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Should I Choose a 1 Or 2 Layer Camping Tent?

Should I Choose 1 or 2 Layer Camping Tent?

camping tent

If you are looking to choose a camping tent for yourself and your loved ones, please read the article below. This article will compare you with the difference between 1-layer tents and 2-layer tents so that you have the best, most satisfied choice for your journey!

1. What is a camping tent?

Big Camping tent

Camping is divided into 2 forms:

- Mobile camping: people move to the campsite by means of transportation, transporting camping equipment such as BBQ stoves, dining tables, tents, water, food, ...

- Camping for a living: people move to the campsite with their feet, carrying backpacks and luggage on their backs, applying survival skills to find water and food around the campsite.

  • Regardless of the form of camping, people are required to equip the following:

    - Tent or tarpaulin to cover the body.

    - Sleeping bag.

    - Insulation mats / mats.

    - Ropes and small wires to hang things.

    - Compass, GPS, flashlight.

    - Small knives and axes for cutting and pruning trees for wood.

    - Outdoor cooking stoves.

    - Ambulance supplies.

Tents are now commonly used for picnics, camps or refugee camps. Some of them are tired of reality, want to leave civilized life to return to nature, they set up tents in the forest or on small islands, living life like Robinson.

1. 1-Layer Tent

As the name implies, this tent consists of only 1 layer of fabric. And since it only has a single layer of cloth but it wants to resist rain, it almost has no net, only a small piece of mesh on the roof of the tent and will be covered with a small cloth when it rains.

So the downside of the tent is that although the most compact but only 1 tent class is also the most mysterious type. For the sake of this, there are 1-layer tents with a 2-layer door design - 1 layer of mesh, 1 layer of fabric.

The biggest advantage of a single-layer tent is extremely compact and easy to use, so it takes only about 2-3 minutes to erect. And the price is cheap thanks to the simple design, using less material. Well-known tent manufacturers also produce 1-layer tents to meet a large number of customers who want compactness and simplicity. If you're just wandering around the suburbs or taking light, short-term trips, a one-layer tent is a good choice.

Tent 1 layer

* Note when choosing a 1-layer tent:

   - Because there is only one layer of fabric, the most important thing for this tent is waterproof. If the tent is not handled seam seam (the most expensive manufacturing stage in the tent sewing), just a little rain or dew is enough for a terrible experience.

   - In addition, the tent door is the weak point of a single-layer tent, because there is no outer layer, the rain can splash directly into the tent's door, no matter how good the design, usually a single-layer tent still can not withstand heavy rain. Because of this, if you buy a single-layer tent, you should only choose the one-door type, you can rotate the tent to avoid direct direction of rain on the door.

   - If you decide to choose a 1-layer, non-branded, branded tent to save money, it is a good idea to check the seam (especially the 4 sides of the tent) carefully. If you don't see a layer of glue covering the seam, think again before paying for it.

2. 2-Layer Tent

This is the standard design of tent types.

The only weakness compared to a one-layer tent is that the two-layer tent is usually heavier, the erection is a bit more complicated, it takes about 5-10 minutes to complete a 2-layer tent. However, you do not need to spend any time assembling.

The other features are 2-layer tents superior than 1-layer tents.

The inner layer is often designed with a lot of mesh area so it is very airy. The outer layer is often handled by seam straightening, so the rain resistance will be guaranteed. In addition, because of the characteristics of two layers of material, dew condensation in the tent is limited. And an equally important point is that two-layer tents are usually beautiful and have a solid, more professional appearance than the monotony of single-layer tents.

Tent 2 layer

* Note when choosing a 2-layer tent

 - Just like a 1-layer tent, you also have to carefully check each seam of the 2-layer tent, especially the outer layer.

- See if the seams are handled with glue. If the seams are not glued, it is likely that they are fake, fake, or defective goods that are to be marketed. Also note the nets in the tent's inner layer.

 - Try building and checking if the outer layer covers all the net area of ​​the tent or not, because otherwise you will suffer with rain and wind when using.

