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Why do you need to align your backpack often when traveling?

Why do you need to align your backpack often when traveling?

Remember the last time you went on a picnic, how many times did you adjust your backpack? Or only once before starting the trip? Can you just adjust it right before going home? Most people think of a backpack as equipment that only needs to be prepared once, meaning never to look back on it until coming home with a sore back.

Unfortunately, this happens to quite a lot of people. And often, they had to drag their feet down the mountain with a loose hip cushion and a backpack squeezed to the side to look dangerous, definitely unable to go hiking in this form already! So you want to know the secret to carry both effective and comfortable?

Very simple, you just need to follow 2 concise steps:

Step 1: Find a backpack that is comfortable and fits for you. Be sure to stuff your stuff inside and try your backpack on, before deciding whether to buy it or not.

Step 2: align the backpack regularly.

Everything sounds obvious, but read on for a more detailed explanation. People can wear their backpacks much more simply by adjusting their backpacks throughout the trip. Because during a long day of traveling, several factors begin to affect your backpack, changing the position you carry your backpack, such as:

- Every time you take or pack an item, you are changing the way you organize your belongings. Lunches or snacks in the middle of the road is also the time to rearrange the luggage in your backpack.

- Even if you have a very solid routine of packing things in the morning, your backpack still varies a little from day to day.

- Continuous movement, especially when climbing, tends to change the position of the backpack and change the weight distribution.

- The straps and buckles on your backpack are sometimes loosened due to hiking, hiking, damping or rubbing along the way.

These factors make it important to adjust your backpack strap regularly. Keeping your backpack fit (a skill you need to learn) allows you to carry things on your back more effectively. This has a double effect on frameless or plate-framed backpacks, which require extra care when carrying and packing. I'm not telling you to walk while clutching the backpack strap, adjusting little by little whenever you feel uncomfortable. But you can think about loosening your straps a little and tightening them in the morning just before you take your backpack up or take it off. And then your back will have to thank you for that.

In this article, I will not go into how the package fits, but I will show you how to adjust your backpack. You just need to follow these steps:

- Make sure your hips rest comfortably on your hips and are tied up several times.

- Loosen all straps, belts, and belts.

- Tighten chest belt and adjust the width for comfort

- Make sure the horizontal straps (wrap around the backpack and keep the luggage from moving) are fastened tightly.

- These wires are rarely needed to be adjusted, so this step can be ignored. For many backpacks, these strings are often seen on the sides of the backpack to help compact the backpack.

- Shoulder straps at a level just below shoulder level. Remember that the backpack weight will mostly go down to the hips, the shoulder straps only help keep the luggage in an upright position and keep the backpack from moving from side to side.

- Now tighten the luggage support (connecting the shoulder straps to the top of the backpack) until you feel the shoulder straps pulled up slightly. Push a few centimeters back if it feels too tight.

Everything is very simple, isn't it? And generally, you just need to walk while adjusting the shoulder straps a little. Or pay more attention in the mornings after packing all your belongings, on the way and after lunch (the time you will take out, put in food as well as other equipment)

The 20 Most Essential Camping Tools You Need To Prepare

The 20 MOST ESSENTIAL camping tools you need to prepare

There are many things you need to prepare for a picnic, but the 20 most essential camping tools below will be indispensable items. Join to list these items, consult the price to choose the most suitable item.

First and foremost are the picnic equipment for the needs of sleeping. In particular, there are 4 things "separated" especially important for overnight or long-term camping

1. Camping tent

camping tent

The most essential tools for camping are tents. Tents allow you to relax all day and night, especially important for day trips. A good tent and wide enough will help you get a full sleep after a tiring day. Besides, choosing a tent carefully will limit risks such as rain, wind, dust, avoid the attack of wildlife, insects, ...

Nowadays, tents are increasingly diverse with small size and light weight to help you easily carry along the journey. Picnic tents of all kinds are popular:

- Tent 2 people: accommodating 2 people, suitable for couples / couples

- 3-person tent: accommodates 3 people, suitable for families or groups of friends.

- 4-person tent: accommodates 4 people, suitable for families or groups of friends.

2. Single or double sleeping bag

sleeping bag

Behind the tent, the second most important camping gear for a good night's sleep is a sleeping bag. The nighttime outdoor temperatures in many parts in the world are often low, a dozen degrees off during the day, which is why you need sleeping bags in essential kits when camping.

Make sure your sleeping bag is heat-resistant and waterproof, helps protect your body from cold, and keeps you warm while sleeping outdoors.

Sleeping bags are divided into several types:
   - Summer sleeping bag, winter sleeping bag
  - Single sleeping bag, double sleeping bag
  - Sleeping bags used in tents, sleeping bags for sleeping outdoors

Therefore, when choosing a sleeping bag, you should base on your needs to find the most suitable type. For example, if you go with your lover, you can choose a warm and economical double bag, go to summer and choose a summer sleeping bag, etc.

Note: when choosing a sleeping bag you need to pay attention to the manufacturer's recommended temperature, compare the heat level with your picnic area to see if it is suitable.

3. Air cushion

air cushion

Air mattresses to campers say it is not just a bed, but has many other uses. Steam nights can be spread out instead of carpets outdoors (when less people), used as a chair, as a versatile dining table or can transform into a great swimming float.

There are 2 types of air-cushion camping equipment, single and double. Single cushion for one person, double cushion for two people. But if you go in a group you can completely combine the single pads together to use for a group of 3-4 people.

Note: air mattresses are made of many materials. Ideally, you should choose a material with many fibers, less nylon will be soft, tough, tear resistant and easier to clean. Good material will bring comfort, avoid letting yourself suffer from uncomfortable backsteps that reduce the pleasure of the trip.

4. Picnic mats

pinic mat

Picnic mats are an important tool for camping, relaxing, playing and eating all day long. You can also use a picnic mat as a sleeping mat instead of an air mattress, although not as comfortable as it would be if you were camping on flat grass. You can also bring your rug in many cases such as: picnic, camping, hiking, swimming, beach ...

Picnic mats have two common sizes as follows:
    - 150x130cm used for from 1 to 2 people
    - 2x2m used for about 4 people or less

There are many types of picnic rugs, but it is best to choose an insulated carpet or a silver nylon lining on the left side (in contact with the grass). Insulation mats or seasoned lining have extremely important features in waterproofing and preventing harmful insects from coming into contact with the ground. Moreover, it also prevents the cold rushing from the ground to harm the health of users.

Investing in an insulating carpet is a bit more expensive than a regular carpet but it is definitely much cleaner and more durable.

5. Picnic table

camp table

Only one picnic table makes your picnic trip so polite and convenient. The table for the small items you carry with you on the trip, a place for you to read or even enlist to work if needed. The table also offers a much cleaner polite dining space.

Currently, the picnic table is designed to be compact, foldable and easy to carry to help you sit better on any terrain. Although the table is small and not as big as carpeting, it is very suitable if your group is going on a picnic with a group of 2-4 people.

Picnic tables are made of wood, plastic, cast aluminum, rattan, iron and steel with different sizes. If you have to travel far and in complicated terrain, you should use lightweight cast aluminum tables.

Note: you should pay attention to choose the table height that suits your needs, carefully check the joints of screws and install smoothly before you go.

6. Camping chairs

camping chair

The picnic chair is not only for sitting at the table, but also a camping tool for you to relax, read, chat, nap or river fishing. Think whenever you stop to rest, you have a comfortable chair to dispel fatigue, you will be in a good mood to enjoy the surrounding beauty more.

Thanks to technical improvements, the picnic chair is not only compact, easy to carry, but also makes the user extremely comfortable as lying, even able to withstand large loads up to 150kg. Picnic chairs have many types, if you just need a dining chair with a cheap table, you can consider small chairs. If you prefer a soft chair to enjoy the view, the price will be slightly higher.

Note: the chair should be cleaned after every trip because the chair is made of cloth, easy to get dirty. You should be careful when using the chair for a long time because the chair will reduce durability especially in places with unfavorable weather conditions such as rain, wind, hot sun, high temperature.

7. Hammock - suitable camping tool in the forest

camping hammock

For backpackers or backpackers, the effect of a hammock in the daytime nap is undeniable. And with only 2 stumps met by the road, you can quickly rest anywhere on the trip. A hammock is especially suitable if you are camping in the forest, not only are many trees susceptible to hammocks but also very cool. The characteristic of lying in a hammock is it is difficult to avoid the bright sunlight shining on the face, so lying in a forest is extremely shady due to many large shade trees.

