegs or they break you need to carve some with wood or you just want to make a fire and you need some feather sticks to help prepare that fire food prep I mean whatever you just need a good solid knife.

These things are indestructible, they weigh almost nothing and they’re really inexpensive but they’re from Sweden and from a company has been making knives for over a hundred years.

So these things are phenomenal I cannot recommend them enough everyone needs to have one and everyone should have one when they’re backpacking, just because of how versatile and lightweight they are so the Mora heavy-duty companion or companion the heavy duty is just a little thicker it has a little fatter handle it just really depends on what your preference is and what your price points are they’re about within five dollars of each other between fifteen and twenty bucks but guys have one of these on you even if you don’t think you’re going to use it it is a must.

When you’re on the trail, if you felt that you need the tent and you don’t have an option for that right now the two tents that I can recommend to you just pens on your.

If you’re one man or two man is the Kelty Salida series its the one or two man they run about between 100 and 120 dollars is normal going rate. I’ve been using these for about six years now both one man and two man just depends on the size they both are super functional great in the hard weather rain hail. Those type of things and they are both coming in at under five pounds which is great and at about a hundred dollars you’re getting a great bang for buck you’ve got a good name behind it Kelty that the stands behind their products. It is going to give you all the options that you would need the Kelty Salida one could fit about a fifty pound dog with you but you couldn’t get two people in there. My dog Tommy has slept with me before in there without too many issues and and he’s able to have enough space and I’m able to have enough space.

It has a little shelter lean-to you know for your bag underneath it underneath the rain cover these both come with rain covers or the two man will fit my wife and I and our 50-pound dog Tommy. The trail dog and we’ll have the vestibule to cover two backpacks so these things are awesome and if someone asked me hey dude I got like 100 bucks I need a tent and I’m going to do in backpacking well then I would say the Kelty Salida series just depends on one or two man in size.

Adventure Camp Cook Set

What do you boil your water there’s a ton of different options out there with pots and pans and cups and all kinds of different stuff. This setup for me when you are wanting to hit a budget and get the most out of that budget, this just really makes a lot of sense to me.

This is the Stanley 24-ounce cook set this thing is phenomenal $15 made out of 18 - 8 stainless steel BPA free it’s going to have measuring marks some pots don’t come with that so you never know how much you’re really boiling you just got to kind of eyeball or user now Jean. It has measuring marks which is fantastic again 24 ounces so you’re easily going to be able to get three cups of water which is more than enough for any. Like mountain house freeze-dried type of meal easily boiled in there it will also come with two polypropylene ten ounce cups.

They’re stackable inside this is huge particularly if you like drinking tea you like to make Mimi soups coffee all that type of stuff this is phenomenal. You don’t have to bring another mug, you don’t have to make another, or buy another mug all that different stuff it stacks inside. what’s really cool is that the new tube pocket rocket 2.0 if you remove one of the cups and only take one cup with you will fit inside this setup which is awesome. If it’s just you by yourself or you’re willing to split the cup and take turns or whatever you can actually store your pocket rocket with a lighter inside this set up which is a great option. You can got those two mugs you’re going with more people it’s got a vented lid so it’ll help boil water faster than just a metal cup maybe a little cheaper maybe a little lighter. But you’re not going to get all the features that this has so it has the lid which is a nice bonus and you can drain out of it as well and.

Then that nice handle to keep it away from the element so you won’t burn yourself when you are removing it or if you’re cooking in a fire so I love this thing this I love it this is a great cook set for the price and is going to be great for backpackers.

Sleeping bag

Sleeping is super important when you’re out there you’ve been burning tons of calories you’ve been hiking all over kingdom come in God’s creation and you need a good night’s sleep and you want to be toss and turn of sleeping on rocks and you know trying to make a pillow of a bramble bush so some items.

I can recommend to you with not again going to in depth because there’s a lot of variables but some things to consider, I love the climate brand of sleeping pads these things are phenomenal. They have every type Under the Sun from insulated to double thick to double wide to lightweight to ultralight and everything in between. There’s you pick your combination but I have several types from their large like v-max that they have two insulated versions depending on the temperature that work really well.

If you’re in really cold conditions, they’re tended their thermal ones are awesome extra insulation ultra light you know a lot of times are on sale you can get it for 50 bucks or less depending on your size and color I mean options you want but the climate series will make your sleeping arrangements on the ground so much better than anything that I’ve ever used before. In years past the other thing is the sea2summit pillow series sea2summit is amazing company they make tons of gear and I love their pillows that they offer these things have changed the way I sleep instead of trying to use just a jacket and stuffing it under my head and it’s all over the place or slick types that are out there there’s a lot of times. They’re blow-up pillows that are kind of slick this one has a little bit of cloth texture kind of like what you’d find at your house so your head isn’t slipping all over the place these things are awesome be about fifty dollars forty to fifty dollars depending on size and options that you look at but these things are fantastic and will change the way you sleep when you’re in the outdoors.

150 Lumens Headlight

The other thing that you need with illumination is hands-free illumination so that you can be scrambling. If you’re trying to get out of a location while you’re cooking maybe at night setting up a ten you got to your backpack tin took longer than you thought and now it’s dark and you need to set up your tent instead of trying to angle a flashlight or trying to use the lantern and you’re missing stuff, you want something that is hands-free so the old light H zero five active is epic usually about fifteen dollars.

I have about four of these been using them for years love them recommend them friends and family all the time. And I hear great things from them as well they’re like dude I’m so glad you recommended that to me it’s awesome for the price to triple-a power battery so most lights like this would take three so it’s a lighter weight less batteries you have to take with you that type of thing which is fantastic and it’s going to be ipx4 rated I’ve had it rain on me and stuff and no issues in that regard high is going to be 150 lumens that will gradually go down to 90 lumens and that will go for about four hours. On that high, hundred fifty lumens and then it has two other settings at 30 lumens for 10 hours and 10 lumens for 27 hours which is great I mean it’s going to work fantastic. I usually use the medium and it’ll absolutely work for a backpacking trip for me without having to swap out batteries so totally dig this thing reliable lightweight it does have a little ret read feature as well to save your night vision it does have secondary red lights which is pretty sweet.

Camping Backpack

The other option that I prefer, in that I and my family usually use is the mountain Smith apex series now they have a 60 liter an 80 liter and I believe they are still making the 100 liter options now.

For most people the 60 liter will be fine as long as you’re not bringing a bunch of extra gear up particularly like camera gear and things like that electronics but if you are going for several several days and/or you do want to carry maybe drones maybe camera gear whatever however, then the 80 litre that is.

Usually what I take as I’m prepping for my next backpacking trip with the family here soon this will be the apex 80 will be the pack that I take with me my dad who usually goes way lighter he can do the 60 litre without issue so these are just some ones that I could totally recommend to you the Kelty I think is like 130 to 140 and then the mountain Smith’s are going to be between 150 and 180 just depends on the size and color combinations and things like that.

But these things are epic and without going down the rabbit hole trying to look at all these different aspects and they’re you know there’s a hundred different packs out there for under $200 both of these types of packs will be absolutely fantastic if you can find them used maybe on eBay or something like that you will not go.

The other option that I prefer, in that I and my family usually use is the mountain Smith apex series now they have a 60 liter an 80 liter and I believe they are still making the 100 liter options now.

For most people the 60 liter will be fine as long as you’re not bringing a bunch of extra gear up particularly like camera gear and things like that electronics but if you are going for several several days and/or you do want to carry maybe drones maybe camera gear whatever however, then the 80 litre that is.

Usually what I take as I’m prepping for my next backpacking trip with the family here soon this will be the apex 80 will be the pack that I take with me my dad who usually goes way lighter he can do the 60 litre without issue so these are just some ones that I could totally recommend to you the Kelty I think is like 130 to 140 and then the mountain Smith’s are going to be between 150 and 180 just depends on the size and color combinations and things like that.

But these things are epic and without going down the rabbit hole trying to look at all these different aspects and they’re you know there’s a hundred different packs out there for under $200 both of these types of packs will be absolutely fantastic if you can find them used maybe on eBay or something like that you will not go.

Floding Saw

I think this is super important is a compact folding saw and the reason for that is a couple things one if you will be doing campfires to make it an easy way to get the wood. That you need and get bigger wood maybe than what you’re either more a knife can handle or just other tools or you’re just trying to kick down branches and collect what’s on the ground also for repairing or fixing issues with shelters. Maybe your tent pull broke and you just need to tie off something or support stick a branch inside a side your tent and support it, that way maybe you’re doing the tarp situation and you need your trekking poles broke or whatever you need to get a piece of wood like a small tree and you don’t have the right tools you’re in big trouble.

I think the Bahco Laplander Folding Saw made again in Sweden is an awesome option. Usually between twenty to twenty-five dollars really lightweight about seven inch blade these things are great for the price for what you’re going to pay these things are amazing and they’re really compact and you just never know when a folding saw will be in need particularly. If you like doing fires when you’re out backpacking but also again for those emergency situations and in building shelters and helping in that capacity these things are phenomenal and I think a valuable tool when your backpack I really hope that this list has helped you out and just going to make your backpacking adventures that much more enjoyable that much easier so you can focus on nature and the outdoors and not be worrying about either crappy gear that’s falling apart on you or the lack of gear and wishing you had a particular item to make that adventure enjoyable for yourself and those that you’re going with.


How to Choose A Picnic Hammock


picnic hammock tent

Did you know that a good picnic hammock can give you a completely new and exciting experience? If you're wondering how to choose a hammock, today's article will introduce you to key considerations in choosing the right picnic hammock.

Bushwalking, hiking, and camping offer great opportunities for adventure and closer to nature. These are great travel activities that you do not need to worry about finding gas stations, checking luggage to meet the requirements of the airlines and you do not worry because your wallet will be clean after 1 trip. While tents are still the standard for outdoor sleeping solutions, picnic hammocks are also considered a more comfortable, useful, and more economical alternative.

Colorful hammocks hanging between trees are gradually becoming more popular. For some people, a hammock is a great place to relax. For others, sleeping under the sky full of stars provides a whole new experience. However, choosing a hammock is not as easy as we thought. Many important factors can easily be ignored when you buy your first hammock, and you may not realize the importance of these aspects until you feel uncomfortable when hanging on a tree in the middle of the forest... Don't worry: this guide will introduce you to all the big considerations as well as the important factors in choosing your first picnic hammock.

When choosing a picnic hammock, consider the following

Size: the main differences here are single and double hammocks; Most people will choose a double hammock for comfort, not necessarily because they need to use a hammock with a friend. In general, the larger your hammock, the more comfortable you will be and most hammocks range from 1.3m to 2.5m in width, length from 2m to 3m.

Purpose of use: for backpack travel, weight is an important factor to consider first; For camping and picnic, durability is the most important.

Accessories: you will need a stretchable suspension system for easy hammock set up; Other popular options include an insulating layer when the temperature gets cold, a tarpaulin in case of rain, and insect and bug nets.

A hammock tent: A hammock tent usually includes a hammock and all the necessary accessories to help you sleep through the night outdoors. You can also build your tent system, starting with a hammock, then adding the following accessories to create your shelter or campsite.

1. Dimensions and parameters of sag

One of the important deciding factors when buying a hammock is whether you want to buy a single or double hammock.

Here are tips to choose between single and double hammocks:

Single picnic hammock: most single hammocks have a width between 1.2 and 1.5 m. The width of a single hammock will save you weight (a plus for travelers on a backpack) than a double hammock, with the trade-off that you have to experience sleep with less room. The weight limit of a single hammock ranges from 130 to 180 kg, with light versions the hammock can withstand a weight of nearly 110 kg.

Double picnic hammocks: most types of double hammocks have a width within 1.5 to 2 m. In addition to providing a comfortable or more spacious sleeping experience than a single hammock, a double hammock can hold two people without being uncomfortable. The double hammock is capable of withstanding a weight of 180 to 220 kg, with ultra-light versions withstands nearly 160 kg.

The length of a picnic hammock

picnick hammock 2

The length of the hammock varies less than the width and, unless you have an extremely high height, you don't need to worry about the length size when buying a hammock. A good rule of thumb when camping with a hammock is to find a hammock that's at least 0.5 m longer than your height. For example, if you are 1m6 tall, you should choose a hammock with a length of at least 2m1.

The fabric of a picnic hammock

Another specification might be helpful, although not all hammocks on the market list this parameter, which is the Denier index. Heavy fabrics have a higher denier than ultralight fabrics. For example, ENO hammocks use a 70-denier fabric in the firmer and bulky versions and 30 deniers in the lightweight picnic hammock versions. The tradeoff for low weight is that fabrics with a low denier will cause wear faster than fabrics of the same denier with a higher denier.

Picnic hammock capacity

When determining the desired capacity of a camping hammock, you must consider your weight and the maximum weight capacity of your chosen hammock. Overload can significantly reduce product life. Be sure to pay attention to its maximum load before sharing a hammock with another person. Make sure you use a hammock or a hammock that holds up to four people if you intend to share a hammock with another person! If you want a sturdy, durable camping hammock, consider whether the materials are made of good quality.

2. Accompanying accessories of picnic hammocks

Most accessories will work with any brand of the hammock, but you should read the product description carefully to make sure it fits your hammock.

Suspension system: most hammocks consist of carabiner clasps with sufficiently strong traction. But a pair of tree straps are often purchased separately. Ensure that any strap you purchase has a minimum width of 0.75 in. because thinner straps can penetrate deeper into the bark and damage the tree.