Experience Vietnam self-sufficient travel

Experience Vietnam self-sufficient travel

Not many countries are as diverse and interesting as Vietnam. It contains profound changes in history, picturesque countryside fields, paradise beaches, great food and unique natural scenery. Therefore, our country has become an attractive destination which attracts a lot of tourists in recent years.

1. The nature

Antarctica Travel

Visiting the Vietnamese countryside will give you the opportunity to see outstanding landscapes, especially in Northern Vietnam. Sapa is the most popular destination. This village is located on high mountains and is famous for majestic terraces. Trekking through this land is definitely an unforgettable experience. Heading south of Hanoi you will reach Ha Long Bay. Nearly three thousand cliffs stand up from the sea, contributing to a stunning impression. Take a boat trip on the bay to enjoy the more authentic scenery. And also to the south of Hanoi you can stop by Ninh Binh. This place has not been exploited too much. For us, the nature of the country is really so beautiful. Another destination you cannot miss is Phong Nha. In this national park you will have the opportunity to admire the most beautiful caves in Vietnam.

2. The Beach

Although the first thing you think of when traveling to Vietnam is not the sea, the beaches here are really beautiful. You can visit Phu Quoc, although the transportation is not convenient but this is definitely a beautiful destination. Another place you should try is Mui Ne.

3. Cities

Hanoi capital with a bustling life and full of cultural dishes. Experience at a food stall in the old town is a memorable one. Ho Chi Minh City, or Saigon, is the most modern city. The atmosphere here is completely different from the capital. You should make sure you do not miss the war museum.

And the star of this article, nowhere else is Hoi An. This is our favorite city. The picturesque scene with a peaceful country atmosphere. Many visitors came here and did not want to leave, most of them stayed longer than expected. Dalat will also bring you a unique atmosphere. In addition to the very romantic scenery, you can also participate in many adventure activities on the high mountains in the south of the city.

Experience the basket of coconut trees in Hoi An

Experience the basket of coconut trees in Hoi An

The basket boat is a popular means of transportation of the people in the past. make a living every day. Nowadays, basket boat is increasingly popular in the tourism industry of Vietnam, especially tours of coconut forest in Hoi An.

1. The Basket boat

Antarctica Travel

If you have the opportunity to set foot in the coastal areas of central Vietnam or take a boat along one of the many sea routes, you can easily see that a few boats with round shapes floating on the beach are not used. .

The basket basket, also known as the basket boat, originated in the French colonial period. The French in Vietnam started with many taxes, including the tax on owning a boat. Most poor Vietnamese fishermen who depend on boats to earn a living are unable to pay taxes, so they have come up with a new type of boat, a jar of bottles.

Woven from bamboo to form a small round boat. The fishermen who make the basket boat say that these are not boats at all, but baskets and therefore will not be taxed. The smart plan of the fishermen has been successful and since then, these dome-shaped boats have created a striking image of central Vietnam and are scattered on the beaches. Recently, the basket boat was introduced into the tourist service, visitors will experience sitting on a basket boat to the sea.

2. Cam Thanh ecological village and coconut forest

Rừng dừa hội an

Before coming to Hoi An center, you will see the Bay Mau coconut forest, which is an important place for many generations from Cam Thanh village. Palm plantations were planted in the 18th century and provided a safe haven for Cam Thanh villagers in the face of natural disasters and wars. More than 300 years ago, since planting the first sapling, Bay Mau coconut forest has grown over 7 hectares and played an important role in the war against France and the United States. Coconut forests are an ideal place to be protected against US military attacks. And these palm trees have helped us intercept military vehicles.

du lịch rừng dừa

3. Take a boat through the Bay Mau coconut forest

Rừng dừa nguyên sơ

The most popular activity in Cam Thanh Village that you cannot miss is to take a traditional basket boat through the coconut forest. You will be floating on the river to explore the ecosystem, with many birds and fish living in this forest. Help you better understand the daily life of fishermen and farmers, even you can participate in fishing in the traditional way of the past. You will have the opportunity to learn how to make palm leaves on a boat trip.

Hoi An Travel

There are two ways to get here: book a tour at the hotel or a travel agency where you will be picked up and taken back to the hotel.