When folded, the hammock bag can be used as a pillow, and when inflated you will have a soft cushion on the ground to help against insects effectively without reducing comfort.

A hammock has a double hammock, and then a hammock in a group. See how you need a hammock to find the right one to meet your needs. If your trip is full of people, one or several double hammocks will help save space and cost significantly.

8. Camping water tank and thermos bottle

Camping water

Water is definitely an essential staple for cooking, but what is the most convenient way to store it? These were plastic picnic jugs or bags. This type of water tank / container not only stores a lot of water (more economical and convenient when carrying many individual bottles), but also has a convenient and hygienic intake hose.

Besides, a thermos box may or may not be required if you want to bring cold drinks or ice with you.

Picnic water bottles and thermal storage tanks are available in many types with different sizes and volumes. You can choose depending on demand, length of trip and price to choose a suitable product.

Note: you should choose the size of the keepers appropriately to accommodate the amount of food corresponding to the number of people and the time you go on a picnic, as well as a bottle of water. If your group is crowded and goes for many days, a 5L - 10L - 15L plastic water bottle will be most suitable.

9. Camping cookware set

camping cookware set

Camping is not always a place where catering is available, which is why you need to bring a set of specialized cookware for picnics, especially in wilderness areas where there is absolutely no service. When cooking, you only need to put the pot on the stove or hang it on the rack to be able to solve the extremely compact eating needs.

You can choose to buy individual pots or cookware sets depending on your needs. Usually 1 set of pots will include 1 large pot, 1 small pot, 1 large pan, 1 small pan, 3 plastic bowls, 1 small spoon that can be used as a plastic bowl for waking food. In addition, some places also include a wooden spoon and dishwashing rags anymore. All of these tools can be packaged in a small, tidy, space-saving package.

This set of pots usually does not have a swing, instead, two pots can be used instead of the swing of 2 pots when cooking.

Note: if you go in groups of 3-4 people, you should choose 4 compact pot set. Set of 4 pots can cook and process all dishes such as soup, boiled, stir-fry, cook spaghetti or boil water, ..

10. Gas stove or alcohol stove picnic

gas stove

Want to cook anything that requires fire. Therefore, gas stoves or alcohol stoves are essential camping tools for cooking meals, especially for places where you can not get charcoal / wood.

This tool can be a mini gas stove, alcohol stove picnic depending on the address of the trip and the weather when you move. Alcohol stoves are usually cheaper, but fire is not as strong as gas stoves.

Note: when using gas stoves or alcohol stoves in camping sites, you should pay attention to ensure safety rules to avoid any risks related to fire, gas, alcohol. In the 2 types of stove, alcohol stove is safer and easier to use. If you do not have high requirements on fire, you should choose this type of stove.

11. Windshield

camping windshield

Why do we need wind shields? Because picnic, camping also means that your meals will be done outdoors, the wind is inevitable. This windscreen will help prevent the fire in your stove from being thrown, turned off and so that you can cook a full meal.

Windshields are usually made of metal, whose size depends on the size of the stove. If your chosen stove is an alcohol stove or a gas cooker, then the windscreen is the necessary tool.

Note: when buying you check carefully the size of the windscreen to see if it suits your kitchen.

In addition, other small tools such as cutting boards, utensils, spoons, chopsticks, bowls, cups are also items you need to pay attention to bring. Take notes down to remember to pack fully, lest until camp, arrange to prepare for cooking again missing a cup or chopsticks.

12. Flashlight

camping flashlight

Flashlight is a necessary camping tool if you spend the night in a forest or wilderness. The flashlight both brings light to the tent, helps you to observe in the dark, track the way or for other night sports activities. In particular, for travelers who love to venture and explore, a compact flashlight will be an object of separation to avoid getting lost, staying safe in the dark night.

Flashlight has a handheld type or a head worn type. A portable flashlight suitable for people who only have to travel on flat terrain without many obstacles, or to light up in tents. And a head torch is suitable if you are wearing or holding many things, hands and feet need to be free to do other things.

For normal camping trips (where there are still residents), a small portable flashlight with two light levels is fine.

13.  Knife for going to the forest

camping knife

Unlike conventional cooking knives, jungle knives are not only a defensive tool, but they also help you clear obstacles on the road like vines, thorn bushes, etc. firewood, semi-processed food such as meat and fish. This type of knife will be essential if you are planning a trip to explore new lands, explore deep in the jungle, wild places.

Jungle knives also come in a variety of sizes and types with a blade length of 19 - 20cm to choose from according to your purpose. You should be careful to use a jungle knife to avoid injuring yourself.

14. Camping backpack

camping backpack

A picnic backpack is a camping tool that helps carry most of the essentials needed for the trip. This type of backpack when folded, it seems small but actually contains a lot of food, even blankets and food blankets, drinks.

There are many types of picnic backpacks, but you should choose one with windproof material that is waterproof, supple and has good bearing capacity. Your picnic backpack should have at least 1 large storage compartment and many small compartments. This structure will help you easily classify each item, making everything tidy, saving time finding items and convenient to move.

15. Climbing stick

climbing stick

Climbing sticks are essential camping equipment if your trip requires hiking or climbing. Using a cane will reduce the weight put on your feet, legs, knees and back by dividing the pressure evenly across your entire body, especially when carrying a heavy load on your back. Climbing rods become essential, especially useful for people with ankles, weak knees or injuries.

Climbing sticks are long and shortened. If the roads are quite flat and easy to go, you only need the long type. But for the difficult roads, the shortened climbing stick will be more suitable for you because it can change the length to suit the more or less steep terrain.

Besides using climbing sticks for road purposes, you can also take advantage of them to replace tents (depending on the type of cane) or use a few other errands.

16. Keychains, set of locks

keychain camping

Keychains or set of locks are camping tools for safety. Keychains will help you secure items to the belt or other places on the body, to lock important items to avoid being lost. Key chains are very useful for those who climb mountains or waterfall.

You can buy single lock or cluster lock. Keychains for securing objects and locks can be used when swinging or moving by pulley.

17. Sports shoes / flat shoes

camping sport shoe

What keeps you comfortable throughout the day is the shoes. A good pair of sports shoes or flat shoes will bring convenience on all terrains, helping you less tired during the trip. So, buy yourself a good quality shoe that can be used many times offline.

Picnic shoes are sports shoes, flat shoes, boots. You should consider the terrain of the trip to find a suitable pair of shoes.

18. Personal medicine containers, insect repellents

One of the essential camping equipment for safety is personal medical supplies (in a separate box or bag) and insect repellent. Outdoor picnics carry unpredictable risks, so basic medications and bandages will be the safest option for you.

Individual medicine boxes or bags come in many sizes, depending on the purpose you choose. Particularly for insect repellent, then you should signal the pharmacy for advice to avoid allergies, especially when applied to young children.

19. Sunscreen

camping sunscreen

Sunscreen is a necessary camping tool to protect the skin. You will not want the trip to be uncomfortable because of the burning skin caused by sunburn, especially when going into the large, sunny sun. Because outdoor activities all day, it is best to choose a sunscreen with SPF 30 and PA +++ or more to be "enough".

Sunscreens come in creams or sprays, for face or body use. You can choose a sunscreen spray for both face and body to quickly and most convenient (Neutrogena Beach Denfense sunscreen).

Note: you should use sunscreen 30 minutes before going out, apply again at least 2-3 hours.

20. Backup battery charger

backup battery charger

A backup battery charger is the necessary camping tool to ensure outside communication, especially when entering deserted areas. In the technological age, smartphones are the separation of many people, but picnic is not everywhere can charge the phone. A spare battery charger for communication, safety and can also be used to charge other entertainment media such as speakers, lights, ...

Note: you do not use the phone while it is charging for safety.

10 Survival Skills Need To Know When They’re Good In The Forest


People should equip themselves with 4 steps of preparation and 10 skills to survive in the forest if unfortunately one day get lost in the middle of the deep forest.

For the preparation stage, the first thing, we should learn about the area to explore. Studying the area map carefully and carrying it with you will increase your chances of finding the road in case you get lost. Furthermore, knowledge of the flora and fauna (such as which plants are edible, the habitat of dangerous animals to avoid) in the area is also essential.

