Experience the basket of coconut trees in Hoi An

The basket boat is a popular means of transportation of the people in the past. make a living every day. Nowadays, basket boat is increasingly popular in the tourism industry of Vietnam, especially tours of coconut forest in Hoi An.

1. The Basket boat

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If you have the opportunity to set foot in the coastal areas of central Vietnam or take a boat along one of the many sea routes, you can easily see that a few boats with round shapes floating on the beach are not used. .

The basket basket, also known as the basket boat, originated in the French colonial period. The French in Vietnam started with many taxes, including the tax on owning a boat. Most poor Vietnamese fishermen who depend on boats to earn a living are unable to pay taxes, so they have come up with a new type of boat, a jar of bottles.

Woven from bamboo to form a small round boat. The fishermen who make the basket boat say that these are not boats at all, but baskets and therefore will not be taxed. The smart plan of the fishermen has been successful and since then, these dome-shaped boats have created a striking image of central Vietnam and are scattered on the beaches. Recently, the basket boat was introduced into the tourist service, visitors will experience sitting on a basket boat to the sea.

2. Cam Thanh ecological village and coconut forest

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Before coming to Hoi An center, you will see the Bay Mau coconut forest, which is an important place for many generations from Cam Thanh village. Palm plantations were planted in the 18th century and provided a safe haven for Cam Thanh villagers in the face of natural disasters and wars. More than 300 years ago, since planting the first sapling, Bay Mau coconut forest has grown over 7 hectares and played an important role in the war against France and the United States. Coconut forests are an ideal place to be protected against US military attacks. And these palm trees have helped us intercept military vehicles.

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3. Take a boat through the Bay Mau coconut forest

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The most popular activity in Cam Thanh Village that you cannot miss is to take a traditional basket boat through the coconut forest. You will be floating on the river to explore the ecosystem, with many birds and fish living in this forest. Help you better understand the daily life of fishermen and farmers, even you can participate in fishing in the traditional way of the past. You will have the opportunity to learn how to make palm leaves on a boat trip.

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There are two ways to get here: book a tour at the hotel or a travel agency where you will be picked up and taken back to the hotel.

Alternatively, take a taxi or rent a motorbike and rent a forest boat tour.

The tours usually come in the afternoon so there are many visitors at this time. Various activities are also organized according to the tour. If you like peace and self-exploration, go early in the morning or late afternoon.

The best time to come is in the spring when the palm forest is covered with green and in September when the water coconut is ripe.

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