Insulation layer: if you sleep and cool air is surrounding the bottom, you will feel as cold as ice without the insulation underneath. One option is to fit a sleeping cushion into the side of your hammock. However, a separate liner will keep you warmer, as the insulation is usually wrapped on the outside, and you don't need to cram as hard as a sleeping cushion.

Rain-proof tarpaulins: Tarpaulins are hung over the hammocks and use a strong rope to maintain tension. As with any tarpaulin, larger sizes provide more protection; however, the rain may still drip occasionally below the wind.

Insect nets: look for nets that can protect you with a 360-degree range, because they will cover the bottom of the hammock to protect your back. Make sure your nets are "no-see-um" - these nets are designed with only very tight nets, so those small insects cannot harm you.

The accessories listed above are some of the most popular, but you can find all sorts of other interesting accessories, everything from a hammock to raincoats to Avoid the rain of wools that follow your hammock soaking your hammock.

3. Picnic hammock tent

For overnight trips to wooded campgrounds and without sturdy surfaces, a hammock is a great alternative to a traditional tent.

For most people, the decision to choose between a hammock and a traditional tent depends on personal preference. A hammock offers a different experience that some people love and others don't. Before you make a decision, borrow/rent a hammock and sleep on it a few times to see if you like it.

Advantages of a hammock tent

- There is no need for flat ground to set up / set up hammock tents

- Little effect on terrestrial vegetation

- Ultralight hammock versions are usually lighter and more compact than most traditional tents.

- It is cooler than sleeping in tents, especially when camping in the summer

- Can be used as a place to sit and play

Disadvantages of hammock tents

- It is not possible to set up a hammock tent on a treeline or anywhere else without a solid trunk.

- Colder (on winter days) and less rain resistant than traditional tents

- Not really an ideal choice for two people; Not suitable to accommodate more than two people

- Very little interior storage; There is no additional container bag unless you buy it as an accessory

4. Tips to set up a picnic hammock

picnic hammock 3

Set the angle so that the belt is 30 degrees above the ground: a hammock hanging at 30 degrees will be enough for you to nestle nicely, but not so slack that your back is bent uncomfortably. If you can't reach the 30-degree angle, try to make the lanyard not be too tight, because a bit of looseness will feel better than a hard stretch rope.

Sleep at an angle: minimize the possibility of your back flexing by placing your body about 10-15 degrees from the center of the hammock.

It is expected that sleeping in a hammock will be colder than a normal tent: the amoun16t of surface area exposed to cold air on a hammock is larger than in a tent. So, in addition to providing good thermal insulation, consider bringing a warm sleeping bag.


Picnic hammocks and hammocks are the best travel companions when traveling or camping. A hammock will be helpful in many situations, plus they look cool.

There are many types of picnic hammocks and camping available on the market today, so make sure you consider the style, weight, size, capacity, belt system, fabric, pricing, and The included accessories before deciding what is the best foreign hammock for you!

camping with babies

The Secret To Camping With a Baby


The idea of ​​camping with babies makes many parents really shudder to think about because many people think babies are very fragile, unable to adapt to any environment. However, the truth is that babies are especially tough and healthier than you think, as long as you know the secret to camp with babies.

camping with babies

You can take your child anywhere, provided that (and this is important) you have the right things: food, clothing, shelter and the flexibility to put it all together. Here are some tips for camping with your baby while still having fun

Choose the right place: for the first trip with your baby, choose a place that is not too far from home and provides some basic amenities, like the bathroom. And, if you can, find a shady campsite that is not overcrowded

Simple baby meals should be prepared: breast milk may be the simplest solution, but if your baby uses a bottle or solids, you can still take it with you when you go camping. Make sure you have clean water to make your milk and make convenient food puree packages or maybe some things you can use for dinner if your baby has weaned it.

Dress your child in multi-layer clothes: wear multi-layered clothes for you and your child in multiple layers so you can adapt to changing weather. When it's time to go to bed, use a cozy sleeping bag or a fleece sweater to stay warm.

Protect yourself and your baby from bugs and the sun: insect repellent and sunscreen are usually not recommended for children under 6 months old, so look for other protection measures, like wearing long sleeves and long pants, use an umbrella to keep out the sun and use a mosquito net

1. Where should we go camping with young children?

Private campsites are usually reserved for you, so plan ahead if you can. Ideally, you should find a flat area with space for your family to move around.

Many places also have online maps. This can be quite convenient to check if the terrain, as well as space, is suitable for the baby. Similarly, finding a shady place can sometimes be a problem when camping with babies. Try to find some natural shade. Here are some helpful tips:

Choosing a fully equipped campsite: a campsite with a nearby bathroom and playground may not be a real picnic, but it can be very convenient for children. especially during the first outing. When you are more comfortable camping with young children, you can go further.

Keep your distance from other campsites: if you book your campsite in advance, try to find a place that is far away from the surrounding areas. A place with a comfortable and spacious space can make the whole experience different and help you reduce anxiety about noise issues.

Reduce driving time: If the thought of going camping with your baby makes you seem daunted, you should choose a location near your home, not wasting too much time driving away. You feel easier and more comfortable when you can get to the campsite fast and if things don't go as planned while camping, you can choose to return home right away. If you absolutely don't want to drive, then there's nothing better than a camp in your backyard.

Find a shady place: trying to keep your child out of direct sunlight is an important step in protecting your baby from harmful UV rays, so if you can, choose a shady place.

2. Tips to sleep in a tent with your baby

sleep with baby

In fact, getting a good night's sleep at home is enough to make you have a headache. And now an outdoor camping trip is a great opportunity for you and your baby to wake up more in the middle of the night than usual. Here are some tips to help you sleep with your baby more easily when camping:

Flexible: every family has their own way of making it easy for them to fall asleep, and you have to decide how you handle that when camping but know this: camping will break the normal nighttime routine often. Try to adapt and understand that you may not be able to use the sleep techniques you normally use at home. For example, you may have to allow your young children to stay up later than usual or you may need to take care of them more often in the middle of the night to make them comfortable.

Bring some of your favorite toys: a toy for your little one is a good solution when camping outdoors, so don't feel it is pointless to bring all your belongings from home. However, you only need to pack a few special things, such as stuffed animals and some storybooks, to help your baby comfortable in the new environment.

Bring a portable cot/playground: this is a particularly good idea if your baby is accustomed to sleeping in a mobile cot/playground (and if you have a tent large enough to fit into it). The familiarity of the crib can help your baby settle down and stick to his nighttime routine. And even if you don't use it to sleep, a crib can help when you need to cook dinner.

Bring a large camping tent: if you have a large family camping tent, bring it. A large tent gives you room to use a crib / portable playground and many other benefits.

3. Prepare a baby meal

Planning a picnic might sound complicated and take a lot of work, but if you focus on keeping the meal simple, it's not that difficult. For adults and older children, a meal such as spaghetti, oatmeal, etc. will help you prepare, cook and clean quickly.

To plan your baby's meal, first consider what they eat at home; Chances are, your baby will feel quite close to these foods. If your baby is still breastfeeding, everything will be super simple. But if your baby starts bottle-feeding or weaning, the following things you may need to consider before going camping:

Keep things clean: if you feed your baby, make sure you have a way to keep things clean. You can boil water at your campsite to clean the bottle. If you mix weaning foods, make sure you have clean, potable water.

Bring convenient food: if your child is eating solid foods, there are convenient options like juicing packages with pureed fruits and vegetables that don't need refrigeration. If your baby is old enough to enjoy a snack, try soft fruits, mixed eggs, butter, and beans. You can also let your baby enjoy the food you are eating. Of course, follow the pediatrician's instructions about what is appropriate for your child

4. How to dress your baby when camping?

When your baby is comfortable, that's when he will be happy. To keep your baby having a good time on your camping trip with these dressing tips:

Dress in layers for your baby: similar to when you wear clothes for a day outdoors, think of layers of clothes you can wear for your baby to easily adapt to changing weather. You want to have a soft, breathable layer that touches your skin, the middle layer provides warmth, and the outer layer provides protection from wind and rain.

Avoid wearing cotton: on a regular car camping trip with a good weather forecast, you can bring as many everyday clothes as you have at home. But if you anticipate cold and / or humid weather, you should bring synthetic or woolen clothing for better insulation and faster drying than cotton. For cold weather, try things like woolen socks, fleece pants, fleece jackets and / or insulated jackets. If the weather forecast predicts rain, you will need a rainproof jacket. On sunny days, use long sleeves and long pants to protect your baby in the sun but not causing heat.

Don't wear too much: when you sleep, you can add a sleeping bag or fleece to increase the warmth. But be wary of overworking your baby. Check forecasts for low temperatures and think and adjust baby outfit accordingly. You will easily know how many layers your baby needs to sleep at night to be comfortable.

Change diapers often: changing your baby's diaper on a camping trip is not much different from what you do at home, especially if you have a nearby bathroom to throw away waste and diapers. If you use cloth diapers at home, you need to bring a sealed bag to store dirty cloth diapers until you go home and wash them. A removable diaper rug gives you a place to put your baby down and or diapers, but you can also use a sleeping cushion or blanket.

5. How to protect your baby from insects and sunlight when camping?

protect baby insects

It is important to keep in mind that insect repellent or sunscreen should not be applied to children under 6 months old. So if your baby is less than 6 months old, consider other protective measures, such as clothing. Here are some tips (you can consult your pediatrician to find the most effective method):

Limit skin exposure: according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said no insect repellent is used for children under 2 months of age, while the Environmental Working Group says not to use with children under 6 months year old. If you want to avoid using insect repellent, try to limit sun exposure. Pants tucked in, long-sleeved shirts and hats are also a solution. You can also try other ways to repel insects, such as wearing insect nets, setting up shelter with maximum protection or lighting candles to keep insects out of your campsite.

Look for shade: The Drug Administration (FDA) recommends checking with a doctor before applying sunscreen to children under 6 months old. So the best way to protect your baby from the sun is to keep them away from the sun as much as possible. Look for a shady campsite or sunny places. You can also have your baby wear sunscreen and / or use an umbrella to block out the sun. If you need to wear sunscreen, check with your pediatrician about the appropriate age to use and then try sunscreen on a small area of ​​skin to make sure it doesn't cause allergies.

Things To Prepare For The Night Camp – Top Secret


Currently, the form of overnight camping trip is loved by many young people and want to experience it. However, if you are new to camping for the first time will be confused about what to bring camping? Going camping out overnight need to prepare what? ... right? Therefore, today this article will share the things to prepare and experience when camping so that you can refer and update a lot of useful knowledge for me.

night camp 1

Experience a safe, enjoyable overnight camping

For a perfect and convenient picnic, you cannot miss some of the following camping experience

- Research the weather before going camping

Whether you want to camp during the day or spend the night, the first thing you need to do is determine the location for your picnic. You need to learn about the terrain of the campsite so that you can carry the necessary items and tools to support the upcoming activities.

Besides, the most important thing is to study the weather and climate at the camping site so you can avoid the rain and storms that affect the picnic.

- Night camping experience

night camp

The first thing you need to prepare for a picnic is the tent. However, according to my safe and convenient camping experience, I recommend choosing tents made of good material, waterproof, sure to be able to "withstand" all weather. and all kinds of animals (If camping in mountain forests or wilderness places).

When camping outdoors, especially at night, your body temperature will drop, so you need to prepare a waterproof sleeping bag, capable of retaining good heat. In addition, you should also pay attention to the type of sleeping bags that are hypoallergenic and lightweight, so that they can be carried, carried and moved easily.

Picnic camping usually uses light from the nature, no electric lights so you need to determine the location of camping quickly and camping when there is still enough light. Do not set up the tent too late, lack of light will cause you a lot of difficulties there. In addition, through those who have experience sharing overnight camping, you should find camping sites near the water source to be able to facilitate personal hygiene and living offline.

Prepare food and drinks when camping

What should we eat when camping? You can rely on the camping time to bring the right amount of food and drink accordingly. Should not bring too much, eat not all must bring back, very inconvenient in transporting luggage. Based on my self-sufficient camping experience, dry and canned foods will always be preferred because they can be stored for long. Refrain from bringing too much fresh food, because there is no refrigerator to preserve, if the weather is too hot like summer, the food is easy to smell and spoil.

In addition, water is an important indispensable thing to help you energize for a picnic. You can bring filtered water or water rather than fresh water, it will make you more thirsty. Absolutely should not drink water in rivers and streams near your camping place when you do not know if the water is safe or not?

Choose the right outfit for picnic

night camp right place

What to prepare for camping? Clothes are indispensable. You can bring comfortable and seasonal outfits. However, because I camp overnight, the outdoor temperature is often lower than the indoor temperature, so no matter what season you go camping at night, bring a thin jacket to avoid getting cold.

Shoes: You should bring specialized climbing shoes or sports shoes hugging your feet to be able to move easily. Do not bring slippers, high heels or sandals, as they will make you very tired.Note: To make an overnight camping trip safer, you should prepare more flashlights, glow sticks to Can be used in many situations at night and especially, not arbitrarily wandering at night alone to avoid bad situations.