- Make sure you eat well before going to the forest and tell someone where you are going, the estimated time to return and when to call the rescue police.

- Carry a means of communication such as a phone with a backup battery, a radio transmitter - it's the fastest way to call for help when you get lost or injured.

- Bring tools and equipment to help you survive in the forest such as knives, steel wires, whistles, blankets of space (thin and light but very well kept), mirrors, matches in waterproof boxes, la table ... Don't forget the first aid kit for personal wounds and the medicine because nothing can be said in the deep forest.

- If these preparatory steps are thoughtful plus the following 10 survival skills, when unlucky in the forest you can easily master the situation, helping others quickly find yourself.

1. Don't panic if you get lost

Panic is more dangerous than anything if you get lost in the forest, because it is interfering directly with the single and most useful tool in the mind. As soon as you realize you are lost, the first thing is to stop, take a deep breath and keep calm. Act on the principle of the abbreviation STOP:

S – (Sit down)

T – (Think)

O – (Observe your surroundings)

P – (Prepare for survival by gathering materials)

2. Determine the direction

Anywhere you stand can become strange to you, so find a way to mark it with a piece of clothing, a pile of rock or anything that can be seen from afar. Determine the direction based on the direction of the sun rising, setting, using a compass (compass needle clockwise starts at 12 o'clock in the order of North - East - South - West).

3. Stay in one place

This not only increases your chances of being found, it also conserves your body's energy, limits the amount of water and food you need to consume. Sit down and stay still. If you are with other people, you should never separate, the number always helps you survive in all situations.

Protect your skin by letting go of sleeves, wearing pants and covering your face from insect bites. Treat the wound as soon as possible, avoiding long-term infection.

4. Burn a bonfire

Keep it on fire for coal to keep warm for hours, don't think you don't need it even in warm conditions. Find dry firewood to split it into 3 piles to keep the fire in the dark. Make a moderate fire, to save firewood and avoid areas that are prone to forest fires. If the fire is strong enough, you can burn some fresh branches to create smoke, calling for the attention of the rescue force.

5. Create a rescue signal

Create a rescue signal by whistling, screaming, or smashing rocks together. Mark the location so others can see it from above. If you're on a mountain, make 3 piles of leaves form a triangle, in the desert draw a large sand triangle. Anything related to number 3 in the wilderness is a signal that calls for standard help.

For example, using fire to create signals, it can be 3 straight fires or 3 fires in a triangle. You can also blow the whistle 3 times, shoot the gun 3 times in the air (if available) or mirror the mirror 3 times.

On the other hand, it is possible to create a "trail" by marking stones, clothing fabrics. Avoid marking the road with food or fruit because it can attract wildlife, which is very dangerous.

6. Find out where you stand

Although it is advised not to move too much, you should also know your surroundings because you can find something useful. You can find someone leaving something before, which is useful in case you get lost.

Make sure you find your original spot when you look for water, take shelter or find your way back.

7. Find water

Normally you will be able to survive 3 days without water but by the end of the 2nd day, your body is already exhausted, so should look for water beforehand.

According to Travel Overseas, it is possible to find water based on the density of insects. Bees often build their nests a few miles from water sources and flies are usually about 100 meters. You may notice nearby birds because they like to fly around freshwater sources, or large erosion on the ground can lead to springs.

If not possible, you can drink the dew, dry the cloth in the mist and squeeze water. You can also find water in the rocks.

8. Clean the water

In the preparation step, you should bring a water purifier. If it is not available, you can boil water with a small pot, or water in plastic bottles and bask in the sun for 6 hours to kill all creatures. If you are poorer, you have to maintain your life with water, to avoid exhausting your body.

9. Find shelter

Find a fallen or inclined tree trunk, you can create a place by lining up large branches of trees and then shielding them with forest leaves. If possible, look for caves but make sure the cave has no bears, leopards, snakes ... or other unfriendly animals.

Make sure your shelter is still available for others to find. Don't take too much effort to make the perfect shelter, but provide enough space to keep your body warm.

10. Find safe food

Most healthy adults can survive up to 3 weeks without food in warm weather. You may be hungry but healthy will be better if you are sick. Therefore, make sure the food you eat is safe before putting it in your mouth.

Do not be afraid to eat insects and other bugs. Although you may find it disgusting to eat some grasshoppers, they provide helpful nutrition.

All insects must be cooked because they may contain parasites that can kill you. Do not eat any caterpillars, brightly colored insects, or any insects that can bite or sting you. Remove the legs, heads and wings of any insect before eating.

If you are near water, fish is a good choice. Avoid eating any mushrooms or fruits you see, no matter how hungry you are. Many fruits in the forest are toxic, especially the white ones.

It should also be noted that food should not be stored as river fish because it can attract wildlife up close.

Hopefully, with the above survival skills, you will help yourself survive if you miss the trekking. It is best to stick to the group, carefully prepare luggage and knowledge of trekking, learn the travel area and above all, be calm in all situations. I wish you always safe during the trip!

Experience Preparing Before Traveling To Antarctica

Experience Preparing Before Traveling To Antarctica

Antarctica is an extremely luxurious tourist destination that not every tourist can choose. However, if you have the opportunity to explore, you should not miss the opportunity to experience the great value that the Antarctic tour brings.

Those who experience Antarctica can be considered a lucky thing because there are few traces of unspoiled residents and landscapes. Setting foot on the Antarctic ice is thought to be on another planet, an inhabited land, where weather forces and wildlife dominate. To prepare for the Antarctic expedition, you should note the following information

1. The right time to explore Antarctica

Antarctica Travel

Outdoor temperatures in the world's coldest places can drop to -79 degrees Celsius. Temperatures are never higher than -29 degrees, even in the summer. This is also the highest continent with an average altitude above sea level of 2350m. Besides Antarctica is also the driest continent on earth with an average annual rainfall of only 55mm and the maximum wind speed here is 100m / s.

Despite the extremely cold climate, Antarctica still has a good time for tourists to explore. From November to March next year is the summer in Antarctica. This is the right time for travel experience activities in one of the most extreme weather places on earth.

2. How to go to Antarctica

Most of the ships going to Antarctica come from Ushuaia - the southernmost point of Argentina and the destination is the Antarctic peninsula because it is not too far and the weather conditions are at a level that tourists can adapt to.

In addition to starting points from Ushuaia, there are also some routes originating from Chile, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa

3. What to prepare before going to Antarctica?

You should note that bring some of the following items:

- Clothing: Waterproof jackets, pants and shoes; laminated thin clothing keeps heat lined inside; a pair of shoes (boot); thick socks; gloves; hood covering your ears.

- Necessary equipment: Sunscreen with SPF 50 and above; sunglasses; anti-seasick medicine; ski goggles; binoculars; waterproof bag. Of course, you have to bring a good camera, a lot of memory cards, or a laptop to load photos because it will be regretful if you do not capture a lot of memorable moments at Antarctica.

4. Some unique experiences in Antarctica

If you've come to Antarctica then do not hesitate to participate in leisure activities here:

Watch the sunrise: Antarctica in the summer you will have the opportunity to watch the sunrise. Why is it only summer watching the sun? Because Antarctica has no nights and no days. During the Antarctic winter, the sun does not rise above the horizon, so people must live in complete darkness for 4 months. This happens back in the summer, when the sun doesn't set below the horizon

Explore the kingdom of animals unique to Antarctica: The cold Antarctic continent is home to penguins, seals, sea lions, whales, albatrosses and other animals molluscum In the midst of the harshness of the weather, there is no trace of human settlement, there exists a rich ecological system that creates a vivid, close and natural picture that you must be lucky to be able to witness. comments on this image

5. Some other notes when visiting Antarctica

- Visitors must strictly follow safety issues and environmental protection regulations (prohibit littering, bring food and drink, do not get too close to avoid harm to wildlife, ...)

- On the board to Antarctica, visitors must attend safety training and rehearsals, as well as lessons on the environment, history and other issues related to the continent.

The secret to protecting yourself when traveling alone

The secret to protecting yourself when traveling alone

Traveling alone is a very exciting but risky experience, especially for girls. Please keep in mind the following tips to have a safe and enjoyable trip with your travel companion.

1. Find out details about the land you are going to

One of the most important rules, when you go to a foreign land, is to "join in custom." In order not to behave strangely, sometimes insulting to the culture and beliefs of indigenous people, learn first About destination is the key to solving the problem.

