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Tent in Shadow

5 Tip For Choosing a Reasonable Plug Place

5 Tip For Choosing a Reasonable Plug Place

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During camping trips, picnics, ... choosing the right camping site will give you a great experience. Therefore, the campsite must be carefully selected. Given so many requirements, it is difficult to find a suitable camping site, the following article gives 5 basic things for you to choose a safe and reasonable camping site - for an interesting trip. taste!

1. Near Water Source

Tent near water

This is an obvious fact, a campsite near the stream or near the river will be extremely great (Excluding sea water!). Because water is the essential need of everyone. Water for cleaning, cooking and drinking. Therefore, your camping site should be a place where you can get water easily. Choose a place that is neither too close nor too far from the water source, it is best to choose a camping site about 200ft (about 60m) from the water source to ensure safety. This means you should not plug next to a river, lake or river bed, even if it is shallow.

A rare but important thing to keep in mind is to make sure your water source is not exposed to toxins, radiation and no contamination. Also filter the water before drinking to ensure it is filtered out dirt and bacteria before drinking.

2. Terrain is built flat

Terrian tent

The next note to choose a suitable camping location is to have a "nice" plane to set up the tent. Because no one wants to sleep when the rock keeps poking, or when the terrain is steep, that night is considered to be awake. The bumpy camping ground or the rocks are more or less obstructing when living, moving, eating and drinking at night. The best terrain for camping is sand, lawns (Should use tent pads), or ground (As long as it's flat)!

3. Avoid Potential Hazardous Hazards

Tent place danger

What are the potential dangers?

It can be a dry tree branch but not broken, a place with too much wind or a place too close to a lake (For those of you who sleepwalk).

Take a look around the location where you plan to camp, make sure that there are no dry branches about to break, not too dense because there will be a lot of insects, reptiles, ... especially not. erect tents near cliffs and foothills (where there is a risk of rock misses, erosion, etc.). Although setting up a tent on the hillside will give you a sense of adventure, "here, we don't do that" - put the safety of your trip first!

4. There is a shadow

Tent in Shadow

A location with natural shade would be preferred for camping. If there is no exposure to the sun, what is the outdoors, but too much sun exposure will lead to many later consequences. Therefore, a good camping site should be well lit but not too sunny during the day, typically where there is natural shade from shade trees, which is extremely important if you camp during the hot season - season. summer.

If your campsite is not shaded or you don't know what the terrain is like. Prepare a tank for this case!

5. Width camping place - quiet or noisy?

How is the yard large enough? - It is a flat surface with enough area for camping, equipment - outdoor equipment, activities and enough space to light a fire without affecting the surrounding trees. Depending on the number of people that choose the pitch has different widths.

If quiet or bustling doesn't matter to you, finding a campsite will be simpler! If you love the tranquility and want a relaxing vacation, a spacious camping site, away from other groups, is truly wonderful.

However, it is not always a good space, a space where you can interact with your neighbors but still retain a bit of privacy, it is great!

Note: Do not set up a tent on the trail and at least 100ft (about 30m) from the road.