- Medical supplies

Medical equipment is also one of the essential items to prepare for camping. Because when camping, food poisoning, falls, bumps, sickness ... are unpredictable. Therefore, you need to bring some basic first aid and common medicines such as bandages, urgo, pain relievers, flu, headache, medical cotton, alcohol, insect repellent, medicine mosquito repellent,…

That's all the camping experience I want to share with you. Hopefully the above useful information will help you know the essentials when camping so that you can be better prepared. Wish you have a safe, convenient and fun picnic!

camping hammock

Learn About The Camping Hammocks


For many people, lying on a hammock means relaxation. A hammock can evoke memories of summer afternoons: A cold beer when you sweat in the sunshine, the sun shines through the leaves, and then you lie on the hammock, it gently rocking you to sleep. The hammock is not only for relaxing in the yard, park or on the beach, it is also very convenient for camping with a lightweight and useful design.

camping hammock

1. Overview of camping hammocks

The best way to describe a hammock is a form of relaxation or relaxation material that you can hang between two trees. This is a popular choice for resting because the hammock will sway slightly as the wind blows around you, making your whole experience truly enjoyable and relaxing. In terms of camping hammocks, the main reason why hammocks are needed in today's needs is because they are big but can be portable and easy to carry with you. during the camping trip. Moreover, they can also give you a free time to relax outdoors. Today the hammock is quite light and can easily be compressed into a compact form, allowing you to take it anywhere.

Hammocks have a rich tradition over the centuries and are a cultural product in the Caribbean, Yucatan and South America. Contemporary hammocks are the result of developments in design and today's hammocks are based on creating seams that inevitably provide a higher level of comfort. The size of the hammock is almost the deciding factor to determine how comfortable a hammock can be, although other factors also play a special role.

Fabrics used to make hammocks also play a role in determining comfort, which is why manufacturers pay special attention to being able to ensure that they use only comfortable fabrics. The best roof - a fabric that provides both durability and comfort at the same time. Good quality fabric will help the sag itself adjust properly to the body curves of the user.

night camping hammock

If you never try to do a hammock in the afternoon or evening under the starry sky, you probably never know how much you missed an experience. Looking at a hammock, it looks like all it can do is rock. But, I can be sure that the hammock feels more comfortable than what you see simply, and the use of camping hammock is becoming more and more popular.

I started camping with a hammock a few seasons ago, and on overnight trips alone, lying in a hammock is something I will definitely do. It's easy to think about having a hammock lying down after a long day of climbing, and it's important that the hammock is durable and less impacted when camping. As long as you don't need to carry too many things for each trip - like carrying an extra net catching fireflies or insects - the hammock will be even lighter than the load of your backpack. You will have to consider a few things before grabbing your hammock and start exploring, let's explore the following:

- Find the right hammock

The first thing is: you have to buy yourself a hammock. However, the "fit" really is only when you find a combination of size, material and accessories that are right for you.

- Hammocks made with heavier fabrics will be more durable but will also add weight to your backpack. Lighter fabrics may not be durable, but will reduce weight and make things easier on the go. Therefore, please consider carefully!

- Having a hiatus sleeping in a hammock is not something that everyone can get used to easily, especially when you're planning on sleeping for one last night. So first of all, you need to find a hammock that makes you feel safe and comfortable as you curl up in it. You will also need a mosquito net. Most hammock kits include accessories, but if your hammock is not available, there are still a lot of aftermarket companies that produce the necessary accessories.

Choose a hammock point

In the mountains, places with lots of trees are easy to find. You just need to choose two trees close together to hammock. This factor alone is reason enough for you to try traveling hammock. It will take some time for you to feel how interesting the hammock is. It's time to let yourself lift your feet off the ground!

Finding the perfect hammock point can take some time. You might also just want to find a simple location on the road where there is cool breeze with enough shade to cover the sun. Choose healthy plants that are 12 to 16 feet apart (see your hammock manual for more details). How high the hammock is depends on each person's taste, but in terms of safety measures, it should not exceed 20 inches above the ground.

Hanging in a hammock

Just like a tent, it is best to practice hammock somewhere near your home before you go out and realize you do not know what to do with all parts of the hammock. Your hammock kit should come with a user manual. There are also lots of online videos that guide you step by step to learn how to get a camping hammock.

hang hammock

Keep warm

When it comes to hammocks, this is probably the first time you've heard the word "keep warm." On the ground is very easy: Just a sleeping bag and a pillow. However, when lying in a hammock, things are not so simple!

When setting up camping tents on the ground, the surface of the tent and a sleeping cushion itself can provide insulation to overcome strong winds.

When you have a hammock, you can solve this problem in one of two ways. Please insulate the bottom with a blanket, this blanket is tied under the hammock. Or put a sleeping mat on a hammock. Personally, I prefer the second way.


Exactly! You have finished eating, exploring the flora and fauna along the way, and are ready to rest. You've often tied the hammock the way you like in the yard at home and now it's time to do the same thing with a picnic hammock! Once you've made yourself a bed, you have to literally lie on it, right? An air bed ... great, isn't it!

Sleeping in a hammock is completely different from sleeping on a flat surface but people can still get used to it. There is no way to completely relax, it will take time to find the most suitable fit posture. So, try a few different ways to find a pose that makes you feel comfortable, change the tension of the hammock - do what you feel comfortable doing, and don't be afraid to adjust!

The conclusion is, you don't need to be an expert in camping hammocks. All you have to do is memorize the things in this article before getting started!

How To Choose Tent For Picnic, Camping, Travel

How To Choose Tent For Picnic, Camping, Travel

How to choose the best camping tent for your trip or travel? we introduces you to the core tips for a professional camping tent.

camping tent

Tourist tents, picnics are no longer a strange item for locals, it is very important for the trip, a place to rest, avoid sunlight, rain and dew, wherever you are: Suburban, on the freeway, on the edge of a lake, by a stream or in the wilderness ... In other words, a tent is like a mobile home, in addition to combating weather elements that are harmful to backpackers, the tent is also against Unexpected factors when sleeping outdoors such as insects, reptiles, ... Imagine sleeping in the forest without a tent! You will face countless things that can fly, crawl, wiggle and even bite. Extremely terrible, right?

But to choose the right camping tent for your trip, don't simply go to the store and take one home. Because the tent has many types, with many characteristics, structures and different materials. In order to choose the most suitable tent, you need to have knowledge about your trip, understand your needs and knowledge of the characteristics of each tent, this article I will help you understand. That, guide you to distinguish and understand the characteristics of the popular tents on the market today.


A lot of the writer's limited knowledge cannot tell all the types of tents currently in the world, even the criteria used to classify tents are endless, here we will talk about those The most basic type.


3 season tent

- 3 SEASON TENT: A tent designed for use in spring, summer and autumn. With the design in favor of compact, lightweight. The characteristic of the 3-season tent is ventilation, the tent walls are usually designed to maximize the net area, enough to avoid direct wind on the user and help the air circulate in the tent. 3-season tent frames usually use lightweight priority materials like aluminum. The outer layer of the 3-season tent is often gaping design, when erected it is usually enough distance from the ground so that air and wind can still circulate while ensuring protection against rain and moisture. Material of 3-season tents are usually thin and light. The weight of a 3-season tent usually ranges from 1.5 to 3 kg.

4 season tent

- 4 SEASON TENT: Different from the name, this tent is usually only used for the winter (in temperate regions), other seasons nobody uses this type. To suit the harsh conditions of use such as strong winds, low temperatures, snow, ice, wet ... the 4-season tents are often sealed, with less mesh (but there are still some small mesh corners with shutters to cover Help regulate the atmosphere in the tent). The 4-season tent frame uses hard, strong-priority types such as aluminum alloy. 4-layer tent outside design sealed, close to the ground to prevent wind. 4-season tent material is usually thick, strong and heavy. Weights of 4-season tents are usually over 3 kg, some very heavy.


- FREESTANDING TENT: The type of tent that when you put the frame on is a tent that can stand on its own (that is to use immediately) without the need to stretch and stake.

- NON-FREESTANDING TENT: In contrast to the above type, this type after assembling the frame will lie flat, want it to stand and use, you have to stretch the string and pile.

- INSTANT TENT: There is no need to do anything, just throw it out and it will burst into a tent for you to use. Of course it stands.

With my own experience I would recommend you to choose the first one: FREESTANDING TENT. This is the most popular type, because it obviously has more advantages than other types, more portable, more compact ... Imagine you want to camp along the highway, or you want to sleep thanks to the gas station, right on the concrete floor, or you simply want to pitch a tent on a very nice rock. This is not possible with NON-FREESTANDING TENT since it needs a soft ground where piles can be attached, otherwise it is not much different from a blanket, sometimes worse.

So, how about INSTANT TENT? It sounds full of technology and modernity, but slowly, along with convenience (or alternative complicity with laziness), it also has a terrible weakness, which is its large size. when folded. Because this type of feature is to integrate the die frame (usually plastic-wrapped steel wire) into the tent, so you cannot remove the frame but have to arrange the tent according to a predetermined method of the manufacturer, and trust me, type how easy it is to unfold, and when it's hard to fold it up, even if you don't have the manual on hand, it's almost impossible to fold it. And assuming you're smart enough to fit it, the size at the time of loading isn't for you if you're not a Carpenter.


camping tent

Any tent has its size, often converted by the manufacturer to the MAXIMUM who can fit in it. This makes it easier for customers to imagine and choose. However, there are a few points to note about the tent size that you need to know before choosing to buy.

       - Each manufacturer has a different way of redeeming. The same type of tent 4P (4 person - that is 4 people) but the tent of this company has a different size from the other company, sometimes the 4P tent of a company but 2 different product lines, the size is also different.

       -  Size parameters are important, if you know the size of the tent (Length x Width x Height) you do not need to care about the number of people converted.

       -  Number of people converted is the MAXIMUM number of people according to the manufacturer's design. It means that if a 2P tent can be used for 2 or 1 person, 4P tent is used for 4 or less 4 people, 6P tent is used for 6 or less 6 people…. So do not save a little money, but buy a 4P tent for 5 users instead of a 6P tent. It will be very cramped and uncomfortable for all 5 people, not to mention the risk of damage to the tent due to the insertion of the tent wall.


      - When buying a tent, the biggest mistake is that we are only interested in design, style, color, then fabric quality, water resistance, but we do not care about its frame. This is a very fatal mistake that can only come when you have arrived at the campsite to realize it.

      - A good tent frame needs to meet the first criteria of durability, then come to be sure, supple. A weak, fragile tent frame is like a person with osteoporosis, unable to do anything, working hard and afraid of breaking. And once the frame of the tent is broken, the tent will be discarded and cannot be used. In my opinion, a poor waterproof tent is still more useful than a tent with a brittle frame.

    - Tent frame is weak and easy to break, it will be difficult for you to use in high wind, when erecting tent, it must be very gentle and careful, do not bend sharply. When storing, carrying, moving must also be careful, not toss, pent. Everything must be careful because if you accidentally stepped on the tent frame and it broke, your trip will be very pathetic.

    - From a manufacturer perspective, the cost to make a good frame with high quality materials is almost half the value of the whole tent. So, a good framework often comes with a high price.

Which frame should you choose?

         Currently on the picnic tent market there are 2 main types:

+ Fiberglass:
 This is the most common type on the Vietnamese market; the composition of this material is usually plastic fiberglass (plastic). This frame type is usually imported from China.

he advantages of this type of frame are inexpensive, flexible, highly elastic and easy to process.
The weakness is brittle, brittle, easy to split, when broken creates a lot of splinters (glass fibers) can lead deeply into the skin, causing pain if accidentally held on the broken section, and the weight of this type is very heavy.

 is a very popular frame in the world especially in developed countries. The reason for this type of frame is more expensive, complex production. There are many types of aluminum frames, divided according to the composition and shape characteristics of the frame, but for simplicity we just need to distinguish the aluminum frame based on the aluminum alloy code used to produce the frame. But mainly there are 2 main series are aluminum 6xxx series and 7xxx series.

tent frame 6x

Aluminum frame 6xxx: (the most common is 6001, 6005, 6065) is relatively cheap price, flexible, lightweight, hard to break, does not lose quality over time. The weakness is that the hardness is not high and the elasticity is less than 7xxx aluminum, easy to bend so after using the frame will be shaped or bent, some types will be pre-shaped by the manufacturer before leaving the factory. This curvature does not affect the quality and usability of the aluminum frame.

tent frame

7xxx aluminum frame: (The most popular is 7001, 7075) very light but very hard, excellent durability, very good elasticity, so it is difficult to bend when used except in case of deliberate bending over the boundary limit of the frame. The new 7001 frame is bent. The weakness is that the price is quite high so it is usually only equipped with high-class tents.

With the helpful when traveling, trekking, camping, picnic aluminum frame also shows much superiority than fiberglass frame. When you encounter an accident such as accidentally stepping on or plugging in a strong wind where you forget to use wires and poles, the fiberglass frame may break, but the aluminum frame is often bent, after bending with your hands you still have Normal use and your trip can still continue.

Which frame should you choose?

As I said above, it depends on the circumstances and requirements of each trip. You must consider the necessary and unnecessary factors to choose the appropriate tent such as: Budget, weather, terrain of the campsite, ... But to save for the next trip, you should choose one. The tent can cater for many trips with different conditions. I myself own a MADFOX TREKKER - 3-season, 2-layer tent, aluminum frame and it very well meets my regular Trekking and Camping needs.