You can look up information through books, movies, the internet or people who have traveled. In the Middle East, seeing and smiling at a man can automatically be interpreted as a flirtation or suggestion. When you know these things, you will not laugh at anyone.

2. Pretend to be married

Wearing a fake wedding ring on your pinky finger, keeping a picture of your boyfriend on your phone or even being single is another way to avoid the hassle, especially when traveling to the Middle East - where women are married. more often respected than single girls.

To cut unwanted "tails", weaving a story about your husband waiting for you at the hotel will not make you "lose value".

3. Dress and dress up like a local

- To minimize attention from the opposite sex, the secret is to dress modestly, discreetly. In addition, you should pay attention to the dress style of indigenous women and study their style to avoid being watched and scrutinized.

- Avoid clothing that is revealing, flashy, or too complicated when going to a strange place. The first is that you will attract attention and no one knows for sure whether the bad guys pay attention to you or not and the second is that you will separate yourself from the natives and it is easy to be robbed, robbed or other things.

4. Always have a backup plan

When traveling alone, plan A is not enough. You could have plans B, C, even Z if that is necessary. You should never tie yourself to an option, just in case the situation doesn't go as planned and you have to sacrifice your own safety.

5. Buy travel insurance

Many travelers often ignore travel insurance. Although no one really wants to use it, you should buy it before every trip. The type of travel insurance will support you in health, property at risk.

6. Prepare lightweight luggage

- Do not turn your trip into a torment with dozens of items. Make a list of items that you really need and don't regret leaving behind a fashionable dress or jewelry. Keep your luggage as compact as possible so that trouble like transportation, finding a place to stay does not affect the journey.

- At the same time, light luggage will help you easily move and flee when danger is lurking.

- Wandering on the road with baggy luggage when night falls is like informing people that "I am a tourist and I am alone, there is no one to protect me".

- When traveling for a long time, observing the daily schedule is quite difficult. But women traveling alone need to know a "golden" rule of thumb to get to their destination before night falls.

- In addition, you should also avoid going out alone at night, especially in the areas where there are few people traveling to ensure your safety.

7. Shout out loud if harassed

When being bothered, many girls choose to silently ignore while not necessarily being too polite. To keep yourself safe, create a limited circle with people around you.

Using facial expressions, body language, or even loudly if undesirable to be disturbed by the opposite sex is a must. Don't be afraid to yell loudly to attract the attention of nearby locals. This is a very effective way to keep the harasser away.

Travel guides not to be missed when camping outdoors

Travel Guides Not To Be Missed When Camping Outdoors

Camping in pristine places with little development in tourism services is the trend of many people today to enjoy the feeling of being in nature. Enjoy the fresh, pure air, away from the polluted, noisy atmosphere of the city

To get a complete and safe trip, you should refer to the following issues:

1. Weather

Because camping is completely outdoors, using tents placed directly on rock or grass, weather when camping is the most important factor.

Dry, cool weather is the best time to go camping. It will rain, making the soil wet, and the tent will be unstable if it happens too heavy. Besides camping always combines activities of climbing, playing sports or sailing, sightseeing ... so if it's cloudy, with thunderstorms will make your picnic a disaster. Not to mention the slippery, muddy or flood caused by rain will be dangerous for you when moving

2. Location

- Depending on who will accompany you choose the appropriate camping site. If traveling with the family, there are both old and young children, you should choose places that are flat, easy to move and there are many travel support services around in case of unexpected cases. If you choose to go camping with a group of young friends, the wild, rugged and a bit thorny, difficult places will be an ideal place to conquer and explore together.

3. Necessary Equipment

- The most important tool you must bring is a tent because it will be a place for you to hide, avoid rain, wind and strong sunlight. To choose a tent, you need to pay attention to the size, material, weather adaptability, capacity, texture and features of the tent to suit the intended use.

- The next important thing is that you need to bring a sleeping bag to sleep well in the camping area. Consider the material, insulation, waterproof, or avoiding insect bites of sleeping bags to choose the most suitable type.

- Bring flashlights, candles, lighters and other light-able devices to facilitate the activity in the dark. Remember outside nature you won't have any direct chargers.

- Warm clothes, windbreakers, raincoats, socks, hats, towels are also things to bring in your luggage whether you camp in the middle of summer because the weather in the mountains or in the forest can change at any time.

- Medicine is also indispensable in any trip. Take all the most popular medicines from a stomachache to allergy medicine to prevent any bad situations.

4. Food

- Should choose packaged, neatly and conveniently packaged foods.

- With raw food, it should be cleaned, preliminarily processed and marinated at home. Store in clean, closed plastic containers or bags.

- We should bring some ready-to-eat foods such as cereals, biscuits, candy, milk ... in case it is impossible to cook.

- Remember to estimate and bring enough water for everyone. Camping and bonfires will always be associated with grilling corn, potatoes, and tea, so prepare these dishes to make the campfire more enjoyable.

5. Safe when camping

- Always remember to be careful with firewood when burning campfire or cooking because in the wilderness with many trees and high winds, the fire can flare up at any time. If you leave your motorbike next to the campsite, keep it on fire far away from your motorbike to prevent fire and explosion.

- Always clean garbage after use to protect the environment.

- Do not go on small roads, too dangerous roads, roads with banned signs or dangerous warnings to protect the safety for yourself and the people of the same delegation.

Camping Heavens

Why You Must Go For Couple Camping At Least Once In Your Lifetime.

Why You Must Go For Couple Camping At Least Once In Your Lifetime.

Each of us have various definitions for romance and for some it is a simple red rose accompanied with a formal wear to a fancy restaurant. While for others it is just snuggling up in a tent while the rain is tickling the dry leaves and trees.

For some, outdoor camping can be quite repulsive, still there is no doubt it is the great way to spice up your romance and love life, and that too if you try couple camping. Seriously, it is something that you really need to try this summer. There is nothing so peaceful and romantic to travel together with your lovely partner and mending the broken relationship.

Things You Need For Camping

Keep in mind that there might be certain upfront cost with regard to camping, if you haven’t tried one or lack the necessary things. The best part is that you can go super cheap and try out the garbage available in most camping stores or Walmart, but that’s not what you really need. Countless department stores sell the best double sleeping bag and it is all about quality stuff. Hey! There is no harm in going overboard as ultimately you really need to have a peaceful night and for that you need the best mattress for couples as it is something that can really make your night romantic.

Before you jump in and start going on a shopping spree, just define the basic parameters. Keep in mind that you need quality gears which are suitable for motorcycle or car trips and camping, especially the ones that might need you to carry for short distances. Of course, you can go for huge backpacking miles, but moving on water surface or any kind of extreme conditions will require better gear specialization.

Like most people if you really feel tired with hitting the gas pedal and moving around various camping stores and supermarkets, then you are truly an online enthusiastic. Nothing beats in sitting at your home, office or commuting and checking out the various best double sleeping bags rather than moving around the various shops and shelves.

Plus think about the fashion. You get variety of stuffs in different colors and patterns, even at cheap discount price. See, nothing can really bring the happiness in shopping online and saving some cash. So, let’s check some of the major items that you need for couple camping –

● Tent

Similar to sleeping bags, you do need to keep an extra eye for tents. It depends on the number of people, and if it is a couple’s retreat, then your best choice is to go for two-person tent, but you might have a tough time in going overboard in each other’s space. Still you do have the option to try the three-man tent which can be comfy.

● Sleeping Bag and Mattress

Sometimes it can be a daunting task to choose the best double sleeping bag as each time you check out the ones available, you get intimated with the temperatures shown in them. A versatile option will be to go for one that offers 20 degrees Fahrenheit and is most suitable for camping (three seasons) in colder climates.

Of course, sometimes the temperature ratings on these bags can be deceptive too, which will sometimes be different from the required and minimum comfortable temperature. The only aspect you must keep in mind is that in the real world, the 20 degrees comfy bad will be quite freezing and sometimes toasty, especially during the night when the temperature is somewhere in the 40s. Frankly, if you have visited any mountainous area, you can know that this is the most common temperature present in them, especially during the summer.

For selecting the best mattress for couples, you need to look out for ones that are warmer in tiny and light packages however, they can be quite pricey and even something leads to reducing the ability of insulation when it becomes wet. Fillers designed by humans are much heavier and huge, however, they are cheaper and will keep you warm during the stormy or rainy weather.