Alternatively, take a taxi or rent a motorbike and rent a forest boat tour.

The tours usually come in the afternoon so there are many visitors at this time. Various activities are also organized according to the tour. If you like peace and self-exploration, go early in the morning or late afternoon.

The best time to come is in the spring when the palm forest is covered with green and in September when the water coconut is ripe.

All Disability Experiences Phu Quoc Tourism

All Disability Experiences Phu Quoc Tourism

In Vietnam, there is a beautiful shimmering island called Phu Quoc. Nature may have incorporated here a "piece" of Heaven. As the largest of the 22 islands in the Gulf of Thailand with its diverse ecosystems, Phu Quoc is recognized by UNESCO as a world biosphere reserve. Phu Quoc travel experience below will be a guide to help you prepare well for the trip

Going to Phu Quoc in any season?The South has 2 distinct seasons: the rainy season and the dry season. Rainy season, storms make fishing in coastal areas difficult. In the dry season, the weather is mild, more unlike the intense sunshine in the North, in the South, the sun is milder and does not make people feel uncomfortable. You should choose to go to Phu Quoc in the dry season: from November to April next year because it is sunny, no rain or strong gusts.

Means to Phu Quoc

1. Take a plane to Phu Quoc

Antarctica Travel

To serve tourism, Phu Quoc has an international airport, Phu Quoc, which has been operating since 2012.

- You in Hanoi from Noi Bai airport can choose one of Vietnam Airlines, Bamboo Airways, Vietjet Air or Jetstar Pacific to have a direct flight to Phu Quoc. The distance from Hanoi to Phu Quoc is about 2080km.

- Starting from Ho Chi Minh, the flight from Tan Son Nhat airport to Phu Quoc is 300km. Only about 60 minutes to fly you were present at the beautiful pearl island already.

- With you near Can Tho, the distance from here to Phu Quoc is 265km and takes about 55 minutes.

When the aircraft landed with a bus to pick you up to the lobby to collect luggage. Then call a taxi to move to the

2. By boat

- Rach Gia Pier: Rach Gia Ben is 120km from Phu Quoc. By boat from Rach Gia will take about 2 hours 30 minutes to reach the pearl island. Ticket prices are 240,000 to 330,000 depending on the age.

- From Ha Tien: distance of 45km

+ Take the speedboat from Ha Tien wharf to the Pearl Island in 1 hour and 15 minutes. The train price is VND 160,000 - VND 200,000 for children under 11 years old and VND 230,000 - VND 260,000 for adults (> 11 years) depending on the type of ship.

+ It takes 2 hours from ferry to Thanh Thoi wharf (Ha Tien) to reach Da Chong wharf (at Thom beach, Phu Quoc). After getting off the ferry, you can catch a motorbike taxi or ferry into Duong Dong town 20km away because taxis are hard to get here. The ferry price is VND 185,000 for adults and VND 130,000 for children

3. Luggage needs to be prepared

Traveling to Phu Quoc, you don't need to be too fussy to prepare. In addition to beautiful clothes to spoiled "so deep" and personal belongings, do not forget to bring a few bathing suits and sunscreen to protect the skin under the intense sun all day. In addition, please prepare cash to buy seafood or souvenirs for relatives and friends because in Phu Quoc there are many items or specialties "strange" that other regions do not have.

4. Location check-in Phu Quoc

a. Ham Ninh fishing village

Ham Ninh fishing village is located in the northeast of the pearl island. In the morning, Ham Ninh market is bustling with newly arrived seafood sellers, smoky noodle shops and strange fruits that other regions do not have. In the evening, the fishing village of Ham Ninh brings a little more tranquility, go to Ham Ninh pier to see the night sea and enjoy the seafood dishes served on boats of the fishing village people.

b. Hon Tay and small islands

Traveling Phu Quoc without visiting the islands here is considered as new to half of Phu Quoc. Hon Tay Nail is known as the Maldives of Vietnam. Starting from An Thoi port, after about 20 minutes by boat, beautiful small islands appear before your eyes. Tour to visit Mong Tay - Hon May Rut - Hon Gam Gh Island takes you from the northeast to the south of the pearl island.