Tent in Shadow

5 Tip For Choosing a Reasonable Plug Place

5 Tip For Choosing a Reasonable Plug Place

camping tent place

During camping trips, picnics, ... choosing the right camping site will give you a great experience. Therefore, the campsite must be carefully selected. Given so many requirements, it is difficult to find a suitable camping site, the following article gives 5 basic things for you to choose a safe and reasonable camping site - for an interesting trip. taste!

1. Near Water Source

Tent near water

This is an obvious fact, a campsite near the stream or near the river will be extremely great (Excluding sea water!). Because water is the essential need of everyone. Water for cleaning, cooking and drinking. Therefore, your camping site should be a place where you can get water easily. Choose a place that is neither too close nor too far from the water source, it is best to choose a camping site about 200ft (about 60m) from the water source to ensure safety. This means you should not plug next to a river, lake or river bed, even if it is shallow.

A rare but important thing to keep in mind is to make sure your water source is not exposed to toxins, radiation and no contamination. Also filter the water before drinking to ensure it is filtered out dirt and bacteria before drinking.

2. Terrain is built flat

Terrian tent

The next note to choose a suitable camping location is to have a "nice" plane to set up the tent. Because no one wants to sleep when the rock keeps poking, or when the terrain is steep, that night is considered to be awake. The bumpy camping ground or the rocks are more or less obstructing when living, moving, eating and drinking at night. The best terrain for camping is sand, lawns (Should use tent pads), or ground (As long as it's flat)!

3. Avoid Potential Hazardous Hazards

Tent place danger

What are the potential dangers?

It can be a dry tree branch but not broken, a place with too much wind or a place too close to a lake (For those of you who sleepwalk).

Take a look around the location where you plan to camp, make sure that there are no dry branches about to break, not too dense because there will be a lot of insects, reptiles, ... especially not. erect tents near cliffs and foothills (where there is a risk of rock misses, erosion, etc.). Although setting up a tent on the hillside will give you a sense of adventure, "here, we don't do that" - put the safety of your trip first!

4. There is a shadow

Tent in Shadow

A location with natural shade would be preferred for camping. If there is no exposure to the sun, what is the outdoors, but too much sun exposure will lead to many later consequences. Therefore, a good camping site should be well lit but not too sunny during the day, typically where there is natural shade from shade trees, which is extremely important if you camp during the hot season - season. summer.

If your campsite is not shaded or you don't know what the terrain is like. Prepare a tank for this case!

5. Width camping place - quiet or noisy?

How is the yard large enough? - It is a flat surface with enough area for camping, equipment - outdoor equipment, activities and enough space to light a fire without affecting the surrounding trees. Depending on the number of people that choose the pitch has different widths.

If quiet or bustling doesn't matter to you, finding a campsite will be simpler! If you love the tranquility and want a relaxing vacation, a spacious camping site, away from other groups, is truly wonderful.

However, it is not always a good space, a space where you can interact with your neighbors but still retain a bit of privacy, it is great!

Note: Do not set up a tent on the trail and at least 100ft (about 30m) from the road.

Should I Choose a 1 Or 2 Layer Camping Tent?

Should I Choose 1 or 2 Layer Camping Tent?

camping tent

If you are looking to choose a camping tent for yourself and your loved ones, please read the article below. This article will compare you with the difference between 1-layer tents and 2-layer tents so that you have the best, most satisfied choice for your journey!

1. What is a camping tent?

Big Camping tent

Camping is divided into 2 forms:

- Mobile camping: people move to the campsite by means of transportation, transporting camping equipment such as BBQ stoves, dining tables, tents, water, food, ...

- Camping for a living: people move to the campsite with their feet, carrying backpacks and luggage on their backs, applying survival skills to find water and food around the campsite.

  • Regardless of the form of camping, people are required to equip the following:

    - Tent or tarpaulin to cover the body.

    - Sleeping bag.

    - Insulation mats / mats.

    - Ropes and small wires to hang things.

    - Compass, GPS, flashlight.

    - Small knives and axes for cutting and pruning trees for wood.

    - Outdoor cooking stoves.

    - Ambulance supplies.

Tents are now commonly used for picnics, camps or refugee camps. Some of them are tired of reality, want to leave civilized life to return to nature, they set up tents in the forest or on small islands, living life like Robinson.

1. 1-Layer Tent

As the name implies, this tent consists of only 1 layer of fabric. And since it only has a single layer of cloth but it wants to resist rain, it almost has no net, only a small piece of mesh on the roof of the tent and will be covered with a small cloth when it rains.

So the downside of the tent is that although the most compact but only 1 tent class is also the most mysterious type. For the sake of this, there are 1-layer tents with a 2-layer door design - 1 layer of mesh, 1 layer of fabric.

The biggest advantage of a single-layer tent is extremely compact and easy to use, so it takes only about 2-3 minutes to erect. And the price is cheap thanks to the simple design, using less material. Well-known tent manufacturers also produce 1-layer tents to meet a large number of customers who want compactness and simplicity. If you're just wandering around the suburbs or taking light, short-term trips, a one-layer tent is a good choice.

Tent 1 layer

* Note when choosing a 1-layer tent:

   - Because there is only one layer of fabric, the most important thing for this tent is waterproof. If the tent is not handled seam seam (the most expensive manufacturing stage in the tent sewing), just a little rain or dew is enough for a terrible experience.

   - In addition, the tent door is the weak point of a single-layer tent, because there is no outer layer, the rain can splash directly into the tent's door, no matter how good the design, usually a single-layer tent still can not withstand heavy rain. Because of this, if you buy a single-layer tent, you should only choose the one-door type, you can rotate the tent to avoid direct direction of rain on the door.

   - If you decide to choose a 1-layer, non-branded, branded tent to save money, it is a good idea to check the seam (especially the 4 sides of the tent) carefully. If you don't see a layer of glue covering the seam, think again before paying for it.

2. 2-Layer Tent

This is the standard design of tent types.

The only weakness compared to a one-layer tent is that the two-layer tent is usually heavier, the erection is a bit more complicated, it takes about 5-10 minutes to complete a 2-layer tent. However, you do not need to spend any time assembling.

The other features are 2-layer tents superior than 1-layer tents.

The inner layer is often designed with a lot of mesh area so it is very airy. The outer layer is often handled by seam straightening, so the rain resistance will be guaranteed. In addition, because of the characteristics of two layers of material, dew condensation in the tent is limited. And an equally important point is that two-layer tents are usually beautiful and have a solid, more professional appearance than the monotony of single-layer tents.

Tent 2 layer

* Note when choosing a 2-layer tent

 - Just like a 1-layer tent, you also have to carefully check each seam of the 2-layer tent, especially the outer layer.

- See if the seams are handled with glue. If the seams are not glued, it is likely that they are fake, fake, or defective goods that are to be marketed. Also note the nets in the tent's inner layer.

 - Try building and checking if the outer layer covers all the net area of ​​the tent or not, because otherwise you will suffer with rain and wind when using.

Experience Preparing Before Traveling To Antarctica

Experience Preparing Before Traveling To Antarctica

Antarctica is an extremely luxurious tourist destination that not every tourist can choose. However, if you have the opportunity to explore, you should not miss the opportunity to experience the great value that the Antarctic tour brings.

Those who experience Antarctica can be considered a lucky thing because there are few traces of unspoiled residents and landscapes. Setting foot on the Antarctic ice is thought to be on another planet, an inhabited land, where weather forces and wildlife dominate. To prepare for the Antarctic expedition, you should note the following information

1. The right time to explore Antarctica

Antarctica Travel

Outdoor temperatures in the world's coldest places can drop to -79 degrees Celsius. Temperatures are never higher than -29 degrees, even in the summer. This is also the highest continent with an average altitude above sea level of 2350m. Besides Antarctica is also the driest continent on earth with an average annual rainfall of only 55mm and the maximum wind speed here is 100m / s.

Despite the extremely cold climate, Antarctica still has a good time for tourists to explore. From November to March next year is the summer in Antarctica. This is the right time for travel experience activities in one of the most extreme weather places on earth.

2. How to go to Antarctica

Most of the ships going to Antarctica come from Ushuaia - the southernmost point of Argentina and the destination is the Antarctic peninsula because it is not too far and the weather conditions are at a level that tourists can adapt to.

In addition to starting points from Ushuaia, there are also some routes originating from Chile, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa

3. What to prepare before going to Antarctica?

You should note that bring some of the following items:

- Clothing: Waterproof jackets, pants and shoes; laminated thin clothing keeps heat lined inside; a pair of shoes (boot); thick socks; gloves; hood covering your ears.

- Necessary equipment: Sunscreen with SPF 50 and above; sunglasses; anti-seasick medicine; ski goggles; binoculars; waterproof bag. Of course, you have to bring a good camera, a lot of memory cards, or a laptop to load photos because it will be regretful if you do not capture a lot of memorable moments at Antarctica.

4. Some unique experiences in Antarctica

If you've come to Antarctica then do not hesitate to participate in leisure activities here:

Watch the sunrise: Antarctica in the summer you will have the opportunity to watch the sunrise. Why is it only summer watching the sun? Because Antarctica has no nights and no days. During the Antarctic winter, the sun does not rise above the horizon, so people must live in complete darkness for 4 months. This happens back in the summer, when the sun doesn't set below the horizon

Explore the kingdom of animals unique to Antarctica: The cold Antarctic continent is home to penguins, seals, sea lions, whales, albatrosses and other animals molluscum In the midst of the harshness of the weather, there is no trace of human settlement, there exists a rich ecological system that creates a vivid, close and natural picture that you must be lucky to be able to witness. comments on this image

5. Some other notes when visiting Antarctica

- Visitors must strictly follow safety issues and environmental protection regulations (prohibit littering, bring food and drink, do not get too close to avoid harm to wildlife, ...)

- On the board to Antarctica, visitors must attend safety training and rehearsals, as well as lessons on the environment, history and other issues related to the continent.

The secret to protecting yourself when traveling alone

The secret to protecting yourself when traveling alone

Traveling alone is a very exciting but risky experience, especially for girls. Please keep in mind the following tips to have a safe and enjoyable trip with your travel companion.

1. Find out details about the land you are going to

One of the most important rules, when you go to a foreign land, is to "join in custom." In order not to behave strangely, sometimes insulting to the culture and beliefs of indigenous people, learn first About destination is the key to solving the problem.

You can look up information through books, movies, the internet or people who have traveled. In the Middle East, seeing and smiling at a man can automatically be interpreted as a flirtation or suggestion. When you know these things, you will not laugh at anyone.

2. Pretend to be married

Wearing a fake wedding ring on your pinky finger, keeping a picture of your boyfriend on your phone or even being single is another way to avoid the hassle, especially when traveling to the Middle East - where women are married. more often respected than single girls.

To cut unwanted "tails", weaving a story about your husband waiting for you at the hotel will not make you "lose value".

3. Dress and dress up like a local

- To minimize attention from the opposite sex, the secret is to dress modestly, discreetly. In addition, you should pay attention to the dress style of indigenous women and study their style to avoid being watched and scrutinized.

- Avoid clothing that is revealing, flashy, or too complicated when going to a strange place. The first is that you will attract attention and no one knows for sure whether the bad guys pay attention to you or not and the second is that you will separate yourself from the natives and it is easy to be robbed, robbed or other things.

4. Always have a backup plan

When traveling alone, plan A is not enough. You could have plans B, C, even Z if that is necessary. You should never tie yourself to an option, just in case the situation doesn't go as planned and you have to sacrifice your own safety.

5. Buy travel insurance

Many travelers often ignore travel insurance. Although no one really wants to use it, you should buy it before every trip. The type of travel insurance will support you in health, property at risk.

6. Prepare lightweight luggage

- Do not turn your trip into a torment with dozens of items. Make a list of items that you really need and don't regret leaving behind a fashionable dress or jewelry. Keep your luggage as compact as possible so that trouble like transportation, finding a place to stay does not affect the journey.

- At the same time, light luggage will help you easily move and flee when danger is lurking.

- Wandering on the road with baggy luggage when night falls is like informing people that "I am a tourist and I am alone, there is no one to protect me".

- When traveling for a long time, observing the daily schedule is quite difficult. But women traveling alone need to know a "golden" rule of thumb to get to their destination before night falls.

- In addition, you should also avoid going out alone at night, especially in the areas where there are few people traveling to ensure your safety.

7. Shout out loud if harassed

When being bothered, many girls choose to silently ignore while not necessarily being too polite. To keep yourself safe, create a limited circle with people around you.

Using facial expressions, body language, or even loudly if undesirable to be disturbed by the opposite sex is a must. Don't be afraid to yell loudly to attract the attention of nearby locals. This is a very effective way to keep the harasser away.

Travel guides not to be missed when camping outdoors

Travel Guides Not To Be Missed When Camping Outdoors

Camping in pristine places with little development in tourism services is the trend of many people today to enjoy the feeling of being in nature. Enjoy the fresh, pure air, away from the polluted, noisy atmosphere of the city

To get a complete and safe trip, you should refer to the following issues:

1. Weather

Because camping is completely outdoors, using tents placed directly on rock or grass, weather when camping is the most important factor.

Dry, cool weather is the best time to go camping. It will rain, making the soil wet, and the tent will be unstable if it happens too heavy. Besides camping always combines activities of climbing, playing sports or sailing, sightseeing ... so if it's cloudy, with thunderstorms will make your picnic a disaster. Not to mention the slippery, muddy or flood caused by rain will be dangerous for you when moving

2. Location

- Depending on who will accompany you choose the appropriate camping site. If traveling with the family, there are both old and young children, you should choose places that are flat, easy to move and there are many travel support services around in case of unexpected cases. If you choose to go camping with a group of young friends, the wild, rugged and a bit thorny, difficult places will be an ideal place to conquer and explore together.