Going For An Awesome Couples’ Gateway

Do you know what couples or romantic nut heads like? They are the great fans of cuddling near fireside, gazing stars and a handy dinner picnic right in the middle of the forest. Seems like the best romantic gateway is camping and couples can really use them to spice up their romantic life. So, how is it possible to have a great couple camping? Just check out the below instructions

●Selecting The Best Location

Not even a single location is best and suitable for any person. However, it is easy for you to search a spot that is ideal for both you and your partner. And most importantly, you need to think about three major aspects of the place where you are camping – area, scenery, and activities.

One of the best aspects of remote camping is you can connect with your lovely partner. Just check out for small camping fields that provides a secluded place to hangout and is less noisy. In addition, go for a scenic spot that has all the natural beauty in the view, like water on the mountain, view of the pleasant night life, romantic sunset, and the list goes on.

Make sure to plan activities that are nearby to your location. This way you can spend the day just by exploring rather than simply hanging around in the campsite. Most people check out for campgrounds situated in national parks and state where there is an easy access of water, caverns, and caves.

● Escaping The Real Lives

Irrespective of the various date nights, weekend trips, cozy cuddling in the bed and other romantic activities of spending together, you can’t miss or avoid the day-to-day stress factors. Projects, commitments, bosses, etc will always be squeezing the life out of you as they are simply one invasive text message far from you

Frankly to escape from such distractions, you need to get unplugged from it; going to places where cellphone coverage is less feasible to make your life filled with distractions. Now since all the unnecessary hindrances are lessened and removed, you can concentrate on what is significant and really necessary.

● Get Accustomed To The Worst Of Each Other

Here it is not what you or your partner will be looking life after a tiring week sans shower, even though it is possible, still you are bound to see more. You will come across each other’s hungriest, grumpiest and the really exhausting behavior which can make you happy or dissatisfied.

Any camping trip which goes beyond the one week schedule will be guaranteed to have a horrendous mood, sometimes taking a toll, along with providing a glance on what becomes of your partner as and when you guys are at wit’s end.

●Spice Up The Sex Life

One of the primal rituals which play a great importance in our life is sex. Currently there are many of us who are in their right mind know that sex is extremely enjoyable and great. It is even one of the best enjoyable and healthy habits. Unluckily rarely get the time to spend with their better half or partner. Couple camping helps to spice up your sex life where you end up in knowing more about your partner and start to enjoy the closeness with each other. And if you have the best double sleeping bag and the best mattress for couples, you are going to have a rocking time.

● Best Vacation At Affordable Rates

Some vacation can indeed be an expensive affair, where you really enjoy the pleasurable hospitality at an all-inclusive resort, but it is only after you come back to your home, you realized that you have literally burned your pockets.

A week spent on camping will put out the extensive cost involved for transportation, food, etc. Only you have to purchase the necessary gears, but you can still borrow them from your buddies or relatives. In addition, if you still lack some of the basic items, you can get them at discounted price online.

●Easy Understanding And Appreciation

Do you know what is the best quality that you partner has? It is nothing but resilience. Spending a huge amount of time (that is a single or two weeks) will easily help them to know who you are and how much versatile your character is.

Slowly you will really understand the kind of skills that each of you have got. Plus both of you will understand who is patient during the crises, who is extremely resourceful and especially you has the best sense of humor which can simply brighten the sticky situations and an environment.

Winding Up

No doubt, it is great to go for couple camping with your better half or partner. Sometimes in our stress-full and busy lives, there is always the dearth in the amount of time we spend with others. Going out and spending some quality time along with the beautiful nature and scenery is really something that you can cherish and even the best thing to smoothen your life. So, go ahead and try spending some personal time with your lovely partner through couple camping.

Camping Tent

How to Pitch a Tent: The First Step toward Wanderlust

How to Pitch a Tent: The First Step toward Wanderlust

Camping Tent

​Knowing the basic necessities needed for outdoor survival is a must for anyone with a traveler’s soul. Being a slave to wanderlust myself, I realise the need to know the absolute essentials required whilst traveling, and this is the exact intent behind penning down this article. The very first thing that comes to mind while thinking of braving the exterior terrain is setting up a tent. This is one of the skills that comes really handy when the opportunity presents itself and definitely takes you a long way. Pitching the tent is one of the base skills that any traveler needs to have – it is almost impossible to survive without this skill set, which is why it is best to dive into this tutorial right away.

The things you will need for pitching the tent are:

  • A spot or flat ground or surface to set up a tent
  • A tent of your preference, suited to your needs
  • A groundsheet
  • Some pegs
  • Tent poles
  • A mallet and/or a rock
  • A hammer or some kind of driveling tool
  • A rain cover

​Now getting to the crux of the matter, here is the tutorial for pitching the tent:

​• Choose the Sort of Tent You Prefer:

​There is a diverse range of tents that you can choose from. This includes the Dome Tent, Cabin Tent, the Yurt, the Bell Tent and the A-Frame Tent. This is a careful decision to be made: you need to take into account the weight, size, feasibility, shape, and the terrain and type of camping you will be indulging in. On the other hand, if you are going to use the tent for a one-time event, such as a festival, it is best to go for a pop up sort of tent as they are most suited for such occasions.

​• Decide on a Spot to Pitch the Tent:

​After having decided upon a tent to pitch, you have to look for a place where you can perform the task. It goes without saying that you will need a flat surface for pitching purposes – what you also need is an area protected from errant wind and stray branches that may crash down upon your camping site. The safety of your camping area is the main priority over here. The last, but definitely not the least, thing to do is check for rocks and twigs and other such material on your camping ground: clear the area out to remove any sort of possible hindrance to your camping experience.

• Fix the Groundsheet:

​Now that the spot for pitching the tent has been picked out, it is time to actually lay the groundwork – in this case, the groundsheet. The groundsheet is the base for your tent: place it on the ground so that it goes under the tent. Secure this arrangement with a couple of pegs. Now all you have to do is wait for a few minutes until the foundation of the tent is all set.

• Setting up the Tent Poles:

​We have now arrived at one of the most crucial points of the tent setting process – the setting up of the tent poles. What you have to do is: you need to insert them into the cloth of the tent. You have to start at one end of the fabric and then venture into the opposite end. This is a step that requires a certain amount of concentration due to the fickleness of the procedure, but once it is over, you do not have to bother with it anymore.

• Raising the Tent:

​Once the insertion of the tent poles is done with, it is time to actually bring up the tent. What is usually done is thread the poles of the tent through a clip at every end of the tent. Now, tug the poles of the tent as far away as you can from each other. This causes the tent to inflate and become taut and strong. This also means that there is more space in the tent and extra room – rain will not get accumulated near and/or by the tent.

• Finishing Touches:

​The tent has now been raised and inflated. While, of course, this means that the pitching procedure is almost over – it also means that the pegs that had been previously attached need to be readjusted due to the change in the shape of the tent. In accordance with the current shape of your tent, drive in the pegs with a hammer. Use of a mallet or a rock or some similar and/or identical substance is preferred while hammering in the pegs as you can, then, really drive them home. Finally, it is necessary to check the pegs each morning and make them taut again, in case they have loosened up due to the weather or some other circumstance.

• Rain Cover:

The final addition to your pitched tent is a rain cover. A cover – or a rain fly, as it is often called – is required for preventing the rain from getting into the tent. Weather conditions are highly unpredictable: you can be in touch with the latest forecasts and yet be not so pleasantly surprised by a torrential downpour

• Conclusion:

​So this was all on how to set up a tent... Travel is one of the things that bring immense joy to everyone’s lives. I am no exception and, being privy to this very fact, realize how very essential this basic set skill is. Once you know of it, it does not really seem like a big deal, but ignorance can lead to deprivation of one of the most of joyful experiences that you as a person can have.

​Did you enjoy this tutorial? What did you think of it? Let us know in the comments below how it helped and if you have anything extra to say. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends – that long pending trip to the countryside will already seem more like a reality!


