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Not many countries are as diverse and interesting as Vietnam. It contains profound changes in history, picturesque countryside fields, paradise beaches, great food and unique natural scenery. Therefore, our country has become an attractive destination which attracts a lot of tourists in recent years.

1. The nature

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Visiting the Vietnamese countryside will give you the opportunity to see outstanding landscapes, especially in Northern Vietnam. Sapa is the most popular destination. This village is located on high mountains and is famous for majestic terraces. Trekking through this land is definitely an unforgettable experience. Heading south of Hanoi you will reach Ha Long Bay. Nearly three thousand cliffs stand up from the sea, contributing to a stunning impression. Take a boat trip on the bay to enjoy the more authentic scenery. And also to the south of Hanoi you can stop by Ninh Binh. This place has not been exploited too much. For us, the nature of the country is really so beautiful. Another destination you cannot miss is Phong Nha. In this national park you will have the opportunity to admire the most beautiful caves in Vietnam.

2. The Beach

Although the first thing you think of when traveling to Vietnam is not the sea, the beaches here are really beautiful. You can visit Phu Quoc, although the transportation is not convenient but this is definitely a beautiful destination. Another place you should try is Mui Ne.

3. Cities

Hanoi capital with a bustling life and full of cultural dishes. Experience at a food stall in the old town is a memorable one. Ho Chi Minh City, or Saigon, is the most modern city. The atmosphere here is completely different from the capital. You should make sure you do not miss the war museum.

And the star of this article, nowhere else is Hoi An. This is our favorite city. The picturesque scene with a peaceful country atmosphere. Many visitors came here and did not want to leave, most of them stayed longer than expected. Dalat will also bring you a unique atmosphere. In addition to the very romantic scenery, you can also participate in many adventure activities on the high mountains in the south of the city.

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