3. Necessary Equipment

- The most important tool you must bring is a tent because it will be a place for you to hide, avoid rain, wind and strong sunlight. To choose a tent, you need to pay attention to the size, material, weather adaptability, capacity, texture and features of the tent to suit the intended use.

- The next important thing is that you need to bring a sleeping bag to sleep well in the camping area. Consider the material, insulation, waterproof, or avoiding insect bites of sleeping bags to choose the most suitable type.

- Bring flashlights, candles, lighters and other light-able devices to facilitate the activity in the dark. Remember outside nature you won't have any direct chargers.

- Warm clothes, windbreakers, raincoats, socks, hats, towels are also things to bring in your luggage whether you camp in the middle of summer because the weather in the mountains or in the forest can change at any time.

- Medicine is also indispensable in any trip. Take all the most popular medicines from a stomachache to allergy medicine to prevent any bad situations.

4. Food

- Should choose packaged, neatly and conveniently packaged foods.

- With raw food, it should be cleaned, preliminarily processed and marinated at home. Store in clean, closed plastic containers or bags.

- We should bring some ready-to-eat foods such as cereals, biscuits, candy, milk ... in case it is impossible to cook.

- Remember to estimate and bring enough water for everyone. Camping and bonfires will always be associated with grilling corn, potatoes, and tea, so prepare these dishes to make the campfire more enjoyable.

5. Safe when camping

- Always remember to be careful with firewood when burning campfire or cooking because in the wilderness with many trees and high winds, the fire can flare up at any time. If you leave your motorbike next to the campsite, keep it on fire far away from your motorbike to prevent fire and explosion.

- Always clean garbage after use to protect the environment.

- Do not go on small roads, too dangerous roads, roads with banned signs or dangerous warnings to protect the safety for yourself and the people of the same delegation.

Yamaha EF2000iS

Why Yamaha EF2000iS Is Among The Most Popular Generators?

Why Yamaha ef2000iS Is Among The Most Popular Generators?

When launched Yamaha EF2000iS inverter was the most searched generator at that time and the viewers were not disappointed. Its attractive features and sleek design are the key components that proved it to make it to the most highly recommended generator. Yamaha inverter generators are the most popular inverters from a long period. But this electrical appliance has become the model of choice for many people belonging to different regions and there are plenty of reasons for the charm. It is counted among the best inverter generators because of several reasons; it is very small in size yet powerful enough to act as a measure of power backup along with some recreational power. Despite the popularity, it is recommended to a person to consider many other factors before going for a purchase.



  • Output: 1600 Watt AC; 2000 Watt AC (Max);13.3/16.7 A, 120V
  • Noise reduction: Super quiet muffler, USPS
  • Spark arrestor: 51.5 dBA at 25%load
  • Throttle: Speed dependant smart throttle for improved fuel economy and reduced noise
  • Control: Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)
  • Additional feature: CARB Compliant
  • Product Dimensions: 19.3 x 11 x 17.9 inches
  • Item Weight: 44.1 lbs
  • Category: 1,000 - 4,999 Watt

Yamaha EF2000iSv2

Why is a Yamaha inverter generator counted among the best?

​The inverter is equipped with a manual recoil start common to other small generators. Ease in starting with mere pulling for one or two times has certainly increased the appeal, secret behind this might be pre-installed auto decompression mechanism. Life duration and working mechanism of a generator can be easily analyzed by the way it starts. In terms of common sense, it will be the most frequent exercise one has to do with igniting the generator.

​Whether it is a branded product or coied, high priced or low priced; every generator requires proper care and regular maintenance. Also, it is necessary to follow the safety regulations of each product especially electrical ones. It is advised to ground the Yamaha ef2000iS before using it in order to prevent any unacceptable condition like an electric shock.


  • Efficiency: This generator is highly fuel efficient with advanced economy mode.
  • Smart throttle to withstand with change in load.
  • Automatic warming: It allows generator to get warmed up quickly to prevent power consumption during cold start.
  • Noise reduction: Quiet operation i.e. 51 - 61 dBA
  • Twain-tech capability- Product has an expandable connectivity system for hooking to another generator.


  • Large consumption of oil.
  • Lacks gas drain system so, it is must siphon out.
  • Lacks oil draining plug so, it is must to tip the unit.
  • Replacement of charging plug is a bit tidy and time-consuming.
Yamaha EF2000iS

​Overall performance

​With overwhelming performance and ever increasing popularity, one can be assured that he was not going to regret his choice at the time or later. But one must make sure about his power requirements. Although, the product is costly but it can be said the best inverter generator so worth the money.

2 Best Camping Tents

Best 6 Man Tent: The top 5 family camping tents

Best 6 Man Tents: The top 5 family camping tents

6 man tent

“We must take adventures in order to know where we truly belong”. This one is for all the adventure-loving souls. Camping is one of the activities that is greatly liked these days, be it the kids camping in your own backyard or a group of friends or family camping together in specific camping spots. The camping gear generally consists of tents, sleeping bags, navigation tools, outdoor cooking equipment. And out of these the most important part is the tents, which provide us shelter in the outdoors. Here is a list of the 5 best 6 man tents for you and your family so that you can select the one that fits your needs and go on that camping trip you planned. Happy Camping!

How to choose the right type of tent?

​Choosing the right tent that is suitable to your requirements is very necessary. A tent can either make your camping experience a memorable one or it can turn it into a misadventure.

Here’s how you can select a tent that fulfills your requirements:

1. Capacity of the tent

​The number of persons that the tent can accommodate is called the capacity or occupancy of the tent. It is very important that the tent is of the required capacity to avoid suffocation and discomfort. If you have pets, then choose the tent that has a pet hole. Generally, it is advisable that if 5 people are going for camping then select a tent with 6 man capacity.

2. Seasonality of the tent

​Seasonality of the tent means that the tent can endure how many seasons. Typically, there are 3-season tents and 4-season tents available.

  • 3-season tents
  • These tents are designed for usage in summer, spring and fall season. They can endure moderate rainfall and snow. They are equipped with ample number of mesh panels to ensure proper flow of air.
  • 4-season tents
  • The 4-season tents are designed to withstand heavy snowfall and fierce winds. They have a very strong frame which provides them the strength to such endure harsh weather conditions. Therefore, they have very few mesh panels as compared to the 3-season tents.

3. Peak Height of the tent

The peak height of the tent is the total vertical height from inside the tent. Opt for a tent with a higher peak height so that you have ample space to stand in the tent without touching its ceiling. The ideal peak height is 6 ft. and 6 inches.

4. Frame Strength

The frame strength is a very important factor that must be kept in mind while choosing the tent. Frame strength determines how much pressure can the tent frame withstand. You certainly wouldn’t want your tent to collapse abruptly during the camping or the poles of the frame to break while setting up the tent. Therefore, choose wisely.

5. Ventilation

A proper ventilation mechanism does not let the tent become warmer and suffocating during warm weather conditions. Always ensure that there are sufficient number of mesh panels and vents to avoid humidity inside the tent.

6. Tent Floor Length

The tent floor length is the area your tent occupies. Generally, buy a tent with a floor length of over 90 inches to ensure ample space inside the tent.

7. Tent Fabric

The strength of the frame of the tent along with the strength of the fabric of the tent together determines the durability of the tent. Will it be able to withstand harsh conditions or not? While buying the tent, make sure that the fabric of the tent is of good quality.

8. Loops and Pockets

The loops and the pockets inside the tent are very useful. Loops are generally used for hanging lanterns and other necessary items and Pockets are used to make your tent more organized. Opt for the tent which has more number of loops and pockets to avoid losing your things.

9. Tent Doors

The number of doors should be sufficient enough if you are camping with your family, to avoid clutter. The shape of the doors should also be taken into consideration as well. Make sure that the zipper on the doors is of good quality and does not break or snag easily.

Watch this video to get an idea on how to select the best tent for camping.

Here is a list of five top rated canvas tents to choose from:

Product Name



Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Deluxe 8-Person Tent

Arizona GT 9 to 10 Person 17.4 by 8 Foot Sport Camping Tent 100% Waterproof 2500mm Tent

Big Agnes Flying Diamond 4 Deluxe Car Camping/Base Camp Tent

COLEMAN Hampton 6 Person Family Camping Cabin Tent w/ WeatherTec | 13' x 7'

CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent - 14' x 9'

**You can click on the links above to buy or to find more information about the product on amazon.

1. Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Deluxe 8-Person Tent:

With premium hydra-shield canvas and full quality assurance, the brand earned a lot of reputation for its products. From the superior Marine-grade fabric to other components, everything is made up of Top-notch material which of course makes it durable and costly as well. However with long lasting tough Material these tents can hold up to driving rain, strong winds, and moderate snowfall.

Other features and specifications of the tent are as follows:

  • • Durable cotton canvas.
  • • Made with canvas Hydra-Shield, 100% watertight, dust-proof and breathable.
  • • Stands 6.6 feet tall (maximum height) to provide walk-around comfort.
  • • 2 large front and back D-Shaped doors with High quality YKK zippers
  • • Four large No-see-through mesh windows.
  • • Polyester-reinforced 16 ounce flooring with well welded seams
  • • 2 vents (Funnel flow) to maintain temperature and good air flow.
  • • Dimensions 10*14*6.6 feet
  • • Occupancy of 5-7 persons.
  • • Weighs: 38.4 kg


  • Spacious and comfortable with a max height of 6.6 feet.
  • Durable with a very long life.
  • Can be used for almost any climatic conditions.


  • The name says Deluxe 8 person tent which is not true. Its spacious but not that big.
  • No separate sections, or partitions.
  • It is expensive.

2. NTK Arizona 9-10 person tent:

​Ranked at number 6 in USA for best family tent 2016. The product was originally designed for rainforests and therefore offers superb protection from rain. This very stylish tent comes With fully covered large mesh vents to give full ventilation and protection from unwanted blood sucking guests. The heavy duty body frame makes it strong enough to stand high speed wind or downpour easily.

Other features and specifications of the tent are as follows:

  • • Durable cotton canvas.
  • • Double layer polyester lamination with polyurethane.
  • • Fully waterproof.
  • • Partially aluminum frame for quick setup and durability.
  • • UV protection.
  • • Covered mesh vents.
  • • Anti-fungus polyethylene (Seamless) to keep you dry.
  • • CPAI_84 certified for flammability requirements.
  • • Carry bag with ID label and compression straps.
  • • Dimensions of the tent 17.4 x 8 x 6.2 feet.


  • Unique Design, with color code scheme for the poles for quick and easy installation.
  • Meets the flammability requirements standard CPAI_84.
  • Spacious, with an occupancy of 8-10 easily.
  •  Separate sections with the zipper divider.


  • Not suitable for cold weathers.
  • Fabric is not very long lasting.

3. Big Agnes Flying Diamond 8 Person Tent:

Big Agnes Flying Diamond is an eight Person igloo design tent, with 2 vestibules doors with two closure options: you can either use a mesh layered door or the polyester layered door for full protection. The whole tent can be divided into 2 rooms using the polyester fabric zipper wall which could be completely stowed away if needed. This tent can be used in almost any climate conditions. Aluminium frame makes it lightweight but strong enough to stand the high speed wind. In addition, the extended partition of the tent can be folded to limit its size when you don't need much of the space. This tent is reasonably priced at $699.

Other features and specifications of the tent are as follows:

  • • Durable cotton canvas.
  • • Light weight and easy to set up with a color code scheme.
  • • 6 feet tall at center.
  • • 8 x 7 feet in area which could further be extended by adding the other partition.
  • • Comes with a carry case, making it easy to carry.
  • • Occupancy of 5-8 person.


  • Comes with 100% satisfaction guarantee and limited period warranty as well.
  • Big but lightweight with classic igloo design.
  • Fully waterproof.
  • Doors with mesh and polyester fabric as well, which you can use accordingly.
  • Quick setup.
  • Pockets to store a lot of stuff.
  • Weighs only 22 pounds.


  • Does not come with a footprint, you'll have to buy it separately.
  • Setting up only half of the tent will definitely loosen its strength.
  • Needs at least 2 people to setup.

4. COLEMAN Hampton WeatherTec 6 Person Camping Tent 13' x 7'

​The COLEMAN Hampton WeatherTec 6 person camping tent is a 6 man instant tent which is equipped with an Exclusive WeatherTec system which you dry, guaranteed. Another amazing feature is that, it has welded floors and inverted seams which keep the water out. The capacity of the tent is of 6 persons or 2 queen airbeds.

Other features and specifications of the tent are as follows:

  • •Capacity of 6 persons.
  • •WeatherTec system.
  • •It has a room divider.
  • • It comes with hinged doors.
  • •Dimensions: 8.5 x 8.5 x 45 inches
  • •Weighs: 27.3 pounds


  • It is very spacious.
  • Can endure harsh weather.
  •  Setting up the tent is easy.


  • There are no loops to hang a lantern or light.
  • There are only 2 mesh pockets.

5. CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent - 14' x 9':

The CORE 9-person Instant Cabin Tent comes with a pre-assembled frame which makes it easier to set it up and take it down as well. You just need to unpack it, unfold and extend and voila! Your camp is set up in less than 60 seconds. This might be a good choice for those who are new to camping and haven’t used tents before. Another good feature is that it is water repellent. Its fabric is made up of active bead technology, which makes it rain resistant.