How To Keep Mice Out Of Camper

How To Keep Mice Out Of Camper

How To Keep Mice Out Of Camper

​One of the best feelings in this world is to take to your camper out, go on a long drive, spend a few nights in it while you travel to different cities, visit the important places of each city, learn about the culture and tradition, and then come back and impart them among your friends. The imparting of knowledge and learning about the culture might be the delightful part of the trip, but the fun and the most exhilarating part of the trip is undoubtedly, taking your own camper out and setting out on an endless journey. With fun, comes the hard part of maintaining your camper in the best possible way, so that it does not abandon your side, when you need it the most. And one of the most important issues of taking out the camper for days is the prevention of mice, happily camping in your camper. There are a lot of things that need to be taken into account before you can explore the endless possibilities of a single trip. Let us take a look at what possibly causes mice to camp, and how to keep mice out of camper, so that you can enjoy a hassle-free trip.

How To Keep Mice Out Of Camper

What causes mice to enter your camper?


Just as human being needs shelter or a home that they can call their own, to take care of all the essential things in life, these mice and squirrels too, need some shelter, to build their own nests to give birth to their young ones, and bring them up. The insulating, and warm place in the camper is just the one they are looking for, and they will not think twice before wrecking havoc on your camper, especially during winters. So, it is of utmost importance that you take care of the RV rodent manifestation that can cause serious damage to your camper, making it immobile as well.

How to tackle the situation?

There are quite a few steps that can be taken to get rid of these pesky little creatures. Although it reacts in different manners to different situations, these basic steps can be taken to have a go at kicking the mice out the camper.

  • Getting rid of the Edibles: There are instances where the owner the camper has repetitively complained that even with pest control, these little creatures are not getting out of the vehicle. Although pest controls do work at times, particularly when the number of the creatures are more, getting rid of the food items, dry food boxes and packets, is the first step of preventing the mice from entering your camper. Taking into account the fact that the creatures are also drawn by their keen sense of smell towards food, getting rid of all food contents is an effective way to prevent their entry.
  • Sealing the Openings: One of the most important and obvious steps that can be taken is to seal all the potholes of the camper. It would be surprising to discover manufacturing defects creating potholes, but not as surprising as to see holes created by mice and squirrels since they have this irritating and annoying habit of chewing on items. These potholes serve as their door for entry and exit from the vehicle. So it is important to seal those using any adhesive item or by creating a barrier over the gap using a piece of scrap metal, so that they cannot gain entry in the camper.
  • camper, camping heavens
  • Using Moth Balls: What smells do mice hate? Moth balls. They are one of the key items that can drive rodents out of your camper. It is recommended that you use powerful and high-quality moth balls to drive the rodents out because people have complained that less powerful moth balls were not capable enough to drive them out. Try and put some moth balls in a bowl, and set a cheese-trap near it to draw the mouse in. If the trap fails, the moth balls are sure to do their work.
  • camper, camping heavens
  • Ultrasonic Rodent Repellers: As mentioned earlier, the setting of cheese trap or rat traps is not exactly an effective way to get rid of these pesky little creatures. Mice and squirrels have evolved, increasing their sense and movement. There have been quite a few instances where the owner of the camper has complained that in spite of setting traps, the rodents smartly avoided them and got their place in the camper. The Ultrasonic Rodent Repellers are an effective way though. Although this method varies, it is worth giving a shot at.
  • Less Appealing: One of the most clichéd and unorthodox methods of getting rid of these little creatures is to make your camper look less appealing. Though it sounds hilarious, this has been quite an effective method, decreasing the number of mice that gains an access to the camper. Quite obvious that the way one will not risk an entry to an unappealing house or a place, the mice too will not move in with the same mindset. They will now think twice before gaining an entry since the camper does not attract them anymore. So, you might want to give this a try and see the results for yourself.
  • Prevention: Instead of spending on high-end gadgets to get rid of these little creatures, and often ending up disappointed, it is better to resort to the classical ways of preventing the access of mice in the camper. A fine tooth comb is what you will need to get started. Search the entire camper for potholes, and you can use spray foam to block any such hole or resort to suing the old metal chips to seal the access points. And it is highly recommended that you carry these procedures out before the onset of winter, since by that time, it might be too late and they might have already started planning for babies.

​These conclude some of the most important and essential things that you need to know about getting a mouse free camper so that you can travel in style in your camper!

Best Camping Games

Go Camping — The Funniest Game You Can Enjoy Together

​Go Camping -- The Funniest Game You Can Enjoy Together

​In this present world, people hardly get time to meet each other and enjoying each other company in a fun-filled way. They become too busy to spend quality time with family and friends. Camping can give them the opportunity to spend some fun-filled time with their close ones and enjoy some refreshment in their hectic life.

Camping, as the very name suggests is the activity where you spend your holidays living in a tent with friends or family members. However, to make this activity more thrilling, you can add some games to it. Camping games for adults are the best ways to connect with your loved ones closely and know each other.

Some Important Points 

  • Before you choose the best games for your next camping you should be aware of some important points that are closely related to the same.
  • Choose the game which can be played by all of the members of that camping group. Know their health conditions while choosing the game.
  • You should also try to know their personal preferences while planning these games, because everyone of that camp should enjoy those games. If someone is not comfortable in playing any particular game, then you should try to pick some other option.
  • No matter what kind of game you should choose, take care of the matter of safety. Ensure that it will not harm anybody in anyways.
  • The purpose of these games should be fun only. You should not hurt anyone’s emotion during these games.
  • Check out the location of your camping and then decide the games. Choose something which can be easily played in that particular location.
  • Select the game which is unique, interesting and encouraging for all. You can try playing some traditional games with some latest twists to make them interesting.
  • While choosing the game, you must ensure that you can communicate with each other well. After all, you all are present there for that purpose. It must be a game that can connect you all in a positive manner.
  • If there are adults members only in that camping game, then you must try to choose camping games for adults.

List Of Some Interesting Camping Games for Adults

Here is the list of some camping games for the adults that can make your camps more exciting and thrilling for you as well as the other members of that group.

1. Conversation Games

conversation games for adults

While looking for the popular camping games for adults you can find the conversation game. In this kind of game, there will be a certain topic and all the group members need to talk about their personal experience regarding the same. It can be:

  • 3 things I cannot live without
  • I have never
  • I would love to
  • My craziest dream
  • 2 truths and 1 lie
  • I hate most and/or I love most

All of these come under the category of conversation games where you can get the chance to know weird, funny and exciting things about each other and explore each other in a new way.

2. Board Games

Here comes the traditional option of camping games for adults that can be played and enjoyed by everyone – the board games. Here also you can have a plenty of choices like:

  • Othello
  • Card games
  • Cards against Humanity
  • Bullshit

All these games are highly entertaining for the adults because they are very engaging. You can never feel bored when you have any of these games with you during your camping. These games are full of fun since they give you the pleasure to utilize your intelligence plus skill. You can beat your opponent easily with the help of your experience in these games. If you are a novice, then you can learn how to play these games from the seniors in such camps as well.

3. Drinking Games For Adults

drinking games camping games for adults

When it is an adult camping activity then you can include this game in the list. In this game, the players take the help of the drinks to make the game more thriling at every step. There you have to ask all the other members “Who’s Most Likely to….”. You can fill the blank with something weird and outlandish. When you finish your question everyone will take the name of the person whom they think is the most suitable for that particular option. The person who gets the maximum vote will take a sip of the drink.

There can be some mind-blowing ideas that you can use as the question in this game. You have to try to make your question as strange as it can be. There are some ideas.

Who’s Most Likely to….

  • Kiss a stranger?
  • Drive a Lamborghini?
  • Jump from a hot an air balloon?
  • Slap a police office?
  • Attend a facial treatment?
  • Live with lions?
  • Ride a camel in the desert?
  • Climb the Mount Everest?
  • Run in front of the bulls?

However, while asking these questions or pointing on a person, you should remember that you should not harm anyone’s emotion and take it as a fun game.

4. The Psychiatrist

The Psychiatrist camping games for adults

This is one of the craziest camping games for adults through which you can check the ability of individuals to find patterns in human behavior while they belong to a particular group. One person will become the psychiatrist and need to guess a common behavioral pattern of the other members which they follow intentionally.

In this game, the person who becomes the psychiatrist needs to leave the group for a while. The other members will decide a certain physical or talking pattern while answering the answers of the psychiatrist. For example;

  • They all will touch their cheeks while telling lies and touch their ears while telling the truth.
  • They will add a name of an animal in every answer.
  • They will keep their head tilted to the left side while giving the answer.

The psychiatrist will ask questions to get the answers, and while the others are giving the answers, he or she has to guess that certain behavioral pattern of the other members of the group. He or she will get three guesses and can ask maximum 20 questions for that.