You can choose to take a boat or canoe, the cost of renting a boat is about VND 400,000 per person, the price of canoe is higher than the price of the boat from VND 700,000 to VND 1,000,000 per tour. The girls remember to dress up really nice to spoil "so deep" in this fairyland.

c. Vinpearl Land and Phu Quoc Safari

- Vinpearl Land Phu Quoc is a 5-star entertainment area with many thrilling games. There are aquariums that nurture and display more than 9000 individuals of rare animals such as golden mountain turtles, fish, light lizards, ... There are also special activities such as performing mermaid, shark. eat.

Vinpearl Land's outdoor pool is a very popular place. Water music is performed in the water music stands at 19:00 to 19h25 daily. The children who came to Vinpearl Land were very excited with "Happy City" and "World of Games".

d. Phu Quoc Safari

Vingroup has Vinpearl amusement parks in many provinces, but Safari is unique to Phu Quoc. Safari nurtures and conserves over 3000 animals. Safari is only about 4 km from Vinpearl Land, convenient for visitors to visit both locations.

Zoo has animals such as orangutans, bad fish, hippos, ... are kept in captivity, walking around to see these animals also takes about 2 hours. In addition, the Safari area has semi-wild animals, you must buy a bus tour ticket and wait for the car to visit (on car with a guide).

There are animals such as tigers, giraffes, lions, peacocks, ...

5. Phu Quoc night market

Located in the central location of Phu Quoc, the Phu Quoc night market is very convenient. The market operates from 17:00 pm to 2:00 am the next day. Coming here, you will enjoy the unique dishes at the market: ice cream rolls, candy only, roll rice paper, you can also buy dried squid here as a gift for your loved ones.

Check-in point south of the pearl island

a. The Sao Beach

Star beach is located on the southern island of pearl, is a beach with smooth white sand. Those who have just gone to the North sea but come here for the first time will be extremely excited by the difference of sand dunes and green coconut trees.

b. Phu Quoc prison

Although it only existed for about 6 years (1967-1073), Phu Quoc prison witnessed the suffering of Vietnamese Democratic Republican soldiers. During its lifetime, more than 32,000 prisoners were detained. 4000 deaths are not a small number, along with tens of thousands of disabled people.

Going to Phu Quoc prison, you will see statues that depict the brutal torture, the "hell on earth" scenes that soldiers have suffered during the war years.

Activities not to be missed

- Watch the corals: The small islands of Phu Quoc have breathtaking coral reefs. Coming to Phu Quoc without watching the coral, only regret. There are 2 types of scuba diving: snorkeling and scuba diving. Nowadays, tourists prefer to snorkel because it is both economical and lightweight. The colorful corals, under the sunlight shining through the surface of the sea, are even more beautiful shimmering.

- Night squid fishing: In the evening, the air is fresh, which is also the time when boats go fishing. Getting into that atmosphere, setting out squid fishing is an interesting activity that you should not ignore at all. Squid fishing boats often set sail at sunset, at that time the sun and the sea were as one. Huy Can and the verses of "Fishing boats" will suddenly appear in the minds of each of us

You need to pay attention to health before you go fishing squid, many people get seasick when standing on the deck for the first time with the waves hitting the ship. Should not eat immediately before boarding, any friend or motion sickness, please prepare in advance anti-drunk drugs!

Experience Preparing Before Traveling To Antarctica

Experience Preparing Before Traveling To Antarctica

Antarctica is an extremely luxurious tourist destination that not every tourist can choose. However, if you have the opportunity to explore, you should not miss the opportunity to experience the great value that the Antarctic tour brings.

Those who experience Antarctica can be considered a lucky thing because there are few traces of unspoiled residents and landscapes. Setting foot on the Antarctic ice is thought to be on another planet, an inhabited land, where weather forces and wildlife dominate. To prepare for the Antarctic expedition, you should note the following information

1. The right time to explore Antarctica

Antarctica Travel

Outdoor temperatures in the world's coldest places can drop to -79 degrees Celsius. Temperatures are never higher than -29 degrees, even in the summer. This is also the highest continent with an average altitude above sea level of 2350m. Besides Antarctica is also the driest continent on earth with an average annual rainfall of only 55mm and the maximum wind speed here is 100m / s.