Other features and specifications of the tent are as follows:

  • •Capacity of 9 persons.
  • •Water block technology fabric.
  • •Pre-assembled frame.
  • •Stands 6.6 feet tall (maximum height) to provide walk-around comfort.
  • •Zippered panels on doors and windows.
  • •It has a large double door design.
  • •A removable rain-fly to expose panoramic ceiling.
  • •Adjustable air intake vents to maintain good air flow.
  • •Includes room divider and wall storage pockets.
  • •Features electrical cord access port
  • •Dimensions 10.5 x 11 x 48 inches
  • •Weighs 35.15 pounds


  • Very easy to setup and take down.
  • Spacious and comfortable with a maximum height of 6.6 feet.
  • Water repellent
  • Removable rain fly.
  • Room divider that is used to create separate living.


  • Fabric is not durable.
  • The poles in the frame are not strong enough and might break in strong winds.
  • It is not suitable for warmer climate.


Keeping in mind the factors like occupancy, strength, durability, ventilation and reasonability of the tent Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Deluxe 8-Person Tent is undoubtedly the best quality tent that would make your camping a memorable experience. The best quality assurance and high durability, gives it an edge over all the other products and that’s the reason why it stands on top of the list. If you don't want to compromise on the quality then at $649 its a perfect deal. But if you've got a low budget, then you might go for NTK Arizona GT 9-10 person tent as well which is priced at $300 approx.

Top 10 Camping Toilet You Should Buy For Comfortable As You Stay At Home

The Top 10 Camping Toilet You Should Buy For Comfortable As You Stay At Home

best camping toilet

​There are many people who like adventure sports, camping tents and exciting outdoor activities. If you are one of them, you know very well that these activities indeed stimulate and enliven us. Irrespective of which place you go, this type of holidaying and enjoyment is far better than simply lying down in a resort or tourist home.

​But even though this seems quite nice and far-something near to our reality, but there is one thing that pulls you back and ends up postponing this exciting tours. Do you know what it is? Well, you guessed it right. It is the answering the call of nature. Now there might be various events you refused due to the deplorable toilet facilities and hygiene that are at your disposal in the camping tents. But don’t worry; now times have indeed changed. You have the best and great solution for your reservation and worries. Just pack your bags and experience the never before ease and comfort while you are camping on hills, among the wild and other places.

Portal Toilets - A Great Selection For Dumping Your Load Off

The presences of various kinds and designs of portal toilets make is quite easy and even effortless to do your business and being portable, these are easy to carry on. Now you might feel that this is a meager solution, but don’t forget that this is an only possible solution at your disposal when you are tucked away far from the city.

Selecting A Good One

​There are various kinds of camping toilets available online and in various capacities and sizes. Make the selection wisely and keep in mind of the mode of transport you are going to use in order to reach the camping spot. Based on your camping needs and conditions, select the best products like collapsible toilet, bucket toilet, or the portable flush toilet.

​A portable toilet will really make your camping life easy and less tensed. No doubt, a camping potty will make your life easier and you will have a great amount of fun while kicking and enjoying at the camping tent. You are bound to come across various portable toilets which are of high quality, stylish, and hygienic. Plus keep in mind the three major aspects while selecting a good portable toilet

  • Capacity
  • Space
  • Budget

10 Budget-Friendly And Good Camping Toilets

1) Earthtec ETEC Non-Stick Sanitary Toilet Bowl

Keeping in mind of your bio breaks or answering the call of nature, the Earthlec ETEC Non-Stick Toilet is impressive for outdoor calls. The presence of the non-stick nanotechnology coating really gives a feeling of making your campsite sanitation simple. Here the non-stick seats and bowls can practically clean by themselves.

In addition, the fresh water and holding tank of this camping potty is quite large enough to all kinds of camping trips. Furthermore, the presence of the swinging discharge tube makes it easy to empty the toilet. With regard to the Earthec toilet, it can support about 440 lbs and contains an airtight and sealed five-gallon wastewater tank which can perform fifty flushes, just before it needs to get emptied.


• Portable

This lightweight camping toilet of Earthtec is quite portable, making it easy to carry and pick around with you when you are moving from one campsite to another.

• Nano-Technology

The Nano-technology features helps in making the sanitation and cleaning easier. Also, the microscopic infections are simply corrected because of the nano coating. Plus, it allows the waste to get a friction free trip right down to the holding tank and eliminates any kind of odor, messy streaks, and other issues.

• Capacity

This Earthtec camping toilet got a five gallon holding tank and can hold up to 2.8 gallons of freshwater which is equal to fifty flushes.

2) Thetford 92360 Porta Potti 550E Curve Portable Toilet

If you are looking for a modern and sleek portable toilet, then the Thetford 92360 is the perfect fit. It features a great battery run flush, comfortable seating height and a huge toilet bowl size. Besides being easy to use, this camping toilet is durable and easy to clean too.

Also, the curve separates, thereby giving easy the holding tank an easy access. Also, this portable potty got one of the best water tank carrying handles and is easy to clean and empty the Curve’s tank. Another interesting aspect of this modern camping toilet is the toilet paper which is fixed to the Curve.


• Easy Monitoring

One of the best features of the Thetford 92360 camping toilet is the ability to monitor the curve for checking the indicator of the holding tank for waste tanks and fresh water. On an average you can use about fifty six flushes.

• Toilet Paper Holder

Unlike other portable toilets you can ensure that the toilet paper is within your reach and always on your sight, as it has an integrated holder for toilet papers

• Level Indicator

This portable tank has a level indicator which is for waste tanks and fresh water. Plus you can even easily empty your waste through the Porta Potti Cuve.

3) Leopard Outdoor Portable Lightweight RV Toilet With Storage Bag

​An ideal camping activity needs the presences of the latest camping potty tool, Leopard Outdoor Portable Toilet storage system. This is a 5.3 gallon portable toilet which is especially created for RVing, camping and other major recreation activities. Even though it might weighs only about 11.5 lb but can easily support about 330 lb.

​Besides that the toilet got about 3 gallon of holding capacity flush tank that is easily completed with a seat, lid and bowl and even the cap which can be easily found right at the back of the flush tank.

​Also, on the side of the toilet’s top there is a bellows-kind of pump which helps in easily flushing the water to the tank and removing the waste using clean water.


• Storage Bag

This portable toilet has a great and easy to use portable waterproof storage bag. This helps in storing the clean water and disposing it off as and when required.

• Protection

One of the interesting features of this camping toilet is that it helps in avoiding the moisture and dust to get settled on its surface. So, you toilet will be dust-free and clean for many years.

• Zipped

The Leopard Outdoor Portable Lightweight is nothing but a huge large zipped portable toilet where the top is often used for unloading and loading along with good washable surface and robust handles.

4) Domestic-SeaLand 974MSD Portable Toilet

​If you are looking for a convenient means of disposing your load, then check out the domestic SealLand 974MSD. Not only it has a durable design but the presence of the high-density polyethylene material with which it is made gives it a tough and sturdy look. All you need to do is stand on it and the unit will take it.

​Also this portable toilet got scratch-resistant finish, so it means that it is quite easy to clean and look news for a long time. Plus, this camping potty comes with a adult size lid and seat which provides the necessary comfort and safety. For added safety, the side latches can be locked firmly.


• Sleek

Unlike other camping toilets, this got a sleek style and is one of the best high strengthening plastic and portable toilets to use.

• Push Button

This toilet contains a strong push button which provides a pressurized flush and also the presences of the self contained 9.8 liter of holding tank is something that really makes the waste removal easy.

• Tank Level Indicator

Besides having a full-size seat which provides extensive comfort, the SeaLand 974MSD got a tank level indicator which is quite easy to view and also the latching lid can be used for securely closing the lid while traveling.

5) HomCom 2.8 Gallon Portable Camping Toilet

​If you are on the lookout of a good and portable toilet that is apt for boating, camping, RVing and other major adventurous activities, then you need to try the HomCom 2.8 Gallon portable toilet. Compared to the standard toilets available nowadays, this provides extensive comfort and convenience irrespective of whether you are miles away from your home.

​Now this model contains 10L waste holding tank and an easy to use simple push button which provides a splash-free operations and a good removable tank. In addition, this model is extensively self-contained, making sure that no power and external water connections are needed for using it.


• Portable

Unlike its competitors, this model got a 10L waste holding tank and an easy to use button which flushes in an instant.

• Preventing Odor And Leakage

The HomCom is extensively designed in such a manner that you get a splash free discharge and operation. Also, the slide value locks can be easily sealed, thereby preventing any kind of leakage and odors.

• Removable Waste And Water Tank

This outdoor and compatible toilet is simply self-contained and requires no amount of power or external connection. Plus you can remove the water and waste tank of this compatible toilet easily.

6) Best Choice Products Camping Hiking Dual Spray Jets Travel Outdoor Portable Toilet

​The brand new product of the Best Choice Products is the five gallon portable toilet. This Hiking Dual Spray Jet Travel toilet provides an extensive performance in removing your waste easily. In short, it takes it to the next level along with being convenient, portable, water-saving, clean, light-weight and odorless.

​Besides that this toilet is extensively useful and designed for outdoor activities like road tips and camping. This is one of the best heavy duty and multi function camping toilet which contains the best dual spray providing the rotary flow (clockwise) to flush faster. Plus it has a full-size leak proof tank which can be detachable for easy cleaning.


• Portable

This portal toilet model is quite convenient and portable. You can not only clean it easily, but it saves water, is light-weight and even odorless.

• Outdoor Design

The Best Choice Camping toilet is extensively designed for various outdoor recreational activities like road trips and camping.

• Easy Cleaning

One of the biggest advantages of this camping toilet is that you can easily clean it as it got a detachable water tank and waste tank.

7) Cleanwaste Go Anywhere Portable Toilet

This portable toilet model is quite easy to set up. You can set it within three seconds and you don’t require assembling it. Besides being easy to set up, this camping toilet is quite portable and compact. It can be folded into the briefcase size, leading to easy storage.

Also, it has a built-in carry handle and can is quite robust. It can immensely support about 500 lbs and the presence of the removable cover provides a good ground support. Unlike its competitors, this camping potty got a comfortable seat and has one of the best and standard bowl size dimensions like a standard toilet.


• Safe And Sturdy

This model provides a great amount of dignified convenience as it is one of the sturdy, safe, premium quality and thoughtfully engineered GO Anywhere Portable toilet.

• Weight

The Cleanwaste portable toilet weighs about seven pounds and can be easily folded into the size of a briefcase.

• Comfortable

Unlike most of its competitors, the Cleanwaste model provides extensive comfort and is available at the required height and is one of the easy to use standard toilets. Also, it can support up to 500 pounds and is quite stable when placed on uneven grounds.

8) Camco 41541 Portable Toilet

This portable toilet is extensively designed for people who like to go for outdoor activities like RVing, camping, boating, etc. Also, it is one of the best emergency options for people who are going on a long car drive. In addition, it got a robust polyethylene construction, which makes it lightweight and portable.


• Holding Tank

The holding tank of this model can be easily detached and holds about 5.3 gallons of water.

• Secured

The sealing side value helps in avoiding leakage and blocks unwanted odors.

• Easy to Flush

The presences of the side latch helps in placing the tank to the given toilet.

9) Black Pine Sports Turbo Toilet

Sometimes you might be on the lookout of a portable solution whenever you are outdoors. In such case, when you need to answer the call of the nature, try the Black Pine Sports Turbo Toilet. This is one of the best pop-up toilets which contains about twelve biodegradable and replacement bags and even has a twelve odor controlling powder packets.

In addition each of the odor controlling packets can easily absorb about two liters of the liquid waste and easily convert it into a solid gel. This is quite ideal for various outdoor activities like camping, hiking, boating, etc.


• Portability

This Black Pine Sports Turbo toilet is quite ideal for hiking, camping, long road trips, boating and more.

• Odor Control

It contains odor control powder which can easily absorb about two liters of waste and convert it into a gel

• User Weight

This particular turbo toilet can hold maximum to about 330 pounds of user weight.

10) Reliance Products Luggable Loo Portable 5 Gallon Toilet

This Reliance portable camping toilet is extensively used by people who go for boating, hunting and camping. It contains a traditional hinged seat and Snap-On and clean cover. In addition, this portable toilet has a simple bucket style kind of design and the best snap-on lid. Furthermore, it is extensively compatible with standardized double doodle bag of the Reliance Product.


• Economical Price

Unlike its competitors, this camping potty is economically priced and available as per your budget requirements.

• Compatible

This model is quite compatible with the standard and easily available doodle bag.

• Handy And Simple

The Reliance Products Luggable Loo Portable has one of the best and simple bucket style designs and contains the traditional snap-on lid. It is quite handy and is perfect for outdoor activities like fishing, hunting, and camping expeditions.

Winding Up

Frankly, most of us must have really despised the idea of camping because of the fear of doing one’s business in the nature. Most people really have high constraint in terms of hygiene, but with the camping toilet you can easily enjoy various outdoor activities. Of course, there are plenty of camping toilets and make sure to select the one that fulfills your needs and requirements, especially in terms of your budget.