5. Truth Or Dare

You can play the very famous Truth Or Dare game. This is one of the most played games all over the world. Every one of this group will sit in a circle, and someone will spin a bottle. When the bottle stops spinning and points out to a certain member, then that particular person needs to choose an option between Truth or Dare. He or she either need to give a true answer to a question asked by any of the group members or have to do something daring according to that very person. He can decide whether he wish to attempt the truth or the dare.

The game can be too much fun when you give something weird and crazy for the “Dare” option. For a male, it can be wearing a bikini and dance, or it can be kissing another man on the lips. For the ladies of your group, you can ask them to climb a tree or perform pole dance to impress the males of the group.

6. Witch’s Ring

To start this game, there must be a small circle drawn on the ground. One player will be the witch and crouch inside the circle. The other players will work around that circle. Now the witch will start rising slowly and shout “here I come”. Then the witch will try to catch out any other player who is near the circle, and the witch will decide that what that player would turn into be. The witch will turn the player into something weird like a dog, a toad or a monkey and the player needs to freeze in that position until the game is over. The game will continue until all the players are turned into some creatures and get into those goofy shapes. Then the witch will win, and the game will be started again from the beginning with a new witch.

The Pattern Of The Games

The pattern of the games should be decided by the age of the participants in a camping activity. If all of them are young adults, then there can be games that involved physical activities. On the other hand, if all of you are in your middle age and want to have some fun while sitting inside or outside your tents then you can choose camping games for adults that do not involve many physical activities.

The Final Words

However, you can try something which will come all of you closer as friends or families and make the bonding stronger. You should try to make your camp a memorable one. You should try to do something that can make your fellow campers laugh or smile and forget their daily stress for a while. Be unpredictable and choose something unexpected as a camping game next time you meet in a camp with your pals or families. Enjoy the life to the fullest while camping with them.

Camping Like A Pro, Even If You Are A Novice

​Camping Like a Pro, Even If You Are a Novice

Camping Tips

If you have never been camping, or if you have only been camping with family and friends and have not gone out on your own before, it can be a bit nerve-racking. Apart from trying to find the proper equipment and food to bring, there is the act of camping itself. What should you do, how should you do it, and what are fun ways to enjoy the outdoors without a reliance upon technology? And while there are a ton of things which we could expound upon, here are a few simple hacks that you can use if you are a beginner.

Hungry? Try this simple recipe

​If you do not want to spend your entire afternoon getting food prepared, you may wish to try this simple solution. All you will need to do is have your vegetables cut up and wrapped in aluminum foil. If you have any ground meat or steaks, you can add them to the packet. To make this meal all you have to do is arrange the vegetables and meat on in your pouch, add a bit of water to keep everything from going dry, wrap up your contents and let it cook on a grill or on some white coals of a fire for around 20 to 30 minutes. It is really that simple.

Making a camping fire

​Camping and fires go hand in hand. If you are new to camping, then making a fire may not be an easy endeavor. Hopefully, you do not have the expectations of rubbing sticks together. But even if you have matches, getting a fire up and going can be a bit of a task, especially if the ground is wet. To start a fire quickly, this is what you will need to do:

  • Look for moss. If you have not gone into the woods yet, you can use lint from your dryer or get some toilet paper to use as your starter.
  • Get small dry sticks from your camp area. Do not use anything green. It will not burn well. Put a minimal amount of this on your campfire.
  • Look around for stumps of pine trees. If you find some, look into the stumps for pieces of wood with a yellowish/orange tint. It will smell a bit like kerosene. Collect as much of this as possible. Put it on the base of your campfire and light your lint. The wood will catch and burn for a long time at a high heat.
  • As your fire build to increase the thickness of your branches


​If you are camping away from any facilities which have water, then bathing may become an issue. Where you could go looking for a stream or something or another which could be used to quickly run some water over your body, getting clean and smelling clean may be a problem. If you forgot to pack your deodorant, but you have a bit of mint it could be just what you need to take the edge off. Boil the mint in water and let the water cool. Once you have that done, wet a cloth and wipe yourself down. Not only does the mint take away that body funk, mint, when applied to the skin can have a calming effect, cool the skin, and reduce the irritation of bug bites, says medical news today.

Pack a spare set of shoes


​When you go camping, you should have comfortable shoes. Hiking boots and tennis shoes do best. Do not wear your heels or open toe shoes in the woods. Heels tend to break and open toe shoes are a stubbed toe or cut heel waiting to happen. If you know that your destination will be beside a shoreline, stream, or soft bedded area, pack your river shoes in your bag and switch them out once you arrive.

It is important that you have at least one spare set of shoes in your camping gear. Should you get your shoes wet, puncture the sole, or any number of issues occur, it is best to have a solution rather than have to deal with being un-prepared.

Bring Duct Tape

duct tape

​As comical as it may sound, duct tape is a quick and easy way to fix several problems which can occur on a campsite. Have a tent rod that is cracking? Well, you could pull out a soldering iron and fix it, or just put the tent up and hope for the best, or you could reinforce it with duct tape. If you forget to pack an extra pair of shoes and the sole comes undone, tape it together. You get the point. Duct tape fixes things quickly. Have a small roll in your camping gear.

Storing your food

cammping tips

​When you camp in nature, occasionally you should deal with nature coming to see what you have brought to you. Food and snacks tend to be a magnet for wildlife, especially when there is any aroma to the food. To avoid waking up to bear in your campsite, a raccoon in your tent, or just the frustration of picking up a mess of a mysterious animal that has rummaged through your camping supplies, use this camping tips.

Find a tree that has a branch extending a few feet from the trunk. The branch should be a good 10 to 12 feet above the ground. Using a rope hang your bag from the branch. Ensure that you do not leave the top of your bag open (as squirrels and raccoons will just climb into the bag). The bag should hang about 2 feet from the branch to keep creatures from just climbing the tree and reaching into the bag. Tie the rope around the tree firmly and only lower your pack when you are at the site and awake.

You have a phone, use it for good

​I am not a big advocate for technology in the campground. One of the reasons to go camping is to unplug from the world. However, using the GPS navigation system in your phone is a great way to safely navigate the woods. Just ensure that you are looking at your surroundings as you walk and not fixated on the phone. A GPS navigator is good only to a certain extent. Most of the navigation will not give you the layout of the land. It will not be able to tell you if there is a cliff, a snake in the path, or a low branch. Pay attention to where you are walking, using the GPS as a guide.

Don’t camp alone

​If you are a beginner, then you should not go camping alone. Every year the news reports several individuals who have gone camping alone and gone missing. I am sure that not one of those campers set out with the intention of getting lost. A pair is always better than a solo act when camping. Have a camping plan, have at least one other person with you and let someone know about where to find you should you not be back home around the intended time.

2 camping equipment list

The Ultimate Guide To Choosing Your Best Camping Equipment List

The Ultimate Guide To Choosing Your Best Camping Equipment List

For some, the concept of camping is more appealing than the practice of doing such. It is not that the person does not want to go camping, but rather that they do not know what to bring along with them, what equipment is mandatory for a good time and what contents are not. And with an abundance of commercialized products claiming that they are the only solution for this or that need, who could blame them? This article is intended to sift through all of the hype and propaganda and give you a list of the essential camping supplies you will need.

Here is your complete camping equipment list

Sleeping Bag

camping equiment

Unless you plan on sleeping on the ground, then you will need a sleeping bag. It is recommended that you find a sleeping bag which is water resistant. While you may be in a dry area, the cotton and wools which primarily make up the insulation of the sleeping bag are absorbent. This means that the slightest amount of dew or condensation could prove to be quite uncomfortable. A waterproofed sleeping bag will reduce the amount of condensation allowed to the interior of the bag.

When packing your sleeping bag keep the roll tight, Roll from the opening to the foot. This will ensure that the cotton or wool is not exposed to the elements prior to it being unrolled to sleep in.

Strike Anywhere Matches

camping equipment

Strike anywhere matches are the quickest way for you to start that campfire. They can be placed into a small aluminum container and placed in your pocket or in a side pouch. As the matches are more sensitive than a book of matches, it is not recommended to have them stored loosely. When using strike anywhere matches, look for a surface with a slight abrasion to it. Push the match away from you and voila, you have a flame.