Despite the extremely cold climate, Antarctica still has a good time for tourists to explore. From November to March next year is the summer in Antarctica. This is the right time for travel experience activities in one of the most extreme weather places on earth.

2. How to go to Antarctica

Most of the ships going to Antarctica come from Ushuaia - the southernmost point of Argentina and the destination is the Antarctic peninsula because it is not too far and the weather conditions are at a level that tourists can adapt to.

In addition to starting points from Ushuaia, there are also some routes originating from Chile, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa

3. What to prepare before going to Antarctica?

You should note that bring some of the following items:

- Clothing: Waterproof jackets, pants and shoes; laminated thin clothing keeps heat lined inside; a pair of shoes (boot); thick socks; gloves; hood covering your ears.

- Necessary equipment: Sunscreen with SPF 50 and above; sunglasses; anti-seasick medicine; ski goggles; binoculars; waterproof bag. Of course, you have to bring a good camera, a lot of memory cards, or a laptop to load photos because it will be regretful if you do not capture a lot of memorable moments at Antarctica.

4. Some unique experiences in Antarctica

If you've come to Antarctica then do not hesitate to participate in leisure activities here:

Watch the sunrise: Antarctica in the summer you will have the opportunity to watch the sunrise. Why is it only summer watching the sun? Because Antarctica has no nights and no days. During the Antarctic winter, the sun does not rise above the horizon, so people must live in complete darkness for 4 months. This happens back in the summer, when the sun doesn't set below the horizon

Explore the kingdom of animals unique to Antarctica: The cold Antarctic continent is home to penguins, seals, sea lions, whales, albatrosses and other animals molluscum In the midst of the harshness of the weather, there is no trace of human settlement, there exists a rich ecological system that creates a vivid, close and natural picture that you must be lucky to be able to witness. comments on this image

5. Some other notes when visiting Antarctica

- Visitors must strictly follow safety issues and environmental protection regulations (prohibit littering, bring food and drink, do not get too close to avoid harm to wildlife, ...)

- On the board to Antarctica, visitors must attend safety training and rehearsals, as well as lessons on the environment, history and other issues related to the continent.

The secret to protecting yourself when traveling alone

The secret to protecting yourself when traveling alone

Traveling alone is a very exciting but risky experience, especially for girls. Please keep in mind the following tips to have a safe and enjoyable trip with your travel companion.

1. Find out details about the land you are going to

One of the most important rules, when you go to a foreign land, is to "join in custom." In order not to behave strangely, sometimes insulting to the culture and beliefs of indigenous people, learn first About destination is the key to solving the problem.

You can look up information through books, movies, the internet or people who have traveled. In the Middle East, seeing and smiling at a man can automatically be interpreted as a flirtation or suggestion. When you know these things, you will not laugh at anyone.

2. Pretend to be married

Wearing a fake wedding ring on your pinky finger, keeping a picture of your boyfriend on your phone or even being single is another way to avoid the hassle, especially when traveling to the Middle East - where women are married. more often respected than single girls.

To cut unwanted "tails", weaving a story about your husband waiting for you at the hotel will not make you "lose value".

3. Dress and dress up like a local

- To minimize attention from the opposite sex, the secret is to dress modestly, discreetly. In addition, you should pay attention to the dress style of indigenous women and study their style to avoid being watched and scrutinized.

- Avoid clothing that is revealing, flashy, or too complicated when going to a strange place. The first is that you will attract attention and no one knows for sure whether the bad guys pay attention to you or not and the second is that you will separate yourself from the natives and it is easy to be robbed, robbed or other things.

4. Always have a backup plan

When traveling alone, plan A is not enough. You could have plans B, C, even Z if that is necessary. You should never tie yourself to an option, just in case the situation doesn't go as planned and you have to sacrifice your own safety.