6 Best Camping Purifier

Top 10 Best Water Purifier

Top 10 Best Water Purifier

Best Camping Purifier

Did you know that in certain given conditions, you can barely survive three days without water? Folks who go backpacking across the places will definitely relate to the troubles faced due to lack of availability of clean drinking water. It is almost impossible to find safe water if you are stuck in a rain forest without your survival kit and you don’t know much about the methods because you didn’t pay much attention in the prep classes. Well, worry not, we have a simple solution for you which will only ask your power of remembrance. Stay with us and we will review here some of the best water purifiers employing diverse technologies.

Product Name




Katadyn Pocket Water Filter


Katadyn Hiker Micro filter


MSR MiniWorks EX Microfilter


LifeStraw Go Water Bottle


Clear Flow Water Filter


SteriPENAdventurer Opti UV Water Purifier


Steripen Classic 3



Katadyn Pocket Water Filter

  • Pocket water filter designed four outdoor enthusiasts and international travelers
  • Filter's silver-impregnated ceramic element is effective against bacteria and protozoa
  • Filters all microorganisms larger than 0.2 microns to produce clear, drinkable water
  • Round pump handle for easy pumping; outlet hose attaches to containers with clip

This is a Swiss made pocket filter with a sturdy built. The center piece where you hold the device is made of robust and thick plastic and other parts like base, upper body and piston are made of steel and aluminium. The kit consists of a filter pump, one hosepipe with the valve to pump water in from the natural flowing stream of the river and the other hosepipe is the one you can connect to collect the purified water in your bottle. The kit arrives in a pouch. The base has a rubber lining which keeps it stable on the slippery surface of the rocks. The filter has silver infused on its ceramic surface which keeps it safe from hazardous protozoa and bacteria. Due to the ceramic filter, it is important to notice that it is heavy as compared to its counterparts which is the only downside of it. You will find the example of Swiss attention to detail in the design where the provision of plastic is ingenious for the conditions where you are pumping water in freezing conditions, it keeps your hands warm while holding it and saves it from freezing. Overall, Katadyn Pocket Water Filter is great value for money.

Katadyn Hiker Micro Filter

  • Insulates Freeze-dried meal pouch
  • Protects hands from heat
  • Handle pockets for easy grip
  • Pockets protect hands from cold air
  • Doubles as a potholder
  • Easy-to-use design is great for the beginning camper to the serious backpacker
  • The 0.2 micron glassfiber filter media is designed for high output with little effort
  • Activated carbon in the core of the filter improves the taste and reduces chemicals in your drinking water
  • Provides safe drinking water in any challenging conditions
  • Lowest maintenance water filter available; no need for constant backflushing

The Katadyn Hiker is the easiest microfilter amongst all the filters present in the market in its category. It is very easy use and operate and also it is easy to clean as compared to its counterparts. The filter uses the exclusive glass fiber plated technology. It provides high rate of flow with easy pumping without the need of constant cleaning or back flushing and maintenance. You can simply remove the surface sediment by moving the filter rigorously back and forth in the water. It doesn’t belong to ultralight category, but it is fairly light in weight. The rate of outflow is impressive in this filter. It is economical in the category. The storage is an essential part where you must first use water with disinfectant to remove any bacteria present on the filter. Then allow the filter and whole body to dry out completely before storing. Katadyn Hiker Micro Filter is recommended for beginners in hiking and camping.

MSR MiniWorks EX Microfilter

This microfilter is tested and proven i.e. it meets P231 protocol of National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), which standardize sanitation and food safety requirements. It efficiently removes 99.9999% bacteria and 99.9% protozoa. The built is very robust of this filter. The filter is made up of carbon and ceramic elements, which ensures safe water. As the outflow decreases from the filter, you can easily clean it for the full recovery of its capacity. This permits us to make heavy duty use of the filter. It has unique Air spring Accumulator technology which can increase the filtration flow at the rate of 1liters/minute. The core element of the filter is made of carbon, which helps in the removal of odors of organic compounds such as iodine, pesticides, and chlorine. MSR MiniWorks EX Microfilter is a must have and every cent spent on it is worth it.

Survivor Filter Pro

Survivor filter pro is featured with dual cleanable membrane ultrafilters which are able to filter down to the value of 0.01 Microns. The kit also features a replaceable carbon filter which helps with the removal of bad odor and taste of organic compounds present in the water. This filter is supposed to last for 100,000 liters or 26,417 gallons, which will probably last more than a decade. You can simply attach it to your hydration device to fill it directly. You can recover the capacity of the filter in the wild which is lowered after the heavy duty use by simple back-flushing. The filter’s approved by FDA, which is crafted by BPA free ABS Durable material. The increased durability is assured by the steel draw bar under the plastic handle. The shell of the filter can bear the pressure up to 250 pounds. If you are a robust and heavy duty user, then this is for you.

LifeStraw Water Bottle

LifeStraw Go Water Bottle

If you need a filter on the go where you will just put water and drink, then this is the must have for you. It is good for the campers, backpackers and hikers who are adventuring in the wild can just pour water in this bottle and it is filtered to use. This bottle comprises of an award winning technology which is a LifeStraw hollow fiber membrane water filter which plays a vital role in the removal of bacteria and protozoa without any need of chemicals or organic compounds causing taste and odor to the water. It has two stage filtration, the second stage of filtration is achieved using carbon which helps removing aftertaste. It performs better than LOG 6 method and removes 99.99999% of waterborne bacteria and 99.9% waterborne protozoan parasites. The filter doesn’t come alone, but it also features an SOS kit. The kit has fire starter, multi-function pocket knife, mini compass, emergency whistle, a wire saw and multifunctional life-saving card. If you are a regular hiker, this is a must have as it comes with a survival kit.

Clear Flow Water Filter

If you are traveling internationally or hiking or camping, this is your everyday survival essential. This one also features two stage filtration. The first stage is 0.1 micron hollow fiber membrane which removes 99.9999% of bacteria like E-coli, Giardia, protozoan cysts, Cryptosporidium and more. The second stage filtration is made of activated charcoal or active carbon layer which reduces heavy metals like iron, sulphur, bad taste and promotes water discoloration. The durability of the bottle can be assured by the material used which a BPA (bisphenol A) free Tritan bottles. The filter can last till 1000 liters of water filtered. The flow capacity will reduce which is an indication of the time to change the filter. This is an inexpensive and lightweight filter which can be used by anyone traveling light for hiking or camping. It is recommended for home use as well as outing.

UV Water Purifier

SteriPENAdventurer Opti UV Water Purifier

It is a tested and certified by Water Quality Association (WQA) against the US Environment Protection Act Microbiological Water Purifier Standards. It is capable to destroy bacteria, viruses and protozoa at the range of 99.9%. It is offered with a rechargeable battery which can last up to 50 treatments and it has 300 cycles of charge and discharge which means you can purify 1 liters of water 15,000 times. It has a very basic OLED display which shows you the treatment, battery status and lamp. It is as handy as it gets. It can be charged with the help of USB port on computers or wall. It allows you to have clean water at your fingertips. You can simply just dip it in the water and there it is potable water ready for the intake. It is very light weight and portable. It is a good choice for light travelers.

Steripen Classic 3

This is a battery powered UV light water purifier. It comes with non-rechargeable set of AA batteries. A set of AA batteries can purify up to 150 liters of water before completely discharging. It is very easy to operate. Just start and stir the device in the water until the light shuts off. That is it, your pure water is ready. This purifier will take 90 seconds approximately to purify around 1 liters of water. It is lightweight. It kills over 99.99% of bacteria and protozoa. This is also certified by Water Quality Association (WQA). The end is tapered which fits in any bottle commercially produced. It doesn’t alter the taste as there is no chemical reaction involved. It is great for your outdoor trips for hiking and camping.

Chemical Water Treaters

Aquatabs Water Purification Tablets

These are the oldest and most trusted methods of water purification. They have a shelf life of five years. If you are traveling to any 3rd world country, then this is your best option as it is the cheapest among the products expressed above. These are best used in emergency. These are used to disinfect the drinking water by the peacekeeping defense forces worldwide in the situation of emergency. These are also utilized by NATO and other military organizations. They prevent diseases like diarrhea, cholera, typhoid and other waterborne diseases. One pack of Aquatabs contains 100 tabs, which are enough to treat 200 quarts of water. It is recommended to use to treat the water either raw or pre-treated.

Aquamira Water Treatment Drops

This is the treatment method which is featured in liquid form. It kills the bacteria responsible for causing the odor in the water and enhances the taste of stored potable water. It has four year shelf life from the date of manufacture. Each bottle can treat up to 30 gallons of water. It kills waterborne pathogens more efficiently than chlorine bleach or iodine without any aftertaste. This is a must have in your emergency kit, or a foreign travel to 3rd world nation, or any outing.

Potable Aqua PA + Plus Water Purification

This treatment is used worldwide by the campers and hikers, or those in militaries and emergency organizations like NGOs who help those who have to drink water of questionable quality. If used as directed by the instruction guide, these tabs are also effective against Giardia lamblia. Though it is effective, but it is a time consuming way of water treatment. It can be used to treat a big tank for public use as it takes around 30 minutes to disinfect completely. The content of the one potable aqua tablet is 20mg of Tetra glycine Hydroperiodide (TGHP) which is capable of releasing 8mg of titrable iodine. It is actually a two stage purification process. The PA plus tabs defines the second stage of treatment. The PA plus tablets are responsible for the removal of the bad odor aftertaste and color in a few minutes. Each pack contains 50 tablets in it which can be used to treat up to 25 quarts of water. If you are a conventional hiker who trusts in the old school way of water treatment, then this is for you.


Best Camping Generator For a Travel Trailer

Best Camping Generator For a Travel Trailer

The progress that we have made in the field of science has led to us to a great many discoveries, some of which have benefitted mankind to a great extent. One of those important discoveries has been the invention of generators. There are places in the world, where the government in spite of numerous attempts has not been able to get electricity. Let us talk about generators in general. There are quite a few types of generators for different purposes. However, in this article, we will talk and discuss about some of the best camping generators.

Camping generators are often termed as quiet generators due to their unique nature of performing their tasks in a quiet way. A lot of people residing in the western part of the world tend to set out on their journey with their favorite travel trailers. However, setting out on a trip is not that cheap and requires time and effort to take all the required preparations. Camping generators are one of the most essential things that need to be taken care of while preparing everything. A lot of people often get confused about which generator they should invest in to get the best results. So, let us take a look at some of the best generators for a travel trailer.

When looking for a travel trailer, there are some things that you need to be sure of before you buy one:

  • Power Requirements: Be absolutely sure about the power requirements because that can be huge difference if you are looking to go easy on your pockets.
  • Fuel Type: When buying the best generator for your travel trailer, make sure that take a look at the fuel type of the generator for easier maintenance according to your capability.
  • Enclosure Type: Although most of the generators generate the lowest amount of noises, it is still recommended that you check the enclosure type before buying one.
  • Voltage Requirements: Voltage requirement is another thing that you need to consider before you buy your generator because that will depend on how much you can afford to spend on the voltage.

1. Honda Eu200 Combo RV Package 2

1. Honda Eu200 Combo RV Package 2

​One of the most expensive quiet generators in the market, this one clearly surpasses all other competitors in terms of looks and functionality. The best generator in the market, Honda already has a reputation of producing reliable generators that start quick and continue for years. This one is no different. The Eco-throttle and the Auto-throttle keeps the generator maintained at constant speeds, thus reducing a lot of unwanted energy, and keeps the surrounding air clean as well. The quiet four-stroke engine in this generator keeps the decibel levels extremely low and is one of the best quiet generators around. The built-in inverter, Cyclo-Converter, the DAVR and the iAVR ensures that a constant amount of power is constantly delivered in the generator for the best possible outcomes and without any sort of current fluctuations.

The basic essentials with this generator which include a 50’ tri tap wire, the 100’ round cables and a generator cover is also provided by Honda, and this generator being eco-friendly delivers the best power to your travel trailer and is completely worth every penny spent on it. Maintenance too, is easy and absolutely affordable, thanks to all its built-in features which significantly reduce the workload and the effort.

2. Yamaha EF3000iSEB

2. Yamaha EF3000iSEB

​Yamaha too, like Honda, has been in the top three contingencies when it comes travel-trailer generators. While Honda packs all the essential features that provide the extra edge to their machines, Yamaha too focuses on the basic and obtains the best possible results with their generators. The Yamaha EF3000iSEB is their best bet both in terms of functionality and durability. One of the most durable quiet generators at cheaper rate than Honda, this machine packs everything that is necessary for you to make your travel interruption-free and of course, power-cut free. One of the best and the unique feature of this machine is its Boost Control Unit (BCU), which automatically senses when the extra power is needed and transfers the required boost for up to 10 seconds, according to the need of the hour.

The machine is made out the best sound absorbing material, which absorbs all sound that tries to resonate out of the machines, and hence, can be an excellent addition to your trailer, if you are looking to reduce noise pollution. The newly designed muffler fan and the molded fan are the basic structures that are responsible for cancelling any unwanted noise coming out from the generator. The automatic adjusting of the engine speed with the load of the current is an excellent addition, which not only reduces the noise, but also saves fuel, which could for any future purposes. Its continuous operation for 19 hours without refueling gives you all the more reasons to consider adding this to your cart.

3. Honda EU2000I

3. Honda EU2000I

​No wonder that Honda is dominating the third place on our list of best generators. While the EU2000 Combo RV Package did not miss out on anything setting the standards higher, this EU2000I version is evenly matched against its counterpart. While there may be some essentials that are lacking compared to the first one, the price compensates for every other feature not included in this generator.