First Aid Kit

camping equiment

All camping plans should have a first aid kit. Per the American Red Cross, your kit should include 2 absorbent compresses, 25 Band-Aids, 1 adhesive cloth tape, 5 antibiotic ointment packs, 5 antiseptic wipes, 2 packs of aspirin, a blanket, a breathing barrier, a cold compress, nonlatex gloves, 2 hydrocortisone ointment packs, scissors, one roller bandage, gauze pads, a thermometer, triangular bandages, tweezers, and first aid instruction booklet.

You do not need to be too concerned with building the contents of a first aid kit. Most pre-made kits come with the supplies listed above as well as a few other contents. When packing your equipment, be sure that your kit is located at the top of your pack for quick and easy access.

Cordless Phone charger

Let us face it, we live in a technology driven world and even in the woods, we will be somewhat dependent upon our technology. The problem is that there are no electrical plugs coming out of trees, and so you will need to have back up power for your device. I would advise using a solar powered phone charger. The reason of course for this is usability. As long as the sun does not go completely out, and as long as you keep your USB cord undamaged, you should be able to power up your device. Just remember that you are camping and trying to get somewhat away from the world of technology. Don’t overdo your phone usage.


camping equipment

As uncomfortable as it may make you, you do need to consider your latrine options. While you are in the woods you can use the natural surroundings to a certain extent. However, you should extend a little bit of modesty and at least cover and bury as you go. A fold away shovel works best and is essential to keeping your campsite clean and sanitary. Just remember to rinse it before repacking. Apart from the hygienic reasons, a shovel is also good to have around for breaking up the ground for tent pegs and several other reasons. If you purchase and pack a military grade folding shovel, you will note that one of the edges is serrated to act as a saw as well.

A compass of GPS device

camping equiment

Where a map is a great tool to have, it does no good if you get lost and have no point of reference. A compass, on the other hand, can get you started in the right direction. For example, if you know that there is a major city to the north of your location you can walk north until you reach a familiar spot. The better solution, in today’s world of technology, is to have a GPS system on your phone, or to have a separate GPS device/locator in your camping equipment. This way, should you get lost in the woods (and it is very easy to do so in some locations), all you must do is input your destination, use the “use my current location” feature, and walk out.​

A fold up fire-safe cooking pan

I have actually forgotten this piece of equipment a time or two when camping, and let me tell you, it is a frustrating thing to overlook. You have all of your food packed, your fire is going, and then you realize that you have absolutely no way to warm your food. It is either eat it cold or try to make a makeshift cooker. Both are not ideal. A fireproof canteen cooker such as a Winterial Camping Cookware PotSet does wonders. Now, you do not have to have a complete set of pots and pans, a simple G.I grade mess kit will work fine. Remember, everything that you pack you have to carry.

A flare gun

Crazy as it may sound, your camping plan should have a flare gun. You may be the most experienced survivalist and camper in the world, but if you fall into an unforeseen pothole and break your ankle or slip on a mud bank and get pinned between some rocks, you will want to be found quickly. Using your phone will alert the rangers or local emergency services that you have an issue, but they still need to find you. Having a flare gun will allow the rescue authorities to have a precise location and get to you quickly.

Even if you do not think that you will have an injury emergency, a flare gun is a great device to keep yourself from being one of the many people who gets lost on camping trails. Think of all the news casts you hear of people who have gone off camping and simply got turned around and could not find there way back. Some of these stories end in heroic rescues, others in tragedy. Have a flare and at least you increase your odds of a happy ending.


​The number one thing that you should never forget is an abundance of socks. Your feet are your ticket in and out of the woods. You need to keep them comfortable. Wet socks are an irritant as well as a breeding ground for the bacterium. Torn socks can cause the foot to get blisters if you walk any given length of a camping trail. I would recommend taking 2 pairs of socks for every day you will be gone.

Pack sensibly

When you make your camping plan, ensure that you pack sensibly. Keep in mind that you are going to the wilderness and that there are some things that you can live without. If you have to have all the comforts of home, then stay at home.​


Here Is The Best Camping Food List You Should Bring To Camping

Here Is The Best Camping Food List You Should Bring To Camping

Here the best camping

Going camping? Make sure you have the right food in your bag.

For decades, camping and exploring the great outdoors has been a pastime enjoyed by millions of people. Albert Einstein, a brilliant scientist, provides an insight on camping, “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” Studies have shown that camping is a great way to cure insomnia due to separation from the day and lights of a city may cause a calm to come over you (per Colorado University).

Regardless of the reasons for camping, you must pack for the trip. Apart from the sleeping bag, the tent, and clothes, one of the top priorities on your list should be foods. But what should you pack? Here are a few suggestions and why we these foods are a good choice for your camping trip.

1. Dried Fruits

When you pack your foods, you should keep in mind that anything wet or containing juice can be subjected to leakage on your belongings. This means that most fruit in its traditional state should be avoided. Dried fruit, on the other hand, should be packed. The reason is due to the vitamins and minerals that are found in fruits. If you are camping and doing any form of hiking (as the two tend to go hand in hand), you will want to have the essential nutrients in your body. Apart from the health benefits, dried fruits serve as a form of a sweet snack.

dried food

2. Proteins

When going camping, your body needs protein. A source of protein can be found in any type of meats or nuts. Dried meats which have a high concentration of salt should be avoided. For example, any commercial grade beef jerky should probably be avoided. Salt, though it is a preservative, is also a dehydration mineral. Consuming salt on a camping trip, especially if the temperatures are high, can cause you to become ill. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, salt can cause dehydration and heat stroke.

When packing your protein, look for low sodium or non-preservative meats. Unless you are planning on doing some heavy survivalist type of camping, the foods should not be past it expiration date before it is consumed. Do not pack raw meat in your backpack as the heat and elements could cause it to be spoiled and this could results in a case of food poisoning. Should you wish to bring some steaks and potatoes for your camping trip, cook the meat beforehand, package it in an air tight bag (using a vacuum sealer if possible), and then reheat it when you wish to consume it.

3. Pack Water

Pack Water

Often times, we remember to pack our treats and our meats for our camping trip, but fail to remember to pack enough water. While there may be water facilities at the place we choose to camp, it is not guaranteed that the water which is available will be safe to drink. As a general rule, you should pack enough water to last for 3 days. According to, a person should have one gallon of water per every 3 days. Keep in mind that the average person consumes a gallon of liquid every day, it is always necessary to pack extra water.

When you pack water, consider packing one large gallon in a thermos water bottle rather than several bottles of water. This will cut down on the amount which is used in your backpack. You may need to carry the water by hand, but one gallon of water is far less bulky than 10 bottles in a cooler or a backpack.

4. Pack grains and oats for snacks

If you are like most people, you will require some kind of snacks while camping. It is advised that you pack natural grain or oats and mix them with your nuts and dried fruits. Store bought trail mixes should be avoided as the salt content tends to be way too high. When purchasing snack bars or mixes, try to stay in the organic section or find mixes which are not stuffed with candy, pretzels, and salt.

Oats can be serve as a two-way snacks. You can either add the oats into your trail mix or you can add water to the oats to make a quick meal. As oatmeal is heart healthy, you do not have to worry about harmful effects. Just ensure you eat in moderation.

5. What you should NOT bring.

There are a ton of foods which you can bring to go camping. The goal is to balance your consumption needs with health benefits. You do not want to pack foods that will drain your energy, dull you senses, or attract animals to your campsite. As such, you should avoid the following foods at all costs:

  • Chips – There is no nutrition to be found. All you will be doing is pumping your body full of grease and salt. Depending upon the brand, you could see some unwanted wilderness side effects, just look at the cautionary note on lays max chips.
  • Sodas- You may think that drinking a soda is a good way to quench your thirst, but you are making yourself thirstier. This is a result due to the high amount of sugars in soda.
  • Beer – There are numerous studies on the effects of beer in the brain. Apart from being intoxicated, do you really want to be in the middle of the woods with no recollection of how you got there and how to get back to civilization?
  • Foods with a strong aroma – Animals are attracted to things that smell good. If you have a bag full of meats and snacks that provide a strong aroma a mile away, the odds are that you will find a critter coming to investigate the smell. Keep strong scented foods in air tight containers or do not bring them at all.

6. A note on the foods that you bring for camping

Regardless of the food that you choose to bring for camping, you should take only what you will consume. When you settle into your campsite, look for a tree to hang your bag of foods onto. By suspending your foods away from the ground, you will deter animals from rummaging through your supplies at night or while you are away.