5. Buy travel insurance

Many travelers often ignore travel insurance. Although no one really wants to use it, you should buy it before every trip. The type of travel insurance will support you in health, property at risk.

6. Prepare lightweight luggage

- Do not turn your trip into a torment with dozens of items. Make a list of items that you really need and don't regret leaving behind a fashionable dress or jewelry. Keep your luggage as compact as possible so that trouble like transportation, finding a place to stay does not affect the journey.

- At the same time, light luggage will help you easily move and flee when danger is lurking.

- Wandering on the road with baggy luggage when night falls is like informing people that "I am a tourist and I am alone, there is no one to protect me".

- When traveling for a long time, observing the daily schedule is quite difficult. But women traveling alone need to know a "golden" rule of thumb to get to their destination before night falls.

- In addition, you should also avoid going out alone at night, especially in the areas where there are few people traveling to ensure your safety.

7. Shout out loud if harassed

When being bothered, many girls choose to silently ignore while not necessarily being too polite. To keep yourself safe, create a limited circle with people around you.

Using facial expressions, body language, or even loudly if undesirable to be disturbed by the opposite sex is a must. Don't be afraid to yell loudly to attract the attention of nearby locals. This is a very effective way to keep the harasser away.

Travel guides not to be missed when camping outdoors

Travel Guides Not To Be Missed When Camping Outdoors

Camping in pristine places with little development in tourism services is the trend of many people today to enjoy the feeling of being in nature. Enjoy the fresh, pure air, away from the polluted, noisy atmosphere of the city

To get a complete and safe trip, you should refer to the following issues:

1. Weather

Because camping is completely outdoors, using tents placed directly on rock or grass, weather when camping is the most important factor.

Dry, cool weather is the best time to go camping. It will rain, making the soil wet, and the tent will be unstable if it happens too heavy. Besides camping always combines activities of climbing, playing sports or sailing, sightseeing ... so if it's cloudy, with thunderstorms will make your picnic a disaster. Not to mention the slippery, muddy or flood caused by rain will be dangerous for you when moving

2. Location

- Depending on who will accompany you choose the appropriate camping site. If traveling with the family, there are both old and young children, you should choose places that are flat, easy to move and there are many travel support services around in case of unexpected cases. If you choose to go camping with a group of young friends, the wild, rugged and a bit thorny, difficult places will be an ideal place to conquer and explore together.

3. Necessary Equipment

- The most important tool you must bring is a tent because it will be a place for you to hide, avoid rain, wind and strong sunlight. To choose a tent, you need to pay attention to the size, material, weather adaptability, capacity, texture and features of the tent to suit the intended use.

- The next important thing is that you need to bring a sleeping bag to sleep well in the camping area. Consider the material, insulation, waterproof, or avoiding insect bites of sleeping bags to choose the most suitable type.

- Bring flashlights, candles, lighters and other light-able devices to facilitate the activity in the dark. Remember outside nature you won't have any direct chargers.

- Warm clothes, windbreakers, raincoats, socks, hats, towels are also things to bring in your luggage whether you camp in the middle of summer because the weather in the mountains or in the forest can change at any time.

- Medicine is also indispensable in any trip. Take all the most popular medicines from a stomachache to allergy medicine to prevent any bad situations.

4. Food

- Should choose packaged, neatly and conveniently packaged foods.

- With raw food, it should be cleaned, preliminarily processed and marinated at home. Store in clean, closed plastic containers or bags.

- We should bring some ready-to-eat foods such as cereals, biscuits, candy, milk ... in case it is impossible to cook.

- Remember to estimate and bring enough water for everyone. Camping and bonfires will always be associated with grilling corn, potatoes, and tea, so prepare these dishes to make the campfire more enjoyable.

5. Safe when camping

- Always remember to be careful with firewood when burning campfire or cooking because in the wilderness with many trees and high winds, the fire can flare up at any time. If you leave your motorbike next to the campsite, keep it on fire far away from your motorbike to prevent fire and explosion.

- Always clean garbage after use to protect the environment.

- Do not go on small roads, too dangerous roads, roads with banned signs or dangerous warnings to protect the safety for yourself and the people of the same delegation.