The start type has been kept to recoil, for easy starts and at one go. The noise level has been kept to 59 dB, which may not be the best when it comes to Honda’s products, but is decent enough to carry it with your travel trailer. At rated loads, this camping generator runs up to 3.5 hours approximately without any refueling and up to 8 hours at ¼ loads without refueling which is good enough for your long trips and journeys.

The stable inverter is an important addition to this generator wince this is particularly effective to protecting all the electronic devices in the trailer against the loss of their fuses due to current fluctuations. The stable inverter will not only give you timely and stable power to all your gadgets, but will also consume less energy and is eco-friendly thanks to its smart Eco-boost engine, which has been perfectly implemented by Honda.

4. Yamaha EF2000iSv2

​If Yamaha has failed to impress you with its look on its earlier product, this is sure to catch your eyeballs big time. One of the most compact and beautifully generated camping generators in the market, this one definitely looks like a briefcase that is quite easily portable, but does not lack in any of the essential features. The price too is cheap compared to its counterparts, but delivers solid amount of power when required. The 1600 Watt rated output will easily handle all the essential electronic components that are present in your trailer and the built-in inverter will provide stable current equally to all the gadgets required. The USFS-approved spar arrestor is an excellent addition providing quick starts when required and the quiet muffler fan reduces sound up to a great extent.

The smart throttle, like the previous one manages the load with the engine speed keeping the ratio same in order to save fuel and reduce sound as well. The Pulse Width modulation control in the inverter gives an extra control to the user to modify the waves and the frequency delivered to the gadgets, maintaining a healthy current and keeps the components safe from shocks.

5. Champion Power Equipment 75531i 3100 Watt RV Ready Portable Generator:

5. Champion Power Equipment 75531i 3100 Watt RV Ready Portable Generator:

​One of the cheapest generators around, Champion has placed its best bet on this one. The 75531i series has been a success with its portable nature and a host of pre-packed features. Though the previous versions were noisy, this version takes care of that problem. This light-weight and portable generator has wheels for better transportation and functions at less than 65 dB. The 171 cc engine is clean and sparks provide the perfect and a quick start, delivering even power to all the electrical components required. The Economy Mode is a nice addition to this, maintaining the load with the engine speed to save some fuel and increases the life span of the machine.

The RV Ready outlets ensures that this is one of the most compatible generators ready to accompany your travel trailer and because of the light-weight and easy porting of this machine, this is one of the favorites of the customers. The attractive 3-year warranty provided by Champion themselves are all the reasons you need before you consider to invest in this generator.


​This concludes the list of some of the best generators that can be of excellent company to your travel trailers. While there are quite a few others as well in the market that promises you the best performance, it is recommended that you do a bit of research and go through all the products carefully before you invest in one.

​These are all the things that you need to know before you are ready to buy a quiet generator for your travel trailer. Go ahead and choose wisely!

Planning ahead: Portable Generator Safely

camping hammock

Can You Really Find Top 10 Best Camping Hammocks

Can You Really Find Top 10 Best Camping Hammocks

Best Camping Hammock

10 hammocks for when you want to camp without a tent

There are several reasons why a person may decide not to use a tent when he or she goes camping. They may not wish to deal with the frustration of finding a level ground, unpacking the tent, and then going through the polls, pegs, and such. The tent may not be practical for the camping site, especially if your camping site will have multiple people in a small space (you do not want to take up your entire camping site with tents). Finally, a person may just want to enjoy the aspects of nature, the wind, and the stars. For this reason, a hammock is ideal. But which hammock should you choose for your camping?

Here are the 10 best camping hammock.

Hammocks for the day time

Below you will find a list of the best daytime hammocks. These hammocks focus on leisure over slumber. They are intended as spots of refuge to enjoy the sun as well as perhaps a good book.

1. Bear Butt #1 Double Parachute Camping Hammock

camping hammocks

Bear Butt hammocks are fairly new to the camping gear market. The products have only been around since 2015. Yet, during this time, they have established themselves as a formable brand amongst some of the top competitors. When looking at the design of the Bear Butt #1 Double Parachute Camping Hammock, you will note that there is a bit of the glamping flare to the design.


  • Stylish design made from nylon material
  • The hammock can legally hold up to 500 lbs., but testing has shown a strength of up to 900 lbs.
  • Very lightweight and easy to incorporate into a camping pack
  • Money back promise. If you don’t like it you get your money back.


  • It is so big that a sole user may get swallowed up by the material
  • Waiting time on inventory can be a bit much as the company is a 5 man team
  • Tree straps can be a bit cumbersome

Best suited for couples and larger individuals. You will need to have a pole or a tree connection so keep that in mind when picking your camping location.

2. Winner Outfitter’s Double Camping Hammock

camping hammocks

The winner outfitter’s double camping hammock is a lightweight, nylon, portable hammock designed for backpacking, camping, day travel, beach, and yard reclining. Four color options are available: green, black with brown, black with red, and blue. The size of the double hammock is definitively for multiple persons with measurements of 78” wide by 118” long.


  • Although massive in dimensions the package only weighs 1.5 lbs. making it easy to tote
  • 3-minute setup design for quick enjoyment
  • Holds up to 500 pounds
  • Packs into a small pouch for easy toting
  • Everything is included in the pack


  • Attachments may be scratched or bent (however, if this occurs winner outfitters will replace the hammock)
  • Nylon ropes can fray
  • As the material is nylon it is susceptible to easy tearing. Be cautious of where you set it up.

Due to the enormity of this hammock, it is best suited for wide open spaces with ample clearance both around and below the hammock. The ropes do allow for some wooded excursions to use the hammock, but I would not advise such as the nylon is apt to rip on a branch or whatnot.

3. Wise Owl Outfitters Ultimate Single & Double Camping Hammock

camping hammocks

​Aspiring campers who wish to have a vast color selection need not look any further. The wise owl outfitters ultimate single and double camping hammock offers 20 hammock options (10 for the single and 10 for the double). The company boasts that the design is extremely comfortable as well comparing a nap in the hammock to “being cradled by mother nature herself”. While customer reviews have not specifically attributed their experience to mother nature, they have had a high level of praise for the product.


  • Cheap price but high-quality design
  • Parachute nylon ropes and carabiners included
  • Many color options
  • Triple interlocking stitching for added support


  • As ropes are banned in some campgrounds for hammocks, you could have a problem hanging it. Try ENO straps.
  • There is no covering making you vulnerable to insects.
  • Once out of the tote bag, some people may find that repackaging is a bit difficult.

This hammock is suitable for almost all camping situations. It is light enough to tote on hikes and can be set up quickly. The option for single or double hammock size allows for a practical alternative to a bulky tent.

4. Legit Camping – Double Camping Hammock

camping hammocks

Like most of the daytime hammocks listed here, the Legit Camping Double Hammock has a parachute design. This means that it is made from nylon and that the design cradles the person rather than provides a sturdy backing or taunt hammock. Compared to other similar products, the hammock is a bit heavier at 1.75 pounds and offers about 100 lbs. less than most double hammocks, supporting only 400 pounds.


  • The product has a lifetime warranty.
  • NO additional hardware needed to hang it
  • Easy installation


  • Holds up to 400lbs. This is about a hundred pounds lighter than competitors in the market.
  • Stands are not included, so if you are in a location with no trees (such as the beach) you may have to purchase a solution to hang the hammock.
  • The hammock is a bit heavy for a parachute design at 1.75 lbs.

​Best suited for adults up to 200lbs, but preferably a bit lighter as 2 adults at 200lbs would test the durability of the product. As there is not a stand included the hammock is best suited for wooded camping areas.

5. MalloMe Camping Hammock XL Double Hammock

camping hammocks

Ok, so not everyone is the ideal weight and size, that is just the cold hard truth. Does this mean that they should not enjoy a double sized hammock with their loved one? Nope. The MalloMe camping hammock XL double hammock is the solution to this problem. Allowing for two adults of up-to 500lbs each (or a total weight limit of 1000 pounds), I would venture to say that most people camping could easily rest within the parachute design without fear of falling through.


  • Made from 210T nylon rip stop fabric
  • Can hold up to 1000 pounds
  • Larger but also lighter than competitive brands


  • Thin cords may cause the weight limit to fluctuate
  • Poor stitching has been reported on some models
  • No straps are included, just ropes. Those camping in hammock based sites may require the purchase of straps in order to set up the hammock.

​This hammock is best suited for the larger individual, or for those who just do not want to have to worry about the weight limitations of their product. It is not advised that you use this product in a hammock only campground as you may have to purchase straps.

Nighttime Hammocks/Sleeping hammocks

camping hammocks

​Hammocks are great for relaxation during the day, but what do you do about sleeping over night? You could bring along your sleeping bag and tent, but that would be a bit redundant. Instead of overloading yourself consider a nighttime/sleeping hammock.

6. Hammock Bliss No-See-Um-No More

camping hammocks

​Those which wish to camp in their hammock but do not want to have bugs crawling and biting them while they sleep, may want to consider the Hammock Bliss No-See-Um-No more hammock. This double sized hammock comes with a bug proof netting with 2100 holes per square inch. This allows for you to have the comfort of a bug net while at the same time no suffocating under the fabric.


  • Keeps out sandflies, fleas, Gnats, and Mosquitoes
  • Design has 4 pockets inside the net for storage of phones, keys, and other small objects
  • Contains double pull YKK zippers for easy enter and exiting


  • Customers have complained that it is not as comfortable as advertised
  • Included lines are rather short, so you will need line extensions in most cases
  • Must be level or you will slide about when sleeping

​This hammock is best for camping on flat terrain. It is advised that you bring a sleeping bag with you if you purchase this product as it can get quite cold and uncomfortable otherwise.

7. GoRoam Outdoors Single Parachute Camping Hammock with Mosquito Net

camping hammocks

​The GoRoam Outdoors Single Parachute Camping Hammock with Mosquito net offers triple interlock stitching in the design. This gives the product about 500 pounds to its weight limit. The design can hold a 9-foot man (which currently there are no 9-foot people, so technically it is universal). Other than the weight and size features, the hammock does support a mosquito net and rather long straps.


  • Includes 10-foot loop tree straps and Carabiners
  • Made from 210T Nylon – Perfect for Hiking and Camping
  • Tough Nautical Grade Rope with 12 attachment points included


  • Customers have stated this is cheaply constructed
  • Putting two sleeping bags into this hammock is a bit cumbersome
  • Requires you to flip the hammock over if you do not want the net

​Best suited for the sole camper even though it has room for two. The netting does allow for extreme blocking of bugs and the straps make it ideal for almost any situation. Not recommended for areas which require stands.

8. Martians Double Outdoor Hammock with Mosquito Net and special straps

campings hammocks

​If you are looking for the equivalent of a hanging tent, then this is probably as best as you are going to get. The design is made from the industry standard 210T nylon and comes with 14 rings on the tree straps (included) The supports are long allowing for you to camp in areas where the trees are spaced a bit further apart, up to 19 feet from one another.


  • 100% money back guarantee to buy with confidence
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Mosquito net can zip up from the inside


  • Small Side Straps
  • Does not hold the 550lbs advertise but only 400
  • Customers have stated that instead of replacing products, they offer coupons to remove poor reviews from sites
  • Nylon has been shown to rip

​This would not be a top selection for a hammock, in my opinion. However, if you are looking for a cheap solution to camping in a tent and are not really too concerned with having a long lasting product (more of a onetime thing), then the Martians Double Outdoor Hammock with Mosquito Net and Special Straps may be an option for you.

9. Grand Trunk Skeeter Beeter Pro Mosquito Hammock

campings hammocks

​Grand Trunk Mosquito hammocks are designed as actually two hammocks in one. On one side you have the nighttime sleeper with the no see um netting. This is attached with a double-sided zipper to allow easy access to and from the hammock. The other side of the hammock is intended for day use and can be sat upon and used as a leisure hammock. For those seeking the best of both day and nighttime hammocks, the Grand Trunk Skeeter Beeter Pro Mosquito Hammock may be what you are looking for.


  • Nautical-Grade Carabiners
  • Triple-Stitched Reinforcements on the mesh and fabrics
  • Pro grade silky fabric for sleeping comfort
  • Available in a Camo Design


  • Netting can be annoying to work with as it is a thin material
  • Some have received ripped netting and there has been at least one case where the net was fixed with duct tape
  • Zipper has a tendency to break

​This product is best suited for those who take extreme caution with their camping products. It is not recommended for children or for those which want to relax in the hammock with their boots on.

10. Adventure Gear Outfitter Backpacking Hammock with Mosquito Net and Free Tree Straps

camping hammocks

​While a lot of the hammocks mentioned have been designed for double occupancy, this hammock is more for the individual. There is a mosquito net included in the kit which comes with an elastic suspension to minimize tears. Additionally, the kit includes 16 loop tree straps.


  • Lighter than a sleeping bag or a tent
  • Although designed for one, customers have said that two can fit in it easily
  • Very sturdy material
  • Quick set up


  • Zipper pulls fall off after minimal use
  • Hanging straps are not long enough
  • Net tears easily

​Fairly universal, this hammock is ideal for the novice camper or for the seasoned camper and hiker. You will want to be in a wooded area. As the netting can rip easily, it is advised that you pack some insect repellant or an extra net if you are to purchase the Adventure Gear Outfitter